Hi, I'm looking for a mid 20's-30's robot to house me. I'm 19, self identified femboy / detransitioner

Hi, I'm looking for a mid 20's-30's robot to house me. I'm 19, self identified femboy / detransitioner.
All I need is basic necessities + hrt. ~$15/month.

You can use me as a housemaid, abuse me, whatever you want. Only stipulation is I need to leave from my current residence within the next day or two. Currently in Texas but I can travel anywhere assuming you help.
I don't have a phone atm so I can't communicate inbetween.
If you're interested leave a throwaway email or discord.


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you can trust strangers this easily? it will be safer for you to go to a shelter or a friends house

>Implying a fucking faggot like this would have friends

You must be cute, no exceptions.

Sorry, I am not, otherwise I would have had more success in life.

It's gonna be hard if you're not cute. Most people would want to use you as a sex maid in exchange for that.

Why do you only have two days?

I have, at max, 1 week maybe.

You have the next day or two to get cute

You had one job user, I wouldve loved you forever

are you experienced in sucking cock femboi user?

PS this is a scammer who makes this thread regularly. Hes a lazy slob just looking to be a burden on your productive life.

I can help you get a job if that's what you need, but not being cute is gonna be a big no for me dawg. Do you have absolutely no ways of being cute? Like do you just need the hrt to start kicking in over the years or are you a str8 up fat balding dude who decided to be a """girl"""?

I'm not an expert but I'm experienced
okay, retard, i made this thread yesterday and I reposted it because nobody gave me any serious offers. i've never scammed anybody.
I have the potential to be cute. I'm 5'7, 120lbs, white. People frequently don't know how to gender me IRL.

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Lol this shit is pathetic. I got kicked out at 16 and had to live in a tent for 4 months. I ate at the local church and used their address to get mail delivered to me. The church gave out bus passes and helped me out with replacing my ID/Birth certificate and held free dinners for the homeless after bible reading and prayer every night. Guess what? I didnt have to suck cock and beg. I retained my humanity and got back on my feet. Self sufficient since then. You really need to go get a fucking job and get over yourself. The reason youre probably getting the boot is because you dont carry your own weight. Nobody wants to take care of an adult baby, especially if they arent attractive. You can either work for a living or you can get passed around like a worthless ragdoll until you ultimately die young. Being lazy isnt really worth it.

You definitely have potential, especially after the hrt kicks in for a while. Either way I can probably shelter you for a while but you'll have to be working for education or a job of some sort within 3 months of me taking you in. It's immoral to control your spouse or loved one via economic dependency. You got any professional aspirations?

I can offer words of inspiration if you so desire. But other than that, I cannot be of much more use.

>You got any professional aspirations?
No, sorry, i'm a doomer. The only thing i've wanted in life is beauty.

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How'd you end up in this position? And former trans?

Yeah, no thanks then. Sorry. I would start applying for jobs.

Why the urgency though?

So, you are looking for a 'Gay Marriage' OP?

i mean, are you weird? like would i have to worry about you doing some shit if i left you in my apartment?

It's a long story
I try, even mcdonalds, but I've failed over 10 interviews so far
I'm getting kicked out
I'm extremely weird but it's not like i'm going to steal shit.

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I knew someone who was serious and did it on on SOOOOC, he was rich and just wanted another rich person however.

OP, I would help but I'm not independent, soz

Your job, when you dont HAVE a job, is to APPLY to jobs. You dont just do a half ass attempt and give up.

dude get your head screwed on straight, stop fucking around. and find a job. No, no one is taking you in to baby you like your parents did, and even gay guys get sick of each other and will throw you out if your dont pull your weight in a relationship

Green text it user? Just curious why you gotta find some where and willing to room with anyone. If you don't wanna it's cool.

I would have tried to help but I couldn't do it the immediate future.

>It's a long story
tell us more op

>continues to take hrt

Well OP?

Sorry, don't want to give my life story when I'm just looking for serious offers here

Why 20-30?
What are you trying to gain from them, other than a place?

They can be older too, up to 50 desu.

>sorry im not
hope you die on the streets you fucking faggot

how do you feel about cleaning diarrhea out of the carpet? my dog is 18 and has bowel issues

I'm interested in having a femboy maid gf (male), but I'd need to know more about you and the circumstances that led to you being kicked out before I let you know where I live lmao.

Hope you get raped to death and your body is so fucked up that it isn't even identifiable

I guess I should add: I'm a fat neckbeard, so add me at your own risk lol

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no promises, and it'll be a week before i can give you a definitive answer. but if you're still looking by then, it can't hurt to add. shmanky#3004

I don't really look like a girl but I'll still add you if you want
I don't have any friends and my parents hate me and live multiple states away, getting kicked out current residence.
I hope I do desu.

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>mfw theres 0% chance for this faggot to find anything and hes going to be stuck on the street without a host to parasite off of
Please post miserable updates. I love seeing incapable people fail at things they refuse to fix so I can make fun of them.

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i blame the parents. Probably babied OP like crazy when a little kid. Then they realized HE was a retard and pulled the plug, now actually needs the help/ and instead gonna wind up homeless

I honestly feel for op. He has to be in a bad place mentally. I hope at some point he can find some happiness or a decent place to call home.

Lol. Instead of going to a shelter where they have resources to help him he wants to be spoonfed and fucked in the ass by a fat faggot instead of being self sufficient. No sympathy for people who dont want to help themselves. They literally have funding and public housing SPECIFICALLY for young and at risk people who are willing to take on temporary factory jobs. He qualifies for even MORE assistance and funding simply by being a mentally ill faggot. Its not that hes in a bad place. He doesnt want to have to lift a finger and earn anything in life. Probably hasnt even bothered to sign up for food stamps or any sort of assistance either since it would take effort to do. Even when pushed to the extreme he would rather lay on a bed and take miles of dick in exchange for the ability to be a living breathing tumor. Entitled retard is what he is.

I enjoy reading this tone/style of writing.

I really wish OP would answer how the fuck he is de-transitioning and still wants to take HRT.

Because I'm scared of what i'd turn into if I didn't.

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a normal human being? lmao

Stops being a faggot and be self sufficient. An even better idea is to kill yourself so theres less faggot to deal with in this board

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do you have cute feet? origami

This fills the wagecuck with salt until he reaches his boiling point, furiously typing at his screen enraged that people don't want to follow his normalfag advice.

Hes right though. OP is a lazy good for nothing mentally ill faggot who wants to be spoon fed

What's your area code? 956?

361 is my original area code

So what? This is a board for the mentally ill.
Coming here as a normalfag and being triggered about people not following your path is the most pathetic thing of all.

I could house you, but i don't really live in the usa.

no it's not. a group of mentally ill have co-opted this board and claimed it as their own.

Jesus, you are fucking deluded.

Mentally ill isnt synonymous with lazy fucking faggot. The only reason you think mentally ill people cant be self sufficient is because you cant stand the fact that people who have it worse than you can still accomplish more than you. You bask in your own worthlessness and circlejerk yourself dry in Discord echochambers so you and your posse of goblins feel validated. People with Down syndrome are stocking shelves at Goodwill while your fat hairy ass daydreams about becoming someones personal pocket pussy because the thought of ever earning anything you receive in life is an abysmal task for you.

someone catfish this faggot and do it good
fuck off normalfag

Bruh you're gonna get raped and murdered, would be safer for you to go live in some temporary homeless government housing. If you're really a teenager, they will give you top preference over others.