Right now chads and stacies are fucking. Probably morning sex if youre American.

Literally chad woke up to a insanely pleasurably morning blowjob after cuddling with her all night. He could probably feel it allllll the way down to his toes. Then he picks her up and lays her on her back. Shes waiting for it. And he sticks his alpha dong deep in her. Her pretty, cute and feminine feet up in the air flopping back and forth as hes going in and out of her. Chad feels so fucking good and he feels like hes on top of the world. Nothing feels better than fulfilling this primal instinct. Then he gets to pull out and cum all over her. Marking his territory.

Meanwhile yall on r9k with pornhub open on the other tab. Sad.

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Why would I think about this? It wouldn't serve my life in any way

And you're here writing cuck fanfiction so who's the real loser?

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You think about it all the time dont lie bro. Go empty the piss jugs before you start the day.

based normies, slaves to the dopamine high

My gf drank too much wine last night. She wont wake up for morning sex sadly. KMS.

>Literally chad woke up to a insanely pleasurably morning blowjob after cuddling with her all night. He could probably feel it allllll the way down to his toes.
I think you're overestimating how good a bj feels, especially when you are used to them.

it's not believable that a person with a gf would come here, sorry

Apparently whoever gives you blowjobs fucking sucks.


True. I can see how you think that ngl. But this board is fun. So.

Whatever floats your boat.

No, not really. Jealousy is pointless.

You still feel it though. You cant ignore jealousy.

You can, with practice and mindfulness.

>my other tab?!?! hwa-

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Okay dali llama


a morning blowjob sounds disgusting. people get morning breath and shit

I think I can, I was much more jealous in the past. If the mind wanders into jealousy just bring it back into reality again and realize it's pointless

>dali llama

Dude. Morning BJs are the best wtf

Yeah I feel you. Good on you desu.

Yeah that Chinese robed nigga

>Then he gets to pull out and cum all over her. Marking his territory.
>not cumming inside
What a cuck

What this buzzword even mean

God i wish i was cute and fem

She isnt in birth control dude. Gotta play it safe until marriage.

Chinese nigga talk

>talk about muh primal instincts and shit
>"b-but no birth control, he can't do it"
You are pathetic

Niggas been pulling out for centuries.

Focusing on the actual present instead of letting your mind cuck you with pointless, swarming, chaotic thoughts at every moment.

damn i used to own one when i was a kid

This could be me and Chad but unfortunately he is out of the country rn. How I miss that good Chad dick.

Sorry for your loss you absolute Princess

Imagine not focusing on the present

>Imagine not focusing on the present
Very few people fully do

You can't if you aren't a pathetic troggy who only thinks about sex and fucking.

>cum all over her. Marking his territory.

unironically thx for this, op. it made me laugh - i wasn't sure i was still capable of this.

I don't care about that but whenever i hear about a story of a white stacy getting gangbanged by niggers or muslims fuels me with anger and jealousy.

my girlfriend just left my place to go to work, we didn't bone this morning though
spent last night getting high and watching akira, it was pretty fun

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i hate sex. wbu?

Acktchually, i was watching LWA.

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Technically, the correct word would be envy.

>Nothing feels better than fulfilling this primal instinct.
try meth user

>Then he gets to pull out and cum all over her
Was hard up till this point. If you don't pump load after throbbing load of cum right into the center of her being, are you even having sex?

Imagine Chad slamming at you from the mating press position.

Here is some suifuel:

There are people in great shape who work out and do cardio becaise the act feels great for them. They want to do ot, feel good doing it and feel great after doing it.

There are people who will talk to anyone about anything. They are well liked because they are genuinely nice to everyone no matter how they look or what their interests are and they enjoy doing it. If they see someone they want a relationship they wont hesitate to try and if they fail they get over it forever within seconds.

And these people dont understand what its like to not enjoy what they do and think we're fucked because we chose it, as if we wanted this.

>Sperg replies to each reply with desperate "Ahh yes she's sucking my dick right now" tier replies

Way to fuck up pretending to be an alpha

Jokes on you im 5/10 at best amd i get morning fucks whenever she stays over.
And pulling out is something an incel would do

Well you're lucky because my life constantly reminds me of this shit.
I could have had a shot at being happy in this world if women hadn't existed to me.
I believe therr should be 2 cities where its only men and only women

My brother ruined his life by not pulling out. Even i am not that stupid.

Well it is stupid if you havent done vasectomy beforehand

>the most primal act that even animals do is the pinnacle of human existence.
I do hope to one day see the future.


fuck off normie. real anons use porzo. xhamster is acceptable though.

it's not like yr dick can smell

but also i usually just brush my teeth and get back into bed so

It smells if you forget to wash it.

meh, ill have sex again some time. OP is a faggot.

What about us fembots? We woke to Chad eating us out!

I love sex. Makes me feel good afterwards.

originally decent bait

As opposed to what ? What do you do to enjoy life ?

I have bad paranoia and anxiety, so if this were me, I would be worried about pregnancy or her being my gf. Sex isn't what will fix my life

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