Australia sucks for robots. Everyone here is either a mega Chad or a mega Stacey...

Australia sucks for robots. Everyone here is either a mega Chad or a mega Stacey. I'm finding it difficult to find people into niche stuff or that are interesting. I miss my ex.

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Aussie here. What are you into OP?

Plenty of sub-Chads and Staceys in the education field.

I think those sorts tend to hide away in their little groups, hard to find.

>I miss my ex.
fuck off normalnigger

lol nah, it's full of ugly fat bogans

Also give examples of your 'niche stuff' so people can help you find someone.

Typical geek into video games but I love experimental music and am doing computer science. Any sort of art form that you can tell the artist really put their heart into is really fascinating to me.

can confirm. even most people in the middle of the social hierarchy are extremely extroverted here. being even mildly introverted and withdrawn is ridiculed intensely here. I belong in finland

You in Brisbane?

Lots of people like video games. Are you doing CS at Uni? Are there really no one like yourself there?

any melb bots?

>has an ex

Australia is in the top 20 best. It's like complaining you don't live in Germany when you live in the USA. It's all varying levels of dogshit if you're a maverick, you dumb ass normalfaggot. It's like you wish you were in [insert uk nation] rather than the basic same thing. They're all in the top 20. Yours is okay. You've proven it to be even by admitting you have a fucking ex.

>>niche stuff
have you even tried finding people with the same interests ?

It's rare that I come across others that share my interests, just drink/get high, you'll get along with any cunt

From New South Wales

Yeah doing it at uni but most of the students don't speak English that well and there are basically no women. A couple of the guys have been cool though. I guess I don't mention the video game stuff as much to people but I do play them a lot.

>New South Wales
Same, senpai, what general area?

If you're in regional NSW you pretty much get to choose between tradies, bogans and junkies. Newcastle (the heart of it, anyway) seems to have a bit of a mix so you could try there.

South of Sydney near Wollongong. People aren't too bad but I don't really vibe with anyone. It's social suicide to not watch footy to a lot of guys.

Oof, a bit far. If I had a car it would be doable on occasion.
Yeah, don't really understand the appeal of watching other people play sports and footy fans tend to be dicks.
Maybe try central Sydney, that seems like the sort of place you'd find 'nerdier' people if you look hard enough.

Just go overseas and use your accent to charm the girls m8

Girl I work with from Norway keeps talking up how much I'd like it there because she basically paints it as robot heaven, the anti-australia. Thinking about making a trip there to check it out.

Yeah that's fair, just need to find a way to go out and meet them.

Getting along with people isn't the issue, it's finding a connection.

It sounds like you have the same problem I do. My conclusion is I need to be more open with people.

>fit, very strong, did well in rugby and afl but didn't enjoy teammates or culture so quit both
>went to sandstone uni, finished degree
>got a "good" job with status, makes me feel miserable and can't stand fake chad/stacey co-workers talking non stop about footy and going to croatia/santorini 24/7
>have gone on holidays to europe, didn't enjoy it
>went to parties and the movies, all that normie shit, didn't enjoy it

just bored desu, im at my happiest when I was doing nothing in high school and during Uni break. I literally take 1 week blocks off work every few months to just be a NEET at home, heading outside maybe once the entire week to get more food.

I can't afford a house, politics is fucked, I just want to stay at home and play video games all day, maybe I should just try to retire soon and live in a s shipping container

I think I'm too open to be honest. I like to over share which leads to people just not really wanting to get to know me more.

My thoughts exactly, areas like Argentina, UK, Sweden, areas of the US, and Canada all seem like robot friendly places somehow but I can't but my finger on it. Australia on the other hand from what I've seen is full of those party going chads and people who love the outdoors, sports, and being very extroverted. Plus you guys seem to be always jovial or friendly to everyone you meet. I think it's just the culture you all have down there.

I do the same, I'm trying to learn to spare people the details. I think that's what lead to my reputation as a bad storyteller since I often go off on tangents and assume people want to know everything.

>dude AFL lmao haha grab the footy good mark!

I live in Sydney and I feel like a fucking foreigner. I haven't met someone my age who wasn't a fob or 1st gen in so long and even the whites here are typically south Africans and Brits. My only friends are Queenslanders but I can't afford to move there so I am stuck alone surrounded by lesser beings

melb bot here. hows it going friend

If you can afford to move to Wollongong, I'd recommend it

I'm from gong too. Where in the gong you at?

Australia r9k chat here:
discord gg/zhr39dN

no niggers allowed

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What australia do you live in?

