"Hey principal user can I have a few dollars? I need it to afford a breast reduction surgery."

"Hey principal user can I have a few dollars? I need it to afford a breast reduction surgery."

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No, you should be proud of them. Your insecurity is having a negative impact on those young minds. You might give them a negative body image. Take off your shirt now to set a better example.

"It's not an image issue my back just hurts and it's getting harder to work out like that."

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Then maybe you should just stretch your back. Here, hang from this rope and let your spine decompress.

You need to learn to appreciate your tits more. I'm giving money to sakura for breast inplants and you get nothing as punishment. Also Alice, take your top off.

"She just spent it on eyelid surgery instead. Her eyes are kinda cute though, I think."

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Sakura you are a filthy whore for taking my money and not doing as I say. Take this punch to the eye and let the black eye be a grim reminder.

"That's a bit harsh, couldn't you have just made her run laps around the track or something?"

make kate giant

Welp, here's the pic I should have posted with this

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"Now she can reach those difficult shelves! Thanks for the idea."

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You should have kept quite. Now she deserves more punishment. Sakura, go put on some clown shoes. And take your top off while you're at it.

Strip and hang the nigger

"I apologize sir I'll be quiet."

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"She has a name sir."

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Dress Lupe as a cute arthoe

Laqrisha never makes it past the few first posts

"It's basically how she dresses when she isn't in uniform. So, good on her I guess."

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hannah never gets any love, give her cute clothes too

"Should we just abolish uniforms and let them dress how they want? It'll saved us a lot of money."

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remove the corpse and punch the tall one please

can we beat stacy while we're at it her smug smile triggers me

"Are you okay sir? This seems like an unhealthy outlet for your anger."

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you know nothing! hurt yourself for talking back and kill the midget

I snap my finger and half of the tits in the room are removed.

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"I refuse."
"Why can't you just use that power to snap this school's gym into a better condition?"

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aight it seems we're low on funds
Alice and Debby, time to sell your bodies over at the boys' school

Revive the nigger, Strip and hange the nigger again

"Hope you don't mean as prostitutes because I killed them and sold them as meat for their campus Subway. Say, why doesn't our campus get a subway?"
"I hope you appreciate how much work cloning and lynching in the same day is."

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Fine. You may have one basketball hoop. Let nigger-chan down and dress her in a basketball jersey and shorts

aight whatever let's just take the money and go somewhere nice for a change
cover up all the bruises tho

"I hope she has fun."
"Weren't we using that money for repairs and stuff?"

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Sakura-chan looks funny. I want to see her in racoon cosplay. Think I'll punch her again and give her another black eye

Tickle the one in yellow. I want to see some laughter.

strip and hang the nigger, everyone else got their neck snapped and is lying under the nigger, all dead

Post download link please I had this (game?) A few years ago then my pc fried so I lost it

let's make hannah run around for a bit just to see her tits jump

"I got her come cute ears too! Like them?
"I refuse."
"Track for PE it is than!"

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Sorry, but sakura is too skinny. Can we feed her a bit?

"How much should we feed her?"

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make her nice and plump

Thats good enough, she looks much healthier

make Kate black so Laqrisha has a fren

"I'll make her average as a compromise."

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"They were already friends."

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Strip and hang original nigger
everyone else is also nigger now

"Looks like all our federal funding has gone away..."

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I said STRIP and hang >:( punishment is instant death for anyone touching the floor

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"Nah. I'll just not do that."

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OK now play competitive basketball in nun attire
nigger stays hung

Can these girls form a jazz band ?

"Of coarse! Have any brass and string instruments lying around?"

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make kait white

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Make 'em all fat and pregnant.

wtf ro

oh fuck please, no! oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
Why would you do this?!oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck