Match with a tinder girl

>match with a tinder girl
>she's kind of cute
>i go over
>she is very eager to fugg
>we fugg
>she wanted me to choke her
>i tried but could not get into it and had to stop
why am i such a pussy bros? i just want to fall in love

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Are you a chad

Im thinking of trying out tinder

24 but look young, get carded
Might as well try to fuck some 18-20 year olds

I am a manlet though so idk

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>Are you a chad
as far from it as you are.

Nice. How old are you and how old is she

Doubtful, considering you're a normalfag.

not really. i feel pretty bad about all this lifestyle. im thinking about becoming a true volcel.
both 23.

Don't drop the ball jonah

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I bought a selfie stick tripod to take pictures and its been in its box since March

I think I'm gonna open it up and go to different places and take pictures to make it look like I do shit

Might as well try

What are your stats

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Why? She literally invited you into her home and you fucked her. Was she ugly? Gross?

i wanna say
>wow what a faggot
but this is actually the way to go

>Was she ugly?
physically, no. but i just cannot get over the fact that she was willing to be choked and fucked by a person she had just met. and i feel bad for doing it.

Oh yeah you're a romantic like me. The sooner you group girls into the short term and long term relationship the better.

I need to get on tinder I have a trans fwb that just worships my cock but I want some poonani every so often

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Girls will go through great lenghts to please you if they are infatuated, I actually enjoy choking, it feels great and it's something very releasing for me. Last month, on our second date, I choked this girl in a public park (Not many people aroud, and we were out of sight), this girl kept asking me to be harder and harder, you wouldn't believe how wet she was either.

The whole thing disgusts me now, I enjoyed these things more with my ex, I got a fucked up personality and I have never had a first date where I didn't hold the girls hands, I get really close, they get infatuated, think I'm a good catch, then they wish to please me, at which point I completly lose interest and feel that the whole endevour has been completly and utterly apathic.

I'm not bragging here but women are just if not more hornier and sluttier than men

A month ago I discovered a subreddit focused on hookups and messaged a woman that had posted in my area, I sent pics of my body and was surprised when she actually replied back a couple days later

She wanted to meet up, I think she was a bit drunk too, I just asked her for pics because it was 3 in the morning on a weekday and I'm a 24 year old Doomer who still lives at home, she was kinda fat too but not grossly obese

The majority of female seeking male posts on there are from """""""""""bbws""""""""

I gave up with the reddit thing and am just gonna try to hook up with 18-20 year olds on tinder and bumble but I need good pictures

I'm the manlet that posted earlier though, I'm 5'8

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just go gay bro its way better

lol you're a pussy. all women want to be dominated and if you renege it means youre a genetically inferior beta bitch. women are dogs, wild animals. stop playing into this snow white bullshit you fucking airheaded zoomer

see again wow

why is it bad to want a women who's actually smart, not a retarded slut and can be loyal and nice? why is that so much to ask for nowadays wtf.

you'll be fine bro. but it is important you have decent pics (no selfies).
Also, i don't have solid evidence for this, but a non-generic bio could be helpful.
like i said, i am not even close to a chad and even i can get 50 matches and a bunch more likes.

because that doesn't exist you naive faggot. you were born in the wrong time. the sexual revolution has wiped all that out. it doesn't exist anymore. all women are whores who worship nigger culture now.

This. the only good relationship is between a man and another man.

more guys need to realize this. women are whores for black men. there shouldn't even be any other man who fucks women or has kids. everyone else has a happier life when they go gay.

no wtf you faggot, i rather be with a dumb slut than a man. honestly i just hope maybe in the near furture or next generation people would be less promiscuous and actually take relationships seriously, but oh well.

Fuck the next generation and fuck women. Male on male love is beautiful and the only way for you to find your true soul mate.

>next generation
>take relationships seriously
that would require white people to retake the cultural hegemony from NIGGERS and other shit colored people. its not gonna happen. go fuck hookers or get used to being alone fgt

Are you gay my friend ?

you people are insane, god i love this retarded board at times.

A qt white trap is what we need.

nice meme thats for porn only lmao

No jonah please dont drop it i love you i want you to cum all over me while i lick it up and shove a niggers dick in my ass. Oh my god fuck me with that nigger cock baby

if you were born in the early 90s you would've know how awesome and serene it was to only see WHITE faces on TV and WHITE music blaring from every car stereo on crisp summer friday evenings. you would enjoy living in your own country and feeling as though it was yours. don't tell me shit you zoomer faggeroni

>early 90s
first of all you are a faggot boomer. second of all, rap has been a core part of the culture since the 80s, and most modern western music started out as black music.

Shut the fuck up whiteboy you are just mad my nigger cock is going down jonahs throat while you suck black dick all day. You mad you get raped by niggers all day while I fuck a nigger all night?

>core part
you only know it as a "core" part because you don't have any other frame of reference. it used to be on the periphery because it was understood to be monkey trash that was poisonous for society. have fun fapping to your e-girlfriend faggot

>jonah's throat
lol uhhh what? so you're a nigger and a faggot?

retard go look at grammy winners in the early 90s

isn't your vision of white faces on TV your own frame of reference too? im sure if you lived in South central LA or something in the 90s you'd be hearing black music on the radio and seeing black faces on TV.

why am i trying to reason with an ignorant idiot on the internet i guess. i will not be checking this thread so don't bother responding.

>i watch the grammys by the way
kys immediately

>why am i trying to reason with an ignorant idiot on the internet i guess. i will not be checking this thread so don't bother responding.
bro youre the weakest person imaginable and you absolutely are reading this post right now

A lot of really intelligent girls I know are the most slutty ones, and the ones who want to be dominated hard the most. Especially the Asian girls who are sheltered their whole lives. Damn, they were WHORES in college.

T. Got straight a's my whole life, premed/bisci in college and had friends in same major