How do femanons feel about that fact that no matter how successful they become...

How do femanons feel about that fact that no matter how successful they become, they will always be viewed as another piece of fuck meat by men?

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this reason alone is exactly why women should not be in the workforce in anything beyond service jobs
sorry females, you are a woman, your job, your purpose, is to pump out and nurture offspring while your male provider goes out to gather resources

Breddy good because most men are civilized and not retards like you seem to think

Can't be helped I guess.

It's bit like when you die you can't stop maggots from eating your body.

Fuck no. Women should not even exist. Men should only make other men pregnant. This is a woman hate thread you fucking white knight

Can women actually enjoy sex if the man isn't black? He looks like he's pounding her pretty well but I can't help but think she would get more fulfillment out of a black partner.

lol shut the fuck up
this dude

>they will always be viewed as another piece of fuck meat by men

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a tranny made this thread

I don't give a shit about success, only about character and I have yet to meet a girl who isn't the characterless 12 year old princess who secretly wants to get assfucked by 20 men at once.

we get it, youre homosexual

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I hope maggots eat your body when you die.

females don't derive physical pleasure from penetration, it's all in their heads. similarly to how penetrating feels the same as masturbation, the difference being psychological

and you meet a lot of girls spending 16 hours a day shitposting and playing vidya with other boys

>I-I'm ddifferent I swear
>personal attack
Nice try, faggot

and those girls dont even want us so what use are they to me?

only you know what you're talking about
I find it astonishing how many girls robots know personally and aren't spewing bullshit like a dirty conniving

we get it your a norme

this. going gay is the best decision a man can make.

>viewed as a piece of fuck meat
If I'm not going to fuck them-it doesn't matter. I'm ugly anyway pal

I only spend time shitposting, because it's the only way how I can express my own sorrow to the world. Who are more deserving than robots? My only friends.

based given up but is too chicken to kill himself user

slut absolutely loving it getting pumped. disgusting whore.

I considered disfiguring my face with acid, and tried shaving my head, but in the end I wanted other women to still like me, so I gave up on disfiguring myself. I'm just patiently waiting to be too old for men to want to fuck me.

What you fail to understand is that the two things are totally separate.

I can evaluate women as successful and productive and useful people, AND I can also evaluate women as fuck meat. There is no contradiction. And the qualities that make you "good" in each category aren't the same, although they do partially overlap.

>inb4 they shouldn't be separate, they should be the same!

No, they shouldn't. The only way they could be the same is if men instrumentalized their sexuality to try to acquire resources, rather than having their sexuality be genuine. And we already have WOMEN doing that, we don't need to have men do it too.

>And we already have WOMEN doing that, we don't need to have men do it too.

Roasties BTFO in this thread

why not just turn that frown upside down and pee on us?

>user thinks his mom, grandmother and sisters are just another piece of fuck meat

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>implying theyre not

theyre all fuckmeat to the right guy

These girls will becomes moms in a few years. It's really something to think about.

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I don't get it who's the woman on the left? She owns a hair salon? She's a fashionista? Inherited a business? That makes her high class fuck meat.

>Men should only make other men pregnant

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They feel pretty good about it honestly. Think about the reciprocal, no matter how you try to "professionally" interact with a female they are just gonna see you as another thick cock to pump their greedy little pussies full of seed. It's human nature, either move to a monastery or continue to have sex with women.

>no matter how successful they become
>implying I'll achieve any degree of success
According to the two robots I know I look underage anyway so I doubt I'm viewed that way.

Imagine being able to bring a man to his knees to worship you, whether you be poor, rich, stupid, smart, successful, or a loser.
Women can destroy men, more so than ever. Pretty sure they like knowing they have ultimate control to turn any proper gentleman into a raving animal.

>According to the two robots I know I look underage anyway so I doubt I'm viewed that way.
They were paying you a compliment. How old are you?

I don't think being told you look like a child is a compliment. I mean it didn't sound like one anyway. I'm 19.

How old were the lads saying it?

No matter what, their life is easy.

sauce holy shit

forced originality

One's the same age and the other is a year or two older I think.

I had the same thought a few years ago. Are these women going to pretend the past never happened? Will they make an effort to hide the past from their hubbies and bf's?


but i'm sad

i want that but it will never happen

i'm not chad

Well, potentially they werent compliments then, they probably dont have a clue about women at all.
I'm in my 30s and you looking younger than you are is something that will put you in the "fuck meat" category for the men around you as you grow older, at least temporarily for each, which is ok I guess?

>serious response to people who make threads in bad faith
god you're a fag

why do you think it will never happen though? just try bro, they want to be your sex sleeve

>I doubt I'm viewed that way
how painfully naive. they probably think of you more that way because of it.

There are worse things I suppose. It would be nice to be normal though.
I don't understand.

getting boipregnant is a miracle.

>they will always be viewed as another piece of fuck meat by themselves

ftfy buddy. I know I can't speak for every dude but I personally find it super gross when a woman debases herself to that level, but gosh darn if they simply can't help themselves but do so for a 2 minute pump & dump with Chad

Massive generalisation I know, but an accurate one. I really don't think that women can ever legitimately complain about sexism so long as they actively incentivise the main perpetrators of it by constantly fucking them

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wasn't there the one that said she got raped

>It would be nice to be normal though.
Are you fat? If not then saying you look underage is something you should be happy about.

Sauce? Who and what are we talking about here?

Gee you sure sound like you get alot of sex

>no femanons have replied yet
You just know

pretty sad actually

No I'm a little underweight. Why would looking like a child be a good thing though?

Yes and a lot

>continue to have sex with women
What did he mean by this?

Or you can find up a male that loves you and stays with you until both die, or are you such a massive whore you can't be loyal to one man?

how does it feel knowing you only attract closet pedos?

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>tfw no successful business woman wife to provide for me
I'd be a good house husband, i'd take care of the children during the day and welcome her everyday when she come's home from work with a good dinner and cunnilingus

I need the sauceee

I don't attract anyone though lmao

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