Another /britfeel/ nightwatch commences edition

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Fpfb of the thread


Reposting for the lads

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want a sperg gf, simple as


we /brit/ now

Just found out there are new albums by Swans, Have a Nice Life and Bats all coming out in the next month or two. I'm flashing back to uni where I spent all my time posting on /mu/, drinking alone, skipping lectures and became a manic fat hermit. The new music should all be good though.

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tbf this one is like the 0.0001% of sperg girls

she's so fucking perfect, outer Jow Forums spent the last few days fawning over her
tune lad, fanks

Can't wait to be back in /comfy/ blighty again soon. Must be nice and cool there right now. You lads are an alright bunch.

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Anyone know about the red light districts in Blackburn, Preston, Burnley, Bolton?

need to make some space so I can get a proper tabletop gaming setup going

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omg dat board tho

only haIf of the songs are from before the mid 80s


For me, it's autistic school shooter girls

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vegetarian here
should I go eat korean BBQ on my own

god she's so pretty
I should ask shippi fren about how to write to killers in prison

>outer Jow Forums spent the last few days fawning over her
I never spend time in that shithole, it just came up in my recommended but I can see why.

my doc officially diagnosed me with depression so my insurance pays therapy now!
Also she asked if I'd like to stay in an all-day-psych-ward or only visit a therapist once a week. Not gonna let them lock me up for a whole day though.


>got into Wii emulation on me little lappytop
>ho shit, I'm getting 30 frames and decent detail!
>>play the game
>>plummets to 8fps the second I leave the starter area
Suffice to say, was not happy. Looks like I'm stuck with 3DS, DS and anything that's a Gamecube. Or at least, I better fucking get a decent Gamecube emualtion working.

>implying we aren't outer heaven

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omg her lip bite I want to die


it's the sparkle you become
when you conquer anxiety
[breakbeat intensifies]

Just realised both of these qt autist girls have deeper voices than most girls. Coincidence or..?

ew. please don't you creepy cunt

Finished my weed. Got 7 grams coming to me so its soundies init lads

Her best album? Vespertine.

sofi has a deep vocie too
deep but feminine voices are perfect
don't call me a creep it'sfriday

Good on you. Hope therapy will make things better for you.

very nice.


>got into Wii emulation on me little lappytop

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>deep but feminine voices are perfect
Confirming yourself for patrician. Nothing like a strong (but not masculine) jawline either.

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gayuri u are truly my nigga

New Luetin video is fucked up. Might watch something else before going to bed.

Here's your (You).
Emulating a console who's whole fun is the movement control with a computer sounds pretty stupid though.

na night mein nig

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na night niggeh see you in the mornin pal

na nigh ziggeh see you after the sweet release of death

le na night le zeggeh le see u in le morning pal xDDDDDD


back from the 'night out'. all i gained was a head full of crippling depression - worst in recent memory. can't do that kind of thing sober. only went inside 1 place were there a handful of sad ugly single blokes like me, very obvious, no decent females. looked pathetic so i left. concluded substance abuse kept me alive as long as i have been because it entertains and numbs the psyche. finding sobriety v hard. drove to the store after, picked up some cider flavoured ice lollies

i id of necked myself 2 decades ago id have missed absolutely nothing

>jealous no one wished him good night with a picture of a cute dog to go with it
Seethe more

SCEA you're a good bloke deep down, you need to start with a friend and then maybe you can nab a woman.

>jealous some tranny chasing faggot used some fat moley mongs dead dog to wish someone else goodnight over me

Lmao kill yourself bro. Honestly kill yourself.

Don't care do I lad, Wii was my childhood, felt like a bit of nostalgia and playing a few old games from back in the day. I'm a PS4lad nowdays, but there ain't no shame in wanting to play De Blob, Rayman Raving Rabbids or Sonic and the Secret Rings, innit.
So...um..kindly fuck off back, newfag /v/ermin, wiwya??? These is ntelad hours, not havin you shittin up the mood, so off wivya.

Eh, most games never used the motion controls, and the mouse is good enough as a pointer. Most games could be played with a gamecube controller.

>tfw jess wn forcibly kiss me again

Making me feel old. My first was a SNES.

he had even bigger arms when he was younger


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I was gonna say I felt old because I remember when De Blob came out when I was a teenager but you mentioning the SNES makes me still feel young.

Eh, it was at the tailend of my childhood, I mostly had a GBA until I saved up for my console like a good little boy.
You're an old man, but you ain't that old. Got a few more decades of suffering comfort left in you yet.

