ITT:Post failed normalfag reddit garbage

ITT:Post failed normalfag reddit garbage

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>ITT:Post failed normalfag reddit garbage

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Hang yourself.

why not kill yourself?

nigger fumes

seethe harder plebbs

>ITT:Post failed normalfag reddit garbage

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>seethe harder plebbs

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Care to elaborate on why these are failed normalfag reddit garbage?

Its ok, I dont get all the praise neither, hope you have a different opinion about samurai champloo tho, that was pretty kino.

Anyone with an IQ above 90 can see why

haha funny japan :)

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i hate cowboy bebop but samurai champloo is great
i'm not sure how i hate one so much but love the other

I love the fact that someone was so buttmad they went through the effort to draw, color, and shade this

obvious contrarian faggots trying to seem unique, gb2 jerking off to k-on moe shit.

Kill yourself

>not liking overrated garbage makes you a contrarian faggot
and fuck moeshit
though it's better than the reddit garbage you are defending

>media produced that attempts to connect with robots and failed normies
>creator is always an extreme normie, likely even a chad/stacy
>message of media falls flat because of it, making it unenjoyable to consume
every time

can't connect with real robots and failed normalniggers at the same time

The writer of NHK was and is a hikikikomori

The writer of NHK was and is a self hating failed normalfaggot

why did he make satou a chad then?

still a hiki and arguably the worst human being in the book

Yes. I guess he might not look like a normalfag from your normalfag perspective though. You just see that he's below you but from a robot perspective, I can see he's far above me

nah you just have shit taste. expected though.

not a real robot
hikis like that are fags

>i have shit taste for hating 2 failed normalfag manga and a lupin the third ripoff
you got it wrong that's not shit taste that's having common sense

You might be a lower being than Satou, but that doesn't make him a normie. It just makes you a critical failure.

and i am not a failure just very different
fucking npc bot fag

If you're not being a contrarian then explain as to why you believes they're garbage

>Nhk and punpun
sadboy normalfag wannabe garbage
>cowboy bebop
the characters are really just bad only okay one was jet and the story sucks spike is just a edgy teenage fag persona

Did Misaki not come for you? Kek kys

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Satou is literally a nonvirgin

if she did i'd shoot her for trespassing

That's why you don't like them but stating things to be so without explanation isn't actually a reason, try again

That was an explanation you fucking smootbrain kys
>i want to die because my julia
shifty ass lupin wannabe

No it wasn't retard
>muh characters bad
That's an explanation of why YOU don't like it but not an explanation of why it's bad, it gives no insight other than a statement of how you feel about it

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it haven't fucking terrible charaxcters is an explanation

It having terrible forgetable characters withought much personality is a flaw
name 1 thing they did
or 1 change if they removed say the hacker kid

>normalfag norman norman normie nigger normalfaggot nigger npc normalnigger fag failed failednigger faggor norman failednormie nigger fag npc normalfaggot nigger fag fail normaloid failed normalfag i am the most pathetic being on the planet and that makes me better than everyone so i'll proceed to throw buzzwords in the same style the people i call npcs do
big yikes to you friend

It wasn't just anyone. It was the man, the myth, the Shad.

>sadboy normalfag wannabe garbage
how are these words a reason for why something is garbage? it sounds like other people said these words and you want to fit in so you just repeat everything like a parrot

He's a disfunctional NEET and the other guy an hallucinating, dissociated poor fiend.

How are they for normalfags again? Normalfag media is reality t.v, most movies, Netflix propagandistic shit, GoT and the like.

>big yikes to you friend

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what other words could i possibly use to describe a sadboy and a failed normalfag

All Jow Forums has been for the past 5ish years was a bait board of ironic posts.

But why is he a normalfag? Satou just lived in the city and dropped out in HS, if you live in a rural area and got homeschooled then obviously you are going to have even less social contact.

That's a statement, or a non explanation explanation, you actually have to explain why the characters are bad kek

I'm not disagreeing with you on that rather saying that should you say you personally didn't like the show then "muh characters bad" is fine but stating the show is bad requires explanation beyond a simple statement

FAILED normalfag fucking dumbass

>failed normalfag
I suspect the majority of people still on this board have no clue what that term means. This place is dead and has been for years

Anyone with an IQ above 100 would know that cowboy bebop is a bad show
i'v already said why
>nooo fuck you guys that actually care about me i need m-muh julia
>i'm already dead and living in the past because m-muh whore
>i'm sad
the rest are just mediocire and forgetable other than character deisegn
like vicious doesn't even have a character besides him being spikes old friend that spike betrayed
viscous was still better than spike though

>I suspect the majority of people still on this board have no clue what that term means. This place is dead and has been for years
since nobody in the thread has so far
i miss wheeliechan even though it sucked too

I wasn't arguing one way or another chief, just wanted actual critical points