Femanons, have you ever masturbated like this?

Femanons, have you ever masturbated like this?

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yea but it wasnt enough friction so i stopped

Yeah, but it's better with a soft blanket instead of a pillow.

Would pillow humpers be more interested in pegging than girls who don't masturbate that way? It seems like they can get the technique down so that they can cum from rubbing their clits on the back of the strapon and that's hot.

Is there something else that you could hump that would be better?

No, looks stupid.

doing this in a diaper that is padded is better

>No, looks stupid.
You don't know until you try it.

Yeah I got the idea from a guy on here who says he masturbates with a soft blanket. Shoutout to him.

I don't know, but I don't really get off physically to having a peepee inside of me, but when he touches my clit it feelsgoodman. I'll get back to you on the pegging thing once I actually do it. But probably, since there are things that can be attached to the back end of a dildo that stimulates the clit

>Yeah I got the idea from a guy on here who says he masturbates with a soft blanket. Shoutout to him.
Jow Forums, helping bring the genders together.

>I'll get back to you on the pegging thing once I actually do it
Do you have a suitor in mind or is that role open for applications?

please experiment pegging with my butthole

Yeah my bf is into it. It's not a fetish of mine, but I have no issue with it. I actually bought the harness and took him to the store to get the dildo and he got super anxious once inside. Waiting on him to buy one online

Hot. I hope after you try it, you get really into it. It seems like you would since you much prefer clit stuff over being penetrated anyway.

maybe a leg. but i rather just use my fingers

Was it one of these guys?

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>tfw no gf to use your leg to masturbate

Thanks, user. I hope so too

Yeah though I think the guy would place a blanket on is dick and rub it through the blanket, not moving the blanket. May seems around the right time though

Imagine your face being where that pillow was haha

>not having a separate fap pillow

No I mean I wish a fembot would ride my face.

this is the primary way i get off. fingering doesnt work for me as well

Used to do that exclusively when I first started masturbating, but now I do it the normal person way.

no wonder women prefer to have sex than masturbate. look how depressing that is. jerking off is fun as a man but i couldn't fathom being a woman and just inanely rubbing myself.

>he hasn't coomed hands-free
missing out you are

What does a female orgasm feel like? Do female groins get really warm, and pleasure spreads throughout the body, and you get lightheaded and relaxed as relief overwhelms you?

Fingering doesnt sound fun, just rub it instead cuz the feel good part is on the outside anyway.
Women wouldnt do it if it wasnt fun user

i have had plenty of sex so yeah...

Honestly this is quite a good description user. On point

I do this as a guy. I have trouble cumming using any other method. Pretty sure I've fucked my dick up because of it and I'm scared to have sex now.

Prone masturbation is a thing for guys.

Just switch to the normal way and get accustomed to that.

Anything I missed out in my description?

I've tried but I just don't get anywhere close to cumming when I use my hand. I had a flesh light for a while but had to get into a similar position where I was humping into it rather than pumping with my hand.

When you cum your insides also spread and you push a little to spread more your insides and feel really good.

I wouldn't recommend it tho, if you keep going not even a horse cock will spread you enough

Yeah but i didnt cum

This is a very natural thing to happen, when a male cums his dick becomes bigger and harder to fill the gap of the vagina spreading

i do the same thing, im trying to get off of masturbating prone. i noticed that my boners are usually p weak and dont stay up for long. idk, i jsut watch porn until i get one and then i slip on the cumsock and fap away, so far so good but boners arent as strong as they once were. apparently if u work out and have enough cardio taht goes away, something to consider

Yeah and I'm losing weight so it'll probably be easier as I become thin again. Sex sucks for me honestly.

well, im a virgin so i dont know about all that. but im trying to get off of masturbating prone so i dont have boner issues. i even quit smoking, but i also vape so i odnt know how much better that actually is

That's definitely a problem user

Literally the only way I can cum. I have a designated humping pillow. Im about to name it.

I actually considered getting a mannequin to hump but im scared of the store discovering my intentions and being judged.

>Im about to name it.
Any ideas?

Mr Pillow
My Ride
Sleep Helper
BF 3000

I'm kinda partial to BF 3000

why not call it what it is? the rape pillow
you are raping that pillow you sick pervert

Pronechad here
It won't affect you during vaginal sex. But you'll never be able to cum from oral and handies will take at least 10 minited6

Pillow humping is cute! Cute!

i've done it. not in that exact position because my lower back hurts more often than it doesn't, but 90% of the time i rub myself to get off. i've never needed penetration.

i am also fond of soft blanket rubs. on some nights when i'm lying down and the blankets fold in just the right place, i can get a nice little rub on.

Not a femanon but yes until I learned to masturbate properly.

What's the link for this video? I haven't been able to find it for some reason and I liked it.

bitches will hump anything, you dummy
they'll hump a pillow
a blanket
your knee
your dreams
your money
get the fuck outta here with them dumb questions

only way to satisfy them bitches when they get all uppity is to spit on their pussy and smack it as hard as you can, then cram your tongue in their asshole

Pronechads rise up!

Most masculine female ass I've ever seen, disgusting desu

you dont have to use a pillow when you can use my face