Just got a job after being a neet for years

>just got a job after being a neet for years
>coworkers are starting to realize there is something off with me

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What'd you do?
How do you know they're realizing you're tarded?
And what's the job?

Start barking at them

Just had that happen in class the other day and the teacher spent like 10 minutes talking about it in the front of the class. I wish i could change but i just cant bro. I just want to drop out now and never show up to class or that school again and go to a different one. I hate when they feel the need to point that shit out to everyone.

oh fuck, that's going to be me in a few weeks

Ecery fucking time
And last time I worked with a self admitted actual retard that could barely read.

I work in retail, selling accessories for bolts. Small operation, only 7 employees.

I don't know how to properly respond to people when they ask me questions and often humble around or "mush-mouth".

I also don't know the answers to normal questions like "what kind of music do you like?", etc because I honestly feel like a void of a person with no interests, hobbies, relationships, etc.

They also banter a lot and I don't know how to respond to that either.

I'm realizing just how socially retarded isolation has made me.

boats* not bolts

yeah that happened to me too on a work placement for uni, everyone nice at first then suddenly they distance themselves from me and treat me like i don't belong there, they saw the flaws in my character and on my last day there i bought them a cake and they were suddenly all nice again

people are assholes man

>They also banter a lot and I don't know how to respond to that either.
This shit is the bane of my existance, most of the time I just do an awkward laugh but I want to rip my face off

i hate the "what kind of music do you like" questions cause first of all i can't pinpoint exactly which music i prefer and secondly i have never really cared about music, same with sport, same with food, same with anything but movies and tv shows which have always been my main interest in life, outside of that i don't have a preference, i could give a shit, i will listen to whatever you like and like whatever sport you watch

how long have you been working? you'll get better with talking i guess it just takes time

Social skills take time to develop. In the meantime, focusing on work-related talk is probably best, and then you can move onward from there.
When in doubt, ask about them. People love talking about themselves. For example, if you don't know what to say when someone asks what kind of music you like, redirect the question like, "Actually, I've been looking for some new artists. Do you have any recommendations?" And have a genre in mind when they ask for clarification.
Another example, if they ask about food, have a couple favorites in mind, even if it's something as generic as burgers, and say (jokingly acknowledging that it's weak) some shit like, "I know it sounds typically American, but burgers are my favorite. Know any good places around here?"
Basically, just a "what about you" approach. Don't be afraid to admit your uninteresting traits, just kinda joke about it if you're that boring.
And obviously, the gay answer that I'll inevitably tell you is to try finding some hobbies/interests other than Jow Forums.

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>"Actually, I've been looking for some new artists. Do you have any recommendations?"
not him but that's a good one, never thought about it

>Social skills take time to develop
Except for that slight deficit that you never get back if you miss out on adolescence

Maybe say it depends on your mood, then start with genres you listen to the most often. But have specific artists in mind if you'll do that.
Or, easier, just think of the last few things you listened to and say, "Well, I was listening to Rush earlier today, I really like their live work." And like I said in try a "whataboutyou."

What this user said. Dont stress it too much. If you're anything like me you'll have to acclimate yourself to your coworkers and warm up to them but it'll all work out

>coworkers are starting to realize there is something off with me


Just means you'll have to make up for it and look kinda socially retarded later rather than earlier.
Try not to get worked up over small things because most people don't think about the random small retarded social mistakes you make after the fact. They're too concerned with themselves. And I think it's easy for people to assume the shit they say comes off as more retarded than it actually is. As long as you don't do anything insanely socially unacceptable like going on a rant about kikes. Avoid making bold statements, ask about others, and don't be uncomfortable with silence in conversation. If someone says something and you don't know how to respond, don't feel compelled to respond immediately. Think about what to say before stuttering like an idiot or simply acknowledge the fact that you don't know and respond with another question.
For example, if someone asks about something as bland as your favorite films, it's probably better to say "hmmm (pause), I don't know, I'd have to think about that." Or ask for clarification, like, "I guess it depends on my mood, because you can't really compare genres, like Dumb and Dumber with The Godfather." Or simply turn the tables and ask if they've seen anything good recently. If they have, ask what it's about. Mostly trying to avoid making the conversation all about yourself, especially if you're that uninteresting.
Rambling here, i lnow

this is me so much, don't worry tho normies have very low attention span and they'll forget about it

This was me after getting a wagecuck job at Target
>Haha yeah, me and that chick from the concert hooked up right after. What about you user? How many girls have you been with?
>You don't know this song? How can you not know Marshmello?
>Me and my girlfriend are thinking of getting our own apartment, she just graduated with her masters and finally got a good job.
>I was just kidding man, Lol. You remind me of Sheldon from the Big Bang theory.
At a certain age it's just over. You'll be playing catch-up for the rest of your life.

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you just have to hope these normies hit a midlife crisis or undergo some kind of tragedy that leaves them lost anxious and depressed so they can be taken down to our level

Gotta learn how to bullshit normalfags, user. It's actually very easy because of how predictable they are, but you still need a realistic idea of your self-worth while maintaining some fake sense of confidence. Even doing it through means of self deprecation with jokes that imply you're still content with some form of indifference can go a long way.
Not for their approval, just to avoid the shitstorm that would unravel upon them realizing and sharing with everyone else how much of a loser you really are. Not worth caring what those fags think, more just a matter of shutting them up.

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I pity you user, I work in blue collar retail that's 90% black and mexican, and all I have to do is holler nignog nonsense such as "What's up man" "Aw hell, I'm fucking dead on the inside" and "Que Pasa, chagga chagga, bueno." and then spend the rest of my day flipping through my phone.

>blue collar retail
What, like a supply house?
Most of the guys I've met there seem pretty cool as long as they don't fuck our orders up

>just became a NEET after working for years
>will likely never have to work again

you dumb fucks should have been grinding hard with work and education of equidity. Could be living your 30s in peace rather than fear

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I'm lucky that there are so many other autistic people that work at the same company, like constant awkward encounters, people saying sorry when you get in their way, people going to the bathroom when others come in the break room. Total fucking autism everywhere.