Say hello to my new spiderbro

say hello to my new spiderbro

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Keep samefagging in your own threads bro, it's cool af

i love 2mb file limits

gook moot being a typical cheap chink

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bitch say something nice or get the fuck up out my thread before you get drop kicked through the screen

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Why not post more discord screen caps, they seem to do better for you, pussy

bitch ive got a gun pointed at the fucking screen right now i'll end your pathetic existence and nobody will miss you

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Your taste in vidya is shit

t. plays weeb shit and probably fifa

>6 legs
Cute plushy either way.

uwu nice arm

he is just a special boy like us robots user

how does it feel to be hated by all r9kers and egirls? stop posting your shitty threads just kill yourself already.

Are you that black guy on /v/ who keeps posting his PS4 collection with just his arm showing?

it feels good user, because r9kers and egirls are both the scum of the earth. literally lower than the dog shit i almost stepped in earlier. and that is exactly why i use r9k as my personal shitposting playground

bitch boy

I never though robots would be the type of people to decorate their rooms with cute shit. Very adorable, user.

Yet you're obsessed with talking to both of them. if we're scum than you're a literal landfill. nobody wants you here dude.

>it has an afro
Isn't that racist or cultural appropriation?

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literally everything i post makes salty little faggots like you shit your pants as you clack away on your keyboard trying your hardest to hurt my feelings, its absolutely hilarious and pathetic at the same time. you literally cannot resist trying to fuck with me because deep down you hate the fact that ive invaded your little incel cope bunker, drives you absolutely nuts

Nice cope man. Stay mad.


bitch boy

they are going to be the best of friends i can already tell

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> r9kers and egirls are both the scum of the earth.
Says the guy that follows like 200 egirls on instagram, posting cringe shit like this

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lol cherrypick some more goofy cunt, i was trolling marky so hard about bianca she was threatening to call the fbi

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honestly, you really need to do something about that chip on your shoulder. you're taking this whole website way, way too seriously. examine your brain

>trolling so hard XD

You really need to do something about that constant need for others attention. Aren't you BPD? I guess there's no hope for you.

why do you give me so much attention if it bothers you that much? as long as there are people like you, im never going to stop posting. its pretty much a free dopamine hit for my brain every time i know ive successfully triggered a shitstain like you

If that helps you cope, you really are more of a shitstain than me. You desperately are trying to fit in somewhere, obviously you don't even fit in here. Go back to soc to try and make yourself some friends. Take your SSRIs.

Someone give a rundown on this guy. Should I know who he is?

>If that helps you cope, you really are more of a shitstain than me

nah, you ruined a perfectly wholesome thread about a cute plush spider just for the sake of taking jabs at me, you're pathetic

also, i've been coming to r9k since 2008. respect your elders faggo

No, he's just some fag that keeps posting attention whoring face posting threads and screenshots of discord bullshit samefagging the whole time

for the vast majority of r9k's life cycle, faceposting wasnt even against the rules.
it wasnt until 2017 that the mods got tired of the incessant crying of a vocal minority of low self esteem fags like yourself that they created the no faceposting rule. theres your history lesson. im thinking about dropping some cash on a vpn like aiste does just so i can reap the tears

jesus christ im so glad you got outted as being a piece of shit, dodged a bullet LOL

didnt you say you were never going to talk to me again? lol

contacting you directly would be different, this thread is just funny as hell LOL

haha so was the last thread, remember that? good times

yeah? why dont you post another then? since you're so obsessed with me noticing you ofc

lol dont flatter yourself cactus lady

Show the gun faggot

>Only fighting game is Mortard Kombat
>Has physical release of fucking Death's Gambit
We were so close to society accepting games as art

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deaths gambit is kino and tekken/street fighter are both garbage. looking forward to samurai showdown though

>spelling it "showdown" instead of "shodown"

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lol, cry about it


Such a stupid, generic insult from a stupid, generic person. I think it's cool that he has Ratchet And Clank. I have all 4 of the PS2 games.

op here, i loved the original r&c games but the franchise deserves so much better than the 2016 remake i have to say, idk why it just feels like a cashgrab

you're fine Rugga, just don't take everything here too seriously