This is Milo. He is a good fluff.
Sometimes he growls when he feels threatened, but he means well. Say something nice about Milo

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milo is a nice cute boi

Milo is getting sleepy but he's still a good fluff

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I have your money by tomorrow night, ight, Milo?

Milo says thanks fren

That's okay, Milo says take as long as you need

what a cutiepie
i'd give milo a pat

milo looks like a good boy. how precious.

heres my boy raven

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Milo looks like an absolute gem of a feline.
Give him headpats and play something like this on your gitar to lull him to sleep.

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wtf why is your cat so dirty?

He's not dirty, his fur just doesn't show up well on phone camera. He's a dark fluff so camera has trouble focusing

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Milo is a handsome boi, wish him the best. You as well OP

Looks like a super comfy fluff

u ever brush him? he looks like he has pizza crumbs all over him

Oh yeah he loves brushie. I assure you it's just the camera. It doesn't do him justice. He cleans himself obsessively

Here's a fancy photo of Milo in the wilderness. He loves to go outside

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How do you deal with areas your cat's butthole has touched?

thanks for the pics user. your boi is so precious and adorable

Milo looks like a model!
Also my cat says hi ^^

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he long

I want to rip his head off u r9k faggot

I would really like to beat the shit out of your cat user.

what's your address, I just want to talk

t-take that back r-right now :'[

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Tfw he was the best cat ever had and he only live to be a year old.
God I miss when he would hug me when I picked him and lick and nibble on nose

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So sorry for your loss user. :(

Thanks to frens who said nice things about Milo. Give this user some love

Go back to Jow Forums edgelord

He was the goodest of boys
He also had little pancake feet from haveing extra toes
The cat on the top is my other cat.
He was a singleton so he's super autistic

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lick them clean

Hi mister kitty kitty!!