You can destroy literally ANY PERSON online, male or female, by simply pointing out the fact that he's now 30 years old...

You can destroy literally ANY PERSON online, male or female, by simply pointing out the fact that he's now 30 years old, or coming very close to that age. How do you cope, boomer bros? I wouldn't be able to do it.

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>How do you cope, boomer bros?
knowing I'm close to the end

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>that age
Which is?

>I am a freshly turned 30. I am not over 30, yet.

>Aging is now a problem
This generation of fuckers will suicide themselves by 25.

>You can destroy literally ANY PERSON online, male or female, by simply pointing out the fact that he's now 30 years old, or coming very close to that age.
No you can't, unless you mean fellow autist adhd riddled assburger aniem avis are gonna join in in the retart-posting faggot sissy cumslut discord weeb zoomie nigger...

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sure feels good to live in my own house, not have to answer to anyone i don't want to, and generally create my own world the way i want to
zoomies won't even have the funds to rent a closet in a trailer park kek

I actually get more attention from women now than I ever have. Got hit on bu a 24yo 7/10 at a gas station while she was serving the customer AFTER me.

It's just...if you "know thyself", are self-educated in philosophy and theology, and carry yourself with a "I know more than you" swagger, then women see that. Unfortunately I've given up on white women, seeing as their unsuitable to even fuck. Somehow they belive just because you put your pee pee inside of them, that they now own you like they just had a kif with you and share a home with you. WRONG, BITCH.

I just wish a nice mexigal or asian would come my way like they used to back in Cali. My dumbass had to move to the midwest though, because I wanted to be closer to my "people". Turns out I'm surrounded by dumbfuck boomers, fat country "chads", coddled city sluts, and mud squirrels...all white; no virtue or culture.

The older you get, the more you realize things. That's the truth.

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If you keep healthy and your life isn't centred around your manchild hobbies, you'll be fine.

>faggot sissy cumslut discord weeb zoomie
this hit2close2home...

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Tfw after my 25th bday in December I'll be 5 years from 30

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Literally nobody cares as long as they don't look 30 guarantee you Cavill will have girls jumping on his dick no matter his age

Make something of yourself and you'll be fine
being 30 is probably fine if you manage to ascend beyond filthy neet

Cavill looks 30
actually 34
zoomie fag

kek the denial is strong in this one

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Why are you here? You trannies literally have
Fucking go back to your containment board. Why do you have to convince autists and "virgins" here to get on your fucked up mental gymnatic train? I mean, a 40% suicide is pretty daunting. Trying to boost those numbers? Boost them yourself by necking yourself, faggot. No one here accepts you, or wants to be like you. You faggots will continue to flood this board with your gay shit to artificially make it seem like sissy/trap/tranny is normal here. It's not. You're not normal even by r9k standards. You will never be accepted by society, or even the dregs of it. Die.

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destroy? im 33 i dont give a shit, there is nothing you toad midget fucks can use to insult me because ive already insulted myself worse than you can even possibly imagine

that guy can bed 95% of girls aged 14-99yo
tf is ur delusion?

congratulations on being able to count

feels pretty good to be 26 in a month and still have 16 year olds hitting on me despite being a NEET

I am perfectly fine with being 30. I thought it would feel like something, but it really feels like nothing. I'm proud to be growing more wise.

These are his parents. Imagine getting sonmogged that hard.

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>boy it's really interesting how Our Culture(TM) shits all over old guys (old being "literally not in their 20s") while endlessly whining about how people shouldn't sexualize younger women

>funny coincidence, huh


to an amateur, it's a devastating own. to a true posting pro, though, it's just an opportunity to poison them with blackpills

>Cavill looks 30
I knew all the junk sugary food wouldn't be good for the aging process in the life of americans

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I'm sure when they're drunk at parties having fun and sex with other young good looking teens they are hit hard by those blackpills of yours user

Cavill is 36yo dipshit, and looks much younger
I'm sure you can provide an example from your genderless gobline junglepeople to match him?

What if you look far younger than you appear.
Am thirty, but often mistaken for teenager.

I hook up with other young-looking 30-year-old boys

I still get boys and bois as young as 18 wanting me, but I'm not about that so I brotherzone them.

Then you should focus on fucking young girls

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>Am thirty, but often mistaken for teenager.
Am 50 and often mistaken for a preteen.

lol, not a problem for me, most people i talk to online are around 30 or at least born in the 90's, would feel weird talking to anyone younger

and if people give you shit for being 30, at 30 you have the wisdom to know that they are not as far off 30 as they might think, a 22 year old thinks they have ages till they are 30 then suddenly they hit 25 and think "oh shit it;s gonna happen to me too soon"