Do you have ANY hobbies that are not:

Do you have ANY hobbies that are not:
>anime, TV, or movies

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I study Spanish so I can flirt with Mexican girls better. I also dance.

Based and constructive hobbies. Good work, user.

Arab women> Latinas

i hate spics

im getting into music again, i like to cook, though dont ask me for cooking advice im not good at it. I like learn about a lot of stuff, lots of good educational youtube channels, i think machine learning is a really cool topic. I also like to ride my bike sometimes.

Based if you are white that's your chance to escape this hell man girls here in southamerica love white skin just like asian girls
Wish you the best user

Do I pass the test?

Woodworking and occasional metal working. Haven't been able to do either in a while though because my dad won't get his shit off my workbench.

>listening to lectures/podcasts
comfy enough.

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They look way hotter.
Mexicans and their curbs cant compare.
Alla Akubar!

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You all got those loner hobbies on point.

Because the beauty of the brown arab woman must not perish from the earth

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never gone shopping or went the gym with friends before?

I like literature, philosophy, gardening, hip hop (I have two tapes that I mostly just shared with friends), and game development. I also like to work out, but that's less of a hobby and more just something I do.

why yes i do.
>guns and weapons
>the occult

and all the things you mentioned.

shit posting

I draw and im currently working on a game
I also like to read about storytelling, philosophy, history etc etc
is that attractive?

>getting into music
Listening to music is not a hobby.
>i like to cook
This is a good one. Keep it up, user.
>educational youtube channels
Though more constructive than most of YouTube, still not a hobby.
>like to ride my bike sometimes
Good exercise. You pass.

Marginal, but I'll give it a pass.
Good hobby.
I hate it, good hobby nonetheless. You pass.

>Woodworking and occasional metal working
Unique hobbies. You pass.

Barely a hobby.
Not a hobby.
Is this a hobby???
I suppose its a hobby.
>listening to lectures/podcasts
Pretty marginal. Not completely void of hobbies but definitely lacking. However you're comfy so you pass.

Reading? Kind of weak for a hobby.
A bit like niche reading, no?
ooh, cozy. Excellent hobby. What do you grow?
>hip hop
So you've actually made some music? Impressive. Good hobby.
>game development
Interesting. Anything popular?

Easy pass. Good hobbies, user.

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I take care of my lawn a bit, metal work and weld, make beer and hard cider, build cnc machines and 3d printers, and I like to 3d model occassionally. I want to cut up some rocks this fall to build a raised garden, but it's not cool enough yet.

>guns and weapons
Danger hobby. What do you collect? Do you use them?
I really don't think reading counts as a hobby.
Not a hobby.
>the occult
More of a strange interest than a hobby. Weak pass because of the weaponry.

>shit posting
I wish better upon you. You fail.

Good hobby.
>working on a game
What kind of game? Do you plan on selling it?
>read about storytelling, philosophy, history
Me too, but that's not a hobby.
>is that attractive?
Sure user, you're cute. Pass.

You sound like a BOOMER. Pass.

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2D adventure game, very inspired by Lisa The Painful. I do plan on selling it but at the end of next year. It's gonna take work and I'm spending the next year focused on improving my drawing ability but I love the grind.

>weak pass

ooh thank, mr. normie sir! I promises to gets me a new h-h-hobby to please ya, masta. Ohhh i sure hope you don judge me fo it!

For me, it is chess. I've also been practicing my handwriting for quite some time, but it still sucks.

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Id say im mediocre at all of them except swimming because swimming is easy.

Shit i forgot quite a few now that i think about it
>making wine
>3d modeling (autodesk>blender)
>starting to dabble in messing with electronics
>asian and african style cooking
>i play trumpet really good (learned it from middle school through college) and have been learning piano for a while albeit slowly
>woodworking because dad taught me how
I think thats it, i forget alot so i might slap 1 or 2 more on later if i remember some i forgot
Whats your verdict OP?

Cooking. One of my dreams is to compete in masterchef

Do me next

I like playing Poker
I LIKE to play the guitar and others (electric, acoustic, bass, keyboard)
I like to learn and practice magic tricks
I like to play and do tricks with my butterfly knife
I do photography with models
I like picture editing
I photoshopp lots of stuff, like to make digital art
I like playing baseball and going to baseball games.
I like playing yugioh vs other people
I like to fix broken stuff, like fix computers or repair phones.

Yo, what do you do on camping? I got invited to go with a girl friend and her friends but it sounded super stupid to me so I said no. Like sleeping on a tent and then what? Bonfire? No tech or comfy AC. >.>

The fuck is wrong with having those as hobbies you dumb faggot

Going out to the library to read. Mostly sci fi or political/historical material. Occasionally i would read old literature.

>sitting on your ass looking at a screen
>performing essential functions for survival
>jerking your dick
None of those are hobbies. That's what's wrong, you fucking cuckstick.

