Watch closely, i will show you how to trigger the incel

watch closely, i will show you how to trigger the incel

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drop your address so i can beat the shit out of you. ive never seen a more pathetic attempt to appear like you're not just another goblina mutt faggot in a sea of beady eyed rodents. that tattoo is the dumbest shit ive ever seen and adds nothing to your generic spic appearance. go fuck yourself you attention whoring faggot

OK, I'm watching. Are you going to do anything?

nice shitty, spotty haired eyebrows too you fucking mutt faggot sack of shit. can't even get your fucking eyebrows on point

like poetry user, like poetry

Ayo, hurry up dawg, I ain't got all night.

>things that I'll never say irl

damn, OP is some kind of wizard

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>cool disinterested response
par for the course for a faggot with no personality so he has to mutilate his face with a stupid tattoo that looks like an unreal tournament team flag.

i mean you did play right into my hands, the smug response is warranted i think

well played OP
played like a fiddle

Damn, that is some 4d chess.

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OP delivered


Why are incels so mentally unstable?
Is it the lack of sex?

ive literally fucked dozens of girls you faggot but im a 28 year old loser who lives at home now so all i have is lashing out on Jow Forums to break the monotony.

LOL, take your fucking pills you psycho.

Take YOUR pills fucken poosy


The fuck is wrong with you faggot

Thanks for the chuckle Op


You really deserved this 2bh

samefag, can't believe you retards fall for this shit.

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nice attempt at damage control, have you calmed down yet?

Source on your pic OP? Does he post here?

imagine getting an unreal tournament team flag tattooed under your eye

Lol imagine being such a mental midget that you fall for the most obvious bait to ever be produced on this awful board.

Why are you even still in this thread?

How does a simple picture trigger an incel so much?


....................imagine getting an unreal tournament flag tattooed under your eye.

oh by the way


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*applause erupts in the unreal stadium*

you are an ugly mutt
t.femanon with taste

hi bernadette

cuz this board is riddled with fags and we dont like to be reminded of their existence with them breaking the roolz by posting their attention whore fag faces.

You dumb fucking cretin, you fucking fool, absolute fucking buffoon, you bumbling idiot, Fuck you

I dont like them either but it was totally worth it just this once to see you get BTFO

LOL found the gamer