Does anyone find this repulsive or is it just me that's gay?

Does anyone find this repulsive or is it just me that's gay?

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This does nothing for me. If it does nothing for you then please confirm that you're a homo too.

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that vag looks disgusting

Are you a homosexual as well? I find it gross too. What do you find nasty about it?

it looks weird and its gross how it pulsates. pussies have nothing attractive about them. the debate is tits or ass no one even brings up pussy because it's widely agreed that it looks gross.

Her pussy is pulsating? Where? When? What part?

the inside is towards the end. moves with her breath i think.

not a homo, just the hair and how fat it is, the brown roast beef shit is disgusting

Fat? What part is fat? You think her pussy lips are too small?

Which part (min:sec) does it pulsate?

the top of it is very fat, shes all vag meat and barely any lip covering it

are you the same guy who posted this yesterday?

I'm confused. Which part is the "vag meat"? The lips are the brown part, no? The part that's big on one side but not the other?

No my man, people never debate pussy because if the pussy don't look or smell good, most people won't hit that shit, that and everyone loves pussy except homosexuals.

I saw it yesterday, yes. I think it belongs to an older woman.

Poop stained vagina

That is why I think there are a lot of homosexuals here. Everyone hates pussy on this site and I noticed that this woman's pussy in particular got a lot of hate.

imagine if poop actually came out of it

no dude, the brown part is part of the inside, which is gross because it literally pops out of her vag.

This guy posts this shit every day and pretends to be dense on purpose because hes butthurt his ugly gf got called out for being a philly cheese sandwich in another thread. Hide thread and let him go chew her burnt roast flaps.

This is her pussy. Can you elaborate. I don't know what you mean.

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her vagina is popping out of the skin, the little strip in the middle poking its way out is so gross to me

What do you do mean? Like the pussy lips? The flaps?

I want to eat out her pussy!

So the first non-homosexual. Wow.

her vagina meat
is coming outside
of the skin
by her pussy

Dance looks silly, vag looks promising.

You're all very homosexual.

It looks completely normal to me.

Thanks for the filter suggestion. Gratzie

it's the finger that's gross. I want to put my penis in there

Putting my dick there sure but you have to be actually retarded to put your mouth even 1 mile close to that.

She looks fat. That's part of the problem.
Other than that, it's an acquired adult taste, like alcohol.

Do you have a source? Got me pretty hard.

Wow that's a big pussy!
Wow that's a big pussy!