I have like 3 dozen model kits to finish but I always end up finding some massive flaw halfway through the build and I end up trashing them

Also my local shop only bothers replacing BF109 kits. I've built the Tamiya one five times already with varying results.

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Does playing an instrument count as not music?

Best part is they hide their beauty rather than advertising themselves. Based

Good hobby. Do you ever play with chess sharks in the park or old men in the library?
Calligraphy? Neat hobbies, you sound studious. Pass.

Lots of hobbies huh?
>african style cooking
Real cozy! Strong pass, user. How do you find time to do all of these? Do you just count anything you've ever done as a hobby?

Always a good hobby. What kind of food do you prefer to cook? Tasty pass :)

How do you have TEN hobbies? How do you do all of these??? Pass I suppose.
>photography with models
Are they cuties?

Because they are not hobbies. Laying on your ass and performing basic human functions are not hobbies. If you disagree then you are a boring and vapid loser. I hope you're happy but your life is meaningless, you're like a barnacle. Failure.

I also love reading, but it doesn't really feel like a hobby.

Models are pretty neat. Do you only make planes or do you also make other military vehicles?

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I play guitar. That's basically my only real hobby.

>making wine
How do you make your wine? My parents grow grapes in their garden and I've been trying to convince them to make wine for years now. Could you give me a step by step guide, a recipe of some kind? I suppose not all grapes are up for the task but there's only one way to find out right?

I lift weights and play improvisational jazz.

Most of my hobbies are connected and some are actually part of my job that wrong? Getting paid for your hobbies?

Poker and with those cards I also do card tricks.
Overall Graphic Design, photography, photo editing, posters - layouts.
Baseball is seasonal. 1/2 a year or so.
But yes the girls are cuties. Models.

I do some painting, but most of them are trash. I also enjoy creative writing. I like lifting weights and going for runs/walks. I also am trying to learn how to cook.

>What kind of food do you prefer to cook?
Japanese by far. But fish is expensive in a flyover state, so I cook mostly Italian and soul food.

I edit hollywood movies on vegas pro, it's really fun and time consuming, very satisfaying. I should be looking for work though.

Warhammer 40k, Infinity
Occultism/Paranormal/Conspiracy stuff
Driving, especially at night

Its only good alone or with close friends. I go alot with my closest friend and we just sit by the fire and talk alot, and since we live in midwest burgerland most of the year AC isnt needed. I just think its cozy to sleep without the distractions of modern life
Depends on the place. Despite how fuckey it sounds ethiopa has some great food. Asian food is also good, ippon udon is some class udon.
>how do you find time
Ive been doing some of these things since i was like 13. My grandma taught me how to tailor in high school, i played trumpet since middle school because i was in band, botany and mycology are because i love nature, swimming i started doing in college to stay fit because there was a public pool close by. Lockpicking, welding, blacksmithing, 3d modeling, and electronics are just because i wanted to. Kayaking, hiking, and camping are all because me ans my friend do stuff like that on weekends from time to time. Cooking because food is good. Wine because my dad made wine before he passed away and i inherited all his stuff so i wanted to carry on the tradition.
I do more stuff, but those are the few things id consider myself moderately well at. I started trumpet at 13 and im 29 now so theres been plenty of time for me to get everything on that list down, maybe you just assumed i was a college kid or something but im a good bit older than that, ive just had time and patience.
I couldnt give you a guide, it depends alot on what you're going for, and im not an expert but i think that you cant make wine all the same because there are differences in grapes. Its not super hard though, you really just ferment the grapes and siphon it and do some shit and after some time you have wine, there are plenty of internet tutorials that could probably say better than i can because im using a super old guide that my dad used when he started off like 50 years ago so i cant say im the best source. Sorry i cant be of help to you friend.

>Do you ever play with chess sharks in the park or old men in the library?
Playing chess in parks isn't really a thing over here, nor can I play chess in the library. I play online chess daily and as much as I can with friends and family, but it is very hard to find people irl to play with. Maybe one day, when I have a stable income and can muster the courage to join a chess club that will change, but it seems unllikely.
That's the next step, after improving my handwriting in general. I keep a journal and my end goal is to eventually make it look like some medieval manuscript.

>Buying project cars and never actually working on them (I'm up to 5)
>Restoring old electronics, mostly stereo equipment
>Speedball occasionally (not drugs)
>A bunch of other things you consider non-hobbies
What do I win?

>im using a super old guide that my dad used
That sounds a lot more interesting than whatever I encounter when I google 'how to make wine'. If you can share your father's guide easily, please do

>>Buying project cars and never actually working on them (I'm up to 5)
What do you have?

'71 240Z
'78 450SEL
'87 MR2
'78 KZ650
'81 G30 that I'm actually trying to sell.
I also had a pair of Subaru GL wagons but I foisted them onto my cousin.