Yes, Levels does havee lyrics. "Whoa-a, sometimes, I get a good feeling..." Remember now?

Just went on a spree of this guy's videos. What an incredible, empathetic and heartwarming interviewer

Theres a meme were he fucks all the people he interviews

All he does is fucking talk to people, get over yourself faggot.

Fuck off the drinking lad. get on the coke and weed

Of course fucks them all, why else would he do it?

Nothing wrong with her. She's just cute, she'll literally have no problem finding a husband.

Anyone have any night choons for lads that have just got rid of all of their social medias?
something very comfy preferably as I just feel like utter shit lads.

Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 1

lol I was just listening to that today. Ptolemy and xtal. never ages.

I feel like puking up all the crisps I ate and ordering a pizza

Yee bwoy. Agesipolis is my personal fave

>see mouse/small rat come out from between units in the kitchen in flat
>vacuum every day, keep everything really tidy
>still keeps coming back probably because of my disgusting neighbors
I'm going to have to get a trap aren't I?

Just blew my nose and blood came out
Am I going to die?

Nah just leave it bro rats are chill

Just got a month long NOW TV Sport pass for 8.50 quid?

I get sick easily and I don't want rat piss/shit in my space because I hear it can cause nasty illnesses.

Watch Shawn Willaims Mousetrap Mondays on Youtube innit

you're so masculine for a transgender lol im amazed

Women can like sports too, believe it or not there are female boxers and even entire womens football teams!

do you even like girly things tho? all you ever post about is magic the gathering, right wing stuff and NFL lol

SP's new repeated lie about being "sexually bullied" by girls to give him some kind of excuse for being a lazy cunt while also humble bragging is the most pathetic thing he's done yet.

girly things? You're the fucking problem
If it'll shut you up though, I like musicals, Taylor Swift and shopping

I know somebody who died from Weils Disease, caught it from a rat pissing on a Coke can the shop was storing outside and he drank straight out of it. I suggest you ring Environmental Health at your local council.

It causes me immense mental anguish that I will never get a wife like this lass.

I like Taylor swift and shopping (spending) too

jess used to try and kiss me I wish I was normal

The saga continues then.
You sound nearly as bad as Poley claiming he's honorary white, kek. If you do become honorary Japanese I hope nobody calls you a gaijin to your face, it's rather a rude thing to say to someone. When is she coming back over from Japan?

Did he get cucked with the Hospital Story in the end then?

Fuck off SP you dull sack of shit

Thought you'd moved on from this place

I don't think that's possible. Mostly forgot about it but then SP was posting on mtfg and I was incredibly bored. Na night

I've been in hospital myself awhile, the last I heard was he visited the hospital and there was no record of her ever being there, I don't know how she talked herself out of that one or why he believed her.

I like shopping too. Love getting masculine clothes that will get me laid.

She went back to japan, then came back, then blocked him saying she didn't want to ever see him because she didn't want him to ever see him ill (lol)
He later revealed she'd been texting from a thailand phone number but this didn't sound any alarms.

If I wasn't in such an out of it mood desu I'd probably be pissing myself laughing, I knew it
>I... I just happen to be in hospital
>N... No you can't come
>I can't post any pictures of me.
>I'll just fly back to japan
>Nah fuck off Andrew I hate you
>Calls from a Thai number.
Also what are you personally in for user? if you don't mind me asking anyway

reeee my twin brought my deano older brother and a load of his mates to our house now, I can get anything to eat because I don't want to interact with them or get asked judgementally why I'm having my breakfast now.
Fucking sick of this shit.

A Thailand number, the plot thickens.
Has he still not Facetimed her or seen a picture? Why is he being so naive? Andrew, explain yourself please.
I have a metabolic disorder that I can mostly control with medication but when it kicks off my blood sugar and potassium drop so low it can cause my heart to try to stop, it took a long time to stabilise it this time. 11 weeks of hospital food has been godawful, I was having Amazon Pantry deliver me boxes of munchies.

Why are you getting your breakfast now?

>tfw you message a fat girl because you're so bereft of attention and affection you'll take anything

Why are you asking stupid questions? Obviously his brother woke him up with his loud deano mates and now he's hungry but is too mongy to be a night mong infront of a crowd of drunken retards.

That's not obvious. Most people would try going back to bed, not actually get up and do themselves breakfast

now one cunt is arguing about politics which has raised the sound level
hungry innit

Fucking vinigar faced, fuck-witted, sketty little yellow zipperheaded gook cunt

Nightguard aren't most people user we have dinner at 6 am and stay up well past our bedtimes.

Nathaniel are you there?