NSW my man. It's alright

I was living near the fire station in Central a few months ago, but I had to temporarily leave. Coming back at the end of October, will be moving into a house nearish the botanical gardens

Don't come to Newcastle. Ice junkies errywhere

If I move to NSW will you be my friend?

not tripsfag but I will

I already live pretty close, used to go their for TAFE. Honestly, junkies don't phase me too much since I grew up in a government housing town with such characters.

yeah, junkies aren't too much of a problem unless they get into your house high or in withdrawal

they make /nightwalks/ hard though

Hey Fug

Okay. I'm going to apply for jobs based in Sydney.

Anyone else just want to end it.

Ha, had one sneak into my house when we were home that stole my dad's wallet. Junkies don't give a fuck.

At least we don't have to deal with African gangs like they do in Melbourne. Newcastle is probably one of the best cities in the country.

I do, but I don't want to miss new anime and games. Bannerlord and Cyberpunk 2077 are out in March. Though I've been finding decreasing amounts of enjoyment in my hobbies, so maybe my time will come soon.

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There's niggers in Australia now too? Fuck.

Our conservative government keeps letting them in

There's always been. Haven't you heard of aboriginals?

Sometimes. But right now I'm feeling fucking fantastic and full of hope. I wonder if I'll crash later.

I used to be suicidal but the meds help with that. I'm really lonely though and want a gf (as if thats anything new)

where can i find reclusive girls in aus bros

In their homes, like all reclusives. Good luck finding one out in the wild.

In their rooms, on the internet and inside Centrelink

Nah, they'll do centrelink online.

Centrelink app is so trash that half of the features don't work and require you to contact a human to actually make the change to your account for you

>not being a bottomboi
>not using Grindr
>not getting TOPPED

I work at centerlink and have to fix half the problems caused by the app. It's fucking horrendous.

I just came back from Norway. It's incredibly beautiful. You can go hiking in the mountains to get away from everything, but even Oslo is peaceful compared to other big cities. And the weather is comfy af. It doesn't get too hot or too cold and rains often.

I thought it was just me who dealt with that, figured everyone else had it easier. I'm glad I'm off it and have a job because it's such a god damn hassle.

Thanks man, had a lot of Centrelink people just tell me they can't help me and to "wait for it to be fixed", which of course never happens. Always end up having to come back an hour later and hope I get someone who'll at least try to do their job.

Sorry for all the shit you probably get by people who can't fathom that you aren't personally responsible for it.

Nah I totally get where they come from and as long as I tell them how we're going to fix it they're pretty nice. I had one older lady not able to sign up for a mygov account. She talked to about 3 different people at centerlink who actually escalated it to a fucking IT team. Turns out the emails were going to her spam box. After that it all went smoothly. I have much more disdain for the people I work with than the customers because most of them are doing it tough already.

Fuck the mums who earn over 100k and bitch that they don't get family payments though. That pisses me off.

I hope you're not here because you're sad, lonely or a robot, because you seem like a good person who doesn't deserve that.

I've got mental health issues (ADHD and Bipolar) that make shit pretty tough and I feel for a lot of people on here. It's gotten a lot worse lately but I still hang around to chat with like minded people. also tfw no gf lol.

you should say no chinks. they are taking over.

>complaining about chads and stacies
>I miss my ex
hey buddy, did you know that you should fuck yourself?

how difficult is it to get on disability? is it as bad as being a jobseeker where you had to go almost everyday to keep receiving payments?

Unfortunately DSP is very hard to get onto, despite what people who have no idea what they're talking about will spout. They keep tightening the requirements and denying pretty much everyone first go in the hopes they won't appeal or reapply. With mental illnesses for example, they pretty much won't give you DSP unless you've been treated for a minimum of 2 years with a psychiatrist, regardless of your symptoms. I've known people with severe schizophrenia or profound physical disabilities that can't get on DSP even after years of documented treatment or medical reports.

People that got on DSP pre-2013 or managed to slip through are constantly being kicked off for lesser conditions also. You used to be able to get out of all the jobseeker mutual obligation stuff with medical certificates but now Centrelink usually will only accept a max of 2 certificates (so a total of 3 to 6 months off) and they now also like to not even accept the medical certificates from your doctor.

If you're still on regular newstart with a regular jobactive provider if you get a medical certificate you may be able to get moved to a Disabiltiy Employment Services provider that are much less strict, but you'll still be on newstart and not DSP.

>tfw turned 26 yesterday
>tfw never had sex or a GF
though i can accept why, as I dont go out or socialize. im pretty quiet / robotic personality. all i do is work, play vidya, gym and run.