/prog/ and wasting time fucking with meme distros

- Playing instruments - guitar, piano despite being very amateur at both
- Drawing/sketching simple toons and maps/worldbuilding
- Cooking especially Japanese/weeb dishes
- Hiking - going to a new trail tomorrow morning
- Used to be more into fitness as in weightlifting and cardio. Haven't really done it in a while besides using my stationary bike.
- Programming/coding/scripting, system administration & networking, general technical stuff. I do it as a job/career and it's my university path as well
- Used to read a lot of lit. Haven't done it in a while. Tried reading Crime & Punishment a few months ago but I dropped it due to being busy

>assuming garbage about your fellow robots

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>'81 G30 that I'm actually trying to sell.
Is that a pedo van?

The 240Z and MR2 are nice cars. You should work on them, it's fun.

Boxing and kendo

I read a lott

>Is that a pedo van?
Its WAY too loud to be a pedo van. It was used for tailgating before I got ahold of it and I took it to the OG500 a couple months ago. I never really intended to restore it or anything but after taking it to southern Oregon and back I've determined it's not worth the effort to make it "good enough" for even semi-regular use so I'm gonna hand it off to somebody else who wants an obnoxious van. Basically all I've done is slap in a new battery, wire up a stereo and CB, and wound up putting a starter in it on the way home on the side of the road. That was fun.
I got it for $800 and I've put in maybe another $200 that would be going out the door with it (I'm keeping the CB) so even if I have to sell it at a loss I won't be too broken up about it. It was meant for parties and I'd rather it go to some frat bros or fellow Gamblers than the junkyard.

Alrighty but its a good amount of pages, ill take pictures of all pages and send them

I've done a few tanks and gundams now and then

>visiting living history museums when i can (currently visiting fort ticondaroga for a revolutionary war reenactment)
>looking to get into reenacting myself

i started playing wow classic and it's sucking me back in just like it did 15 years ago. i havent done shit all week.

Making video games
Designing buildings and gardens
Running and cycling
I'd like to make some films that aren't just shitty cgi, but I don't like people so probably never happen

Alright commencing wine dump
Theres a few snippits of irrelevant information that i left out of pictures if possible because the guide is from a wine shop a state over and this was in the 80s or so when advertisements were a rare thing so they slapped a bunch in the guide. There are still a few left but all the actual stuff is there. I used this when starting off so i hope it can help you.

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Dont know why that picture came out sideways but the quality looks good so alls well i suppose

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It looks like its gonna send all of them sideways at this rate. Sorry about that user, you should just be able to rotate them though, im just glad they turned out readable

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>Warhammer 40k, Infinity
Not really a hobby. Its a video game, user.
Like larpinig? Can you elaborate?
>Occultism/Paranormal/Conspiracy stuff
Why so many Anons interested in Occult stuff??? This is more of a strange interest than a hobby.
Not a hobby imo.
Great hobby

>What do I win?
A pat on the back. You have lots of real hobbies.

>Playing instruments
Great hobby, me too. I want to pick up another one though.
>assuming garbage about your fellow robots
Thats what we're all her for, no?

This looks fun. I've seen some medieval reenactment and it looks pretty impressive.

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Obligatory original comment
Also user, im not sure how you could make the raw grapes usable, you might need to go somewhere else for that information

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My thumb is now the superstar of this thread, bow to its supreme power

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They love my greenish blue eyes on Tinder.

Im serious you cant see it but my thumb has a fucking bomb and very much will kill us all if you dont bow down. Hes a fucking megalomaniac

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Ooh, a chart! What a lovely change of pace. Also take this page seriously user, let your wine ferment fully. that shit will explode and it is fucking terrible to clean up.

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Kung fu
Entomology, as a amateur, i study mostly the physiology, the habits and pecularities.
Etology/ dog training. I read theory and i am doing a course with my dog to learn how to train dogs.

And here you go user All 8 pages of this old ass guide from fucking minnesota or something. I hope it helps you even if in the slightest.

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Cute. What kind of music do you play?
>Kung fu
Hiyah! Good hobby, user.
Spooky but definitely a hobby.
>dog training
Perhaps the best hobby here. Owing and caring for a dog is an excellent hobby. You pass with flying colours.

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>Its a video game
You're dumb
>This is more of a strange interest than a hobby
It involves going to certain places, hours of investigation, exchanging info with other people, etc
>Not a hobby
Yeah if you're talking about reading magazines

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You're free to disagree, user. However you haven't convinced me that video games are a real hobby. Even if they are, I said "hobbies that are not vidya". And I still don't see reading books as a hobby, even though I myself love reading.

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Poker. Online, home games, casino games. Love the rush

>However you haven't convinced me that video games are a real hobb
How fucking retarded are you lad?

