You have just died and you have been reincarnated as a toilet in a women's restroom in a white collar office...

You have just died and you have been reincarnated as a toilet in a women's restroom in a white collar office. What is the first thing you do?

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Alright I'm gonna go ahead and admit this is one of the weirdest fucking posts I've ever seen on this board, and that's saying something.

Nothing, since I can't move.

>thinks that "doing" requires movement
You absolute brainlet

Why do women squat over bowls instead of putting down paper? She ends up touching the seat with her bare cheeks anyway

I want to drink cute grils pee

And eat their poopys

Well since girls dont use the bathroom and I cant be convinced otherwise, Id be doing a whole lot of nothing.

The sight of a cute girls puckering anus is beautiful as it punches a smelly loaf

Puttind down toilet paper is a hassle and a waste aswell, i'm a guy and always squat in public bathrooms, its not that bad

>eventually, he stopped thinking

>unending torment
>unable to die
>unable to scream
kars eventually stopped thinking.

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God I hope some femanons work here.

Start spouting up water, eventually get replaced and thrown in a landfill or smashed. Hey, better than being shit in, right?

>be me
>be toilet

Damn i hope you arent for real

I'd always be looking forward to the aftermath of taco tuesdays

Think to myself this must be heaven and eagerly open my mouth for my meal

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Cursed post and cursed image

Based post you mean

I wonder how this post makes femanons feel

>What is the first thing you do?
i don't know, toilets are inanimate objects so probably nothing at all.

>as an object
God, what a profoundly stupid post.

That woman needs more fiber in her life, those shits were pathetic

Are you on metamucil bro

Probably shows them once again why we are virgins

Wonder why she's dressed like that in a white collar office.

>be me
>get shat on

redditfag/newfag your not of age get off my board you cant fool a anyone