I figured out what causes inceldom

I figured out what causes a guy to become an incel. It's not how you look, it's not your personality or whether you're extroverted or not. So, you want to know?

Your income and job situation. Yep, that's right. A man is defined by his career when he's an adult. Single men usually earn less than married men. You're not going to get married anytime soon if you're unemployed or underemployed. Let's look further than just the job. Most women these days are getting educated from college and thus getting into jobs that tend to pay more. A woman that makes $60,000 a year would most likely never date a guy that only earns $20,000 a year. Studies have shown that women would rather be single than settle for a guy that makes little to no money, is unemployed or earns less than them.

Marriage is often the gateway to sex and intimacy when it comes to how men and women interact with each other. When you get married, you get more sex and you get a stronger relationship. A single guy has to rely on dating complete strangers and will often have to spend money on dates or outings in order to fulfill his personal/entertainment/social life. If a man is barely struggling to make enough just to stay afloat, how does he have the time and opportunity to go out and date women?

Women are biologically designed to be caretakers and stay at home moms. They can't fulfill this role if the man doesn't play the role of the breadwinner. If a man can't pool resources and provide security, then he will not be able to raise a family or provide comfort not only for himself but for his significant other.

All of the guys I've seen on Facebook that are married, have real careers that usually pay starting at $40,000 and up. They are engineers, software programmers, lawyers or teachers. The poor dude is usually single. Your best chance of getting women is to have money. I'm telling you this right now. Listen to me. I'm 26 and I'm underemployed.

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When you work in a real job, you will most likely be surrounded by more women. This is because like I said, women tend to earn more because a lot of them attend college. If you're working as a security guard for example (a low paying job), there are no women in that field and the ones that do work in that field are dirt poor and interested in dating up.

I know it sounds stupid, but just do your research and study people that are married.

This isn't true, I make >$100k and Im still a fucking loser

PayPal me some money and you'll be less of a loser

You have golden opportunities my friend. Are you actually trying to go out and date women? Maybe you're just the exception to the rule but I'm telling you that when you make a lot of money, that gives you more power and thus more confidence. With the power and confidence, you stand out from the other guys who earn less than you do.

I know what I'm talking about because I can tell you based off of my real life observations. A lot of dudes I know who are sought after by women and are in relationships are earning middle class incomes. These are guys that are pretty ugly and some of them are obese. Sure, they're not dating models but they are dating actual women.

How do I have more power when I barely have the power to overcome anxiety to get a haircut. Theres no situation that can help bros, it's literally entirely your personality and theres nothing you can do to get out of it

Listen bro. I don't know why you seem to think that being anxious is somehow going to turn off every woman on the planet.

I knew a guy in college who was a total womanizer and he had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He was also ugly and missing teeth too. That was college though and that's really the best time to fuck around before you become a real adult. If you want sex as a real adult, you gotta have a social life and in order to have that you have to have money!! But like I said before, women pay attention to how much their men earn.

You have to be comfortable with getting out of the comfort zone. If you have all of this money than you should be pretty comfortable with your lifestyle and you should have experience taking care of yourself and being self sufficient. With this self sufficiency, it usually translates to being confident and having less anxiety. But I can understand if you have social anxiety because thats different from general anxiety.

I make more than that. I won't go clubbing, sorry don't find it fun. If I can't find a gf in a way compatible with my personality then I guess I will be single for life.

Dude. Listen to me bro. I'm not an incel and I have had sex with girls and I've dated probably over 10. I'm not a womanizer either but like I said, money is your best asset as a young and insecure man. Look at Bezos. Bezos may be an ugly bald dude but the guy is paired up with a model and it's because he's filthy rich. The man oozes confidence because he managed to turn Amazon into this giant success. Women love men like this. This is usually the case almost always. Don't listen to the guys that get laid all the time while they're unemployed or living with Mom and Dad.

And how does that even work? How do you bring a chick back over for sex if you don't have your own place because you don't have money?

I earn more money than my bf.
Two friends of mine have bfs who earn little to no money and who will be housemen once there are kids. Men have more to offer than money. And no, the guys we are talking about here are no "Chads".
Times are a-changin'

I want other robots to know: no matter what situation you're in, no matter how much you make or how tall you are or how good your hair is or whatever the fuck - all that matters is your personality unironically, and if you find it impossible to get out, impossible to find activities you enjoy that involve other people - you'll always be like this. Like I am

Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with me being autistic. You're a genius, OP!