>Cute. What kind of music do you play?
Classical, learning a piece from bach and one from chopin rn.

>Perhaps the best hobby here. Owing and caring for a dog is an excellent hobby. You pass with flying colours.
While searching someone to train him i found out that i can learn while training him. I will have to pass a test with him to proof that he learned well. But i can actually start working with it after

Pic related

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Hey, relax brother. I read books or play video games nearly every day. I was mainly interested in what OTHER hobbies Robots had, which is why I added the caveat in my post. I suppose in a technical sense yes, video games and reading are considered hobbies by many. I just think they're a bit weak. Why are you so upset at the idea that I consider video games not to be a "real hobby"? Perhaps you should try expanding your horizons like the other Anons here.

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I study russian and I'm a magician.
Cardistry is a lot of fun

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Does this look like videogames to you?

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If you're interested winning symbolic sums of money, seals with clubs has freerolls

>Does this look like videogames to you?
No. To me it looks like little figurines that manchildren enjoy painting. No need to be so caustic, I assumed you were talking about the Warhammer video games.

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i envy your static and precise hands, i can't even hold cutlery steady

>being so much of a normie he doesn't know where the videogames came from
>using unironically the word manchildren

>assuming I'm a normie because I don't give a fuck about the Warhammer franchise

Absolute clown. You realize that not everyone likes what you like, yes? Has the autism clouded your judgement?

>Faceting (Gem cutting)
>Surface Mining
>3D modeling
>Server Systems
>Cyber Security
>Wireless Networking
>Reading (Science Manuals Only)
>Shooting Animals
>Using Speech 100 to get free science equipment.

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>studying Calculus/analysis
>designing my own video game levels
>transitioning to female
>wearing cute clothes and makeup
>picking up litter outside (getting dirty doing menial labor is my fetish)
>lucid dreaming

>transitioning to female
>lucid dreaming
>wearing cute clothes and makeup
How the fuck do you consider these hobbies? You can't just say that anything you happen to do is your hobby.

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also none of the hobbies listed in the OP are any less hobbies than anything else in this thread. Hobbies don't need to involve physical activity or be productive to qualify, it's literally something you do for enjoyment

>It involves going to certain places, hours of investigation, exchanging info with other people, etc
how do I into this man? I'm interested but all I've done is read books, can you give any details?

Why are you so butthurt about me asking for hobbies that are not super low level basic shit? If you do nothing outside of the caveats that I listed then you're a fucking cooming loser. I understand the basic concept of a hobby, I just think that beating your dick and playing video games is petty low level weak shit, sorry.

Everyone hates you little man

I study philosophy from the west, and east both. Greek, Roman, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, English, etc.

I'm trying to rediscover who I was as a younger, happier person, before tragedy began to radically change my thoughts and attitude.

>I'm trying to rediscover who I was as a younger, happier person, before tragedy began to radically change my thoughts and attitude.
how are you trying to do that?

Its interesting that you're studding both at the same time. Sorry that tragedy fucked you up, bruther.

Fair point on fapping, but video games can be genuinely challenging and engaging on multiple levels, especially if you play a wide variety of game genres.
I'd also argue that watching movies/anime is just as much of a hobby your typical normie hobbies such as sports or photography or stamp collecting.
Actually most normies consider things like drinking alcohol or having sex with random people at the club "hobbies", which is no different from eating or fapping (except far less healthy)

Do spiders count?

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user, no toques a nuestras mujeres UmU

>but video games can be genuinely challenging and engaging on multiple levels
Totally agree. I love vidya and play almost daily. I understand that playing video games is considered hobby by many, but for me it kind of falls into the same category as anime and movies, two other things that I like once in a long while. Vidya is definitely more engaging than the other two, but I still don't see it as a "proper hobby". This is just my subjective opinion.
>most normies consider things like drinking alcohol or having sex with random people at the club "hobbies"
This is because most normies are vacuous people. *In my subjective opinion* getting drunk in public and fucking strangers is also not a hobby.

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>world building
>imaginary family trees
>urban planning
>finger and toe nail collection
>hair collection
>pictures of my stool collection
>riding the public bus, writing down times of arrival/departure
>writing erotic short stories, cross between fanfiction and real life girls i knew in middle and high school
>going to the library, counting heads

I'm planning to branch out into some new hobbies. My goal for the next 1.5 years, by the end of 2020, is to start inbreeding rats and collecting their stillborn/deformed offspring in jars of formaldehyde, learning to bake bread and deserts for nieces and nephews and brothers and sister when they visit me, and recording covers of my favorite music (I already know how to play the saxophone and am very slowly learning the piano).

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>Do you plan on selling it?
For a hobby, I don't think doing it with the intent to sell is a good thing, at least if it's a huge part of your necessary income. Sounds like a way to get burnt out but that's just me.