Hey anons, do you think there should be an age limit for halloween?

Hey anons, do you think there should be an age limit for halloween?

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Just buy your own candy nigger

you sound like the Iife of the party

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There should be a color limit.

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fuckin heII

worst part is the shit even happens in rich neighborhoods so basically no matter the race kids and the people who raise them will be shitty.

>no matter the race

nuh uh its only niggers
it will always only be niggers

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That could be the only good thing about being a manlet

if you still think Halloween is about candy and dressing up you are a petulant manchild. For adults it's an excuse to get drunk and fuck bitches.

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Apparently, niggerdom is taught rather than genetic. The little niglet only took one candy, but his lardass sheboon decided that it was a golden opportunity to enhance her niglet's nigger stats as well as her diabetes blood sugar count all in one go.

God bless the sheboons: they make every other woman look good by comparison.

But he's right. Poor niggers should get a job so they can buy their bastard children candy instead of begging for it every 31st of October.

Bull fucking shit. I set up a candy bowl last year in a poor ass white neighborhood and the bowl was still a quarter full by nights end. Poor whites >>>>>>> rich niggers.

fuck bitches who are dress like slutty cheerleaders or slutty nurses or slutty vampires. Women will use any excuse to act like a slut, while claiming that its just to get in the holiday mood.

go to a Halloween party
adults imposing on kids activities is ruining things for the younger generation

This: leave the kids alone. They can figure shit out on their own without having a old Jewess fucking with their worldviews (public school teachers).

>Jewess fucking with their worldviews (public school teachers).
and wine aunts

but geezers thanking they're young at heart should date or be around young people? they're more harmful than anyone

3 generations ago it was normal for a slightly older man to marry a girl fresh off her first period. The man was established and could provide and the girl had peak fertility.

but yes, I agree: 60 year old fuckers lurking on high school girls should be lynched.

girls didn't feel empowered enough to let those men know they were gross and creepy, now girls aren't ashamed to let geezers know once a boy gets over a certain age he's a geezer

>allowing women to determine what is gross and creepy.

Going to have to disagree with you there. Women should have no authority on anything. When you give women control they fuck everything up. Only the woman's father should be able to determine who is a suitable mate for his angle. If the father abdicates this authority to allow the girl to decide, she'll just end up taking miles of cock from men who buy her dinner (whore) rather than buy her a diamond ring (wife). No man wants a whore.

like, trick or treating? if you're going alone and just to creep or something sure
the whole thing? hopefully not, scary movies are extra spoopy in halloween

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you don't get to decide how others feel
its creepy and gross when people try hard to fit in and that's exactly what geezers do when they hangout or date young people. they don't get the nuances and that is objectively annoying and gross and creepy when you realize that they do it for superficial reasons

yes if you're old enough to drive

>caring what women feel.
Catch her on the wrong Thursday and she'll feel like fucking your neighbor. Catch her on the wrong Friday and she'll feel like she was raped. Women's feelings are like the phases of the moon: constantly changing. If you go on women's feelings you will loose your mind.

cope harder geezer, you're not fooling anyone

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Women can "feel" however they want but no one should give it credibility

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Originally original comment is originally original

geezers over 27 should stay in their lane, let young people be young people.
its objectively annoying to have someone that doesn't get the memes or trends try and act like they do.

>that doesn't get the memes or trends
Says a retarded cunt who immigrates to Jow Forums because she saw a pepe meme on twitter, get the fuck out of her bitch, you don't belong

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Not that old, but I don't go for high school girls. I'm happily married and only on r9k because I remember what it was like to be a true robot.

Maybe for the ladies it is. 27 is prime pussy slaying age for men.

>this person said something I don't like
>they must be someone I don't like
prime example of roastie logic
you are everything you hate

>types like a bitch
>assume she's a bitch
prime male logic, you must be sub 80 iq or gay to not understand

>Maybe for the ladies it is. 27 is prime pussy slaying age for men.
17-22 is prime age for guys.
27 is the start of geezerhood, 25 for some guys
you're already sounding like one yourself

>you are everything you hate

holy f*ckin epic line xDD bro

>>this person said something I don't like
>>they must be someone I don't like

Yep, that's usually how it works you fucking retard

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I'd say it's around the age for real adulthood, or maybe 29. I'm 26 and I still look and feel like a kid.

>you are everything you hate

Woah bro that's so deep, you really penetrated his psyche with that reddit tier response lmao

a lot of male psychologists believe people see things they hate in themselves in other people
do you really dislike everyone that disagrees with you?
roastie logic, again
kids don't see you that way

just stop posting, you honestly don't add anything of value

A lot of male psychologists famously believed women are just envious of mens dicks, is that why you're so unlikable and retarded?

ouch! ur so bad
that's men projecting their vagina envy
again, roastie, nobody in this thread has claimed to be female you little slut

>ouch! ur so bad :P
God damn you really are fucking cancer, thanks for killing this site

I am 19 and I go trick or treating still. I go alone and I wear a mask.

he said despite not contributing much to this site past shitposts

Like 15. Anything past that is pathetic.
Always keep your Halloween spirit though. Buy some candy for yourself and watch something spooky. Never let the kid in you die.

Buff guy here. Whats a good costume for showing off arms for drunk sloots?

Do black neighborhoods have Halloween?

Trick or treating? 18 or under.
Wearing a costume? damn right, you never grow too old for that

Like I said, I'm off the market permanently when it comes to love. But even then a 27 year old man can easily expect high quality women to fall from the sky as long as his bank account has enough zeros in it.

No, the only holiday black neighborhoods have is Drive By Shooting day. Its a superior holiday because it is every day of the year.

This is what teens believe to be what halloween is for adults,maybe someday you will be over 18

Baywatch character

maybe he thinks college students are adults

If you're old enough to know santa isn't real, you're too old for trick or treating. Faggot.

yes yes I'm a p*do for wanting to fuck someone who still has eggs in their body, yet your visceral revulsion for any male over 21 is perfectly normal. wonderful. wonderful.

no candy for children over 12

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>I'm a p*do
I didn't say this
>for wanting to fuck someone who still has eggs in their body
my mom had my sister at 40 and my sister is miles ahead of my older siblings
your logic is flawed
>your visceral revulsion for any male over 21 is perfectly normal
I didn't say this

Offspring of a 40 year old rarely come out fine, but sure keep pretending that your one off sister is proof contrary.

and keep pretending you're not creepy for creeping on people

I had a group of 5 black kids open the door to my house and walk inside while I was in the bathroom. You'd think once you get one step inside and there's no candy you'd go "Oh shit" and get out of there. No, these kids decided they wanted to look deeper into the house.

Damn, you linked to a post from 6 years ago.

Imagine getting a (You) 6 years later.

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Every day is halloween in the hood. They decorate it with corpses all year round

>Needing an excuse to get drunk and fuck bitches
And you call yourself a Chad

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What does skin color have to do with anything, user?