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you don't even have a personality. so you will definitely be single for life.

user, go to other places to find a gf that shares your hobbies.

There are always exceptions to this scenario. But I can assure you, that most of them it's the real breadwinners that are more likely to get married.

Need to get out of the house more man, woman will cheat good looking rich guys with broke guys all the time.

Autistic guys can get laid or married. Don't you know there are autistic women and women who are very socially awkward? You want to know why lots of autistic guys never marry? Their communication problems unfortunately impede their ability to find careers and build connections and thus they are confined to lives of loneliness. I know because I suspect that I have aspergers. My own therapist even suggested some traits.

No they won't lol. Women love commitment to mature and responsible men. A man who acts like a man (a breadwinner, a hunterer-gatherer, a man who is a strong pillar of self esteem) is the ideal mate for women. He doesn't have to be male model.

Back in college I'd go to the library to study because my mom is a fucking nutcase and there would always be the yugioh card enthusiasts there (seriously, every fucking day) and they had girlfriends acting autistic with them.
Over and over followed by in depth naruto fan theories. It was entertaining at least.

>Maybe you're just the exception to the rule
I'm also make decent money as an Engineer but I'm a khhv wizard.
>it's literally entirely your personality

>Don't you know there are autistic women
1 for each 4 men. Not only that, but the condition is experienced differently for each gender. Autistic women don't have nearly as many trouble finding a neurotypical partner as the males do, so why settle for an undesirable aspie? As a matter of fact, it's known that a lot of autistic females become promiscuous, as they realise early on just how easy it is to get attention to males.
>who are very socially awkward?
"Socially awkward" females are cute. Socially awkard males are repulsive.
>Their communication problems unfortunately impede their ability to find careers and build connections
Go to the physics or maths department of any major university and you will find many autistic guys who are virgins in their 30's and 40's despite being highly intelligent and having built solid careers. You don't know what you about.
>I know because I suspect that I have aspergers
You don't have assburgers, you are just stupid. You lack critical thinking.

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>Times are a-changin'

marriages in which the woman outearns the men are, on average, more unstable

Stupid? Buddy, I'm not a tech genius or a math wiz, but stupid I am not. I grew up taking piano lessons and I play proficiently. I'm a quick learner and I spend tons of my free time reading articles. I also have a strong appreciation for psychology, science, technology, math and of course music, especially classical music. I also like to draw occasionally as a way of destressing. I hold down a job and I drive a car. I am not an idiot. I think you are just so caught up in the loneliness and bitterness that you aren't thinking logically. I know what that's like because me and you are alike. I too get overly emotional when I am upset and frustrated and I jump to crazy conclusions.

>Buddy, I'm not a tech genius or a math wiz
Oh, I bet you aren't.
>but stupid I am not
Go on....
>I grew up taking piano lessons and I play proficiently
Which does not make you intelligent - it simply shows you are able to memorize lessons and acquire muscle memory over the course of years. Anyone can do this.
>I spend tons of my free time reading articles
I'm sure you're putting your brain to good use reading those celebrity gossip articles, buddy.
>I also have a strong appreciation for psychology, science, technology, math and of course music
Yes, because ""appreciation"" surely means aptitude, right? I also have an appreciation for sexy women, which does not mean I am fucking any of them.
>I hold down a job and I drive a car
So does most people in the world. Your point?
>I think you are just so caught up in the loneliness and bitterness that you aren't thinking logically
>I too get overly emotional
Yes, I am the one who isn't thinking logically here - not the one who is trying to prove that he is not retarded to some random guy on a taiwanese basket weaving forum because his fee fees got hurt, instead of actually trying to show where his arguments are wrong and backing it up with logic.
>I know what that's like because me and you are alike
At least we managed to find something you excel at- projecting! Why don't you try finding a job at a movie theater? Maybe you can find a gf there!

Yeah, because that is what doctors look for when trying to make an autism diagnosis - whether or not their patient is into yugioh and naruto.

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Well, you must be really fucking retarded then

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>Yeah, because that is what doctors look for when trying to make an autism diagnosis - whether or not their patient is into yugioh and naruto.
No, but autists do autistic shit. Do they not? Screaming in a library 6 days a week sure sounds autistic to me.

>And no, the guys we are talking about here are no "Chads". Times are a-changin'

Please please oh lawdy please don't be a LARPer

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>A man is defined by his career when he's an adult
Except that none of you are adults, and all of you are either teenagers or a teenager trapped in an adult's body.

>still have a gf
How do you explain this wagie?

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People switch careers several times in life.

Incels are caused by video games. They play too much and don't learn social skills

You just bring them back? Typically it's after a long night so your parents are asleep. Take them to your room and visit pound town.


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Absolutely bullshit ever. No idiot , it is not the money. The capitalist propaganda has messed up your brain so hard that it is beyond any reason .You have passes the point of no return. Human interactions and feelings are not a market to profit from. Humans are not goods. I know the neoliberal capitalism is trying to do exactly that. The final stage of capitalism is commercialisation of human interactions though.
The reason for inceldom is little to low self esteem . This is the true reason for it.
Unfortunately there many reasons why one can have little to no self esteem. And they can be pretty complicated. A major one is the disintegration of the society caused by unevenly distribution of the wealth. The neoliberal capitalism is destroying the old middle class and divide it to newly emerging subclasses whose members are not tight to each other in any way. They are isolated - the atomized society of consuming individuals.
If you don't get this, just show me a ghetto with a lot of incels in it. Or how are going to explain that the majority of middle east immigrants succeed in finding a girlfriend and in general have no problems with women?

as a female (yes biological, there's no other way to be female) i strongly disagree with this. i may only make $35k/yr but i wouldn't mind being with a guy who makes my income or less; as long as he had an income, we had very similar ideologies & got along well. honestly if i was rich i wouldn't mind "adopting" a neet but i can't afford to so the guy i would be with would have to contribute to the household financially on some degree, but i don't expect him to be a fancy rich doctor. i'm proud that i earn my income & i can provide for myself; i don't need a man to provide for me.
there are three main reasons, from my observation, of why inceldom occurs:

>the raging incel
his personality is beyond awful. he is extremely misogynistic & has a very deep, open, & obvious vendetta against women. he feels the world & society in general owe him everything. he often acts extremely immature & is very easily insulted, resulting in temper tantrums or a "lashing out" behaviour. he is the poster child for incels.
>the anxiety ridden/severely depressed incel
he suffers from anxiety &/or depression (perhaps other mental illnesses, too). this results in his inability to function normally (anywhere on a scale from nervous behaviour around women to unable to get a stable job to straight up a permanent shut-in NEET). he may have no qualms with women & perhaps might even talk with them online occasionally, but due to his mental illnesses he can barely take care of himself, let alone another person.
>the traumatised/PTSD incel
he has suffered some form of trauma, whether it be emotional, physical, or mental at some point in his life. this has caused him to have a strong distrust toward women or people in general. he may or may not hold resentment toward women, but he cannot allow himself to be emotionally or physically vulnerable to women & thus he remains involuntarily celibate.

there are other pocket/sub categories that i have observed, but these are the main 3 types.

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If you think that not having enough money is the problem, you will die alone for sure. Because how much money will be enough to get that gorgeous girl you like? Because there will always be someone competitor of yours who will have more money than you. You are retarded to think that way!

There is a solution not to be on the losing side. Go MGTOW.

The life of MGTOW men doesn't evolve around women. They may earn less money then single men but their expenses can be lower. College educated people have the most debt.

gas you self roasted turd

*then married men

>doesn't resolve around women
>entire philosophy is built around women

Yes avoiding them. MGTOW has to talk about women or how are men doing to find out how toxic they are?

i very much support the actual idea of men (and people in general) not revolving around this idea that they NEED a boyfriend or girlfriend or sex for their life to have meaning. ideally, you should focus on yourself, your passions, and your goals; enrich and fulfil your life and someone with similar interests will eventually come along. if you constantly seek out someone then you're doomed to a negative mentality or constantly ending up with someone who is toxic for you because you found someone who filled shallow needs rather than fulfilling ones.

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unfortunately, mgtow isn't what it shouldn't be; it is often more or the less a toxic cesspool for misogynistic attitudes

>A man is defined by his career
nonono, back to Israel with you.

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Same here, I go to work, come home, play vidya and jerk off to traps

>reads your entire post
>"when he's an adult"
yea when you're an adult. before you graduate college it doesn't means hit. by the time i graduated college i had fucked 40 something roasties. Do you think I had any sense of urgency to be a breadwinner? nope!
>when you get married, you get more sex and stronger relationship
literally everything i've witnessed within and without my family says the exact fucking opposite of this statement. the men become boring and complacent to their whore wives and the wives go out and fuck the muscular burned out garbage man chad instead of their doughy predictable faggot cuck husband. you have a lot to learn dude.

Not true nig. Im poor AND ugly and i have managed to lose my v card