Just be stoic. It solves ALL your problems in life. It's literally that easy

Just be stoic. It solves ALL your problems in life. It's literally that easy.

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I am trying to each myself to feel emotions again. I used to suppress all my feelings in an attempt to protect me from my feelings. Feeling bad was too much for me. Anyway I got rid of my feelings after years of this. I have retrain myself. I want to feel like me again.

I don't have that many feelings. And all the ones that I have are bad. It's a real bother. Being emotional is mostly bad.

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My biggest issue is I can't bond with people. It makes hanging out with people boring. Like I can't just relax and let go like everyone else.

Holds me back from a lot of stuff I want. I wish I could start feeling around people again.

Thats because you have autism orgigorgi


I don't even want to bond with people. I just want to be alone, but somehow still get the benefits of a relationship. It's impossible.
What do you mean? I never left.

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>Like I can't just relax and let go like everyone else.
Fuck I have the same issue. Drinking used to help but now my feels became steel. I can't enjoy the moment.

Isn't autisms main trait the inability to tell apart social cues?


>Fuck I have the same issue. Drinking used to help but now my feels became steel. I can't enjoy the moment.
drinking sorta worked for me but I became reliant on it in controlling my depression. Had to stop drinking.

>NEET tranny telling people how to live


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I tried, but I'm a coward, user.
When are you gonna start streaming? I'll donate as long as you promise to not spend it on useless shit. Don't want your daughter to grow up in complete misery.

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You forfeited your life to myself as I decide how to make you suffer

Stoicism is so retarded though

"Pain isn't good or bad bro it just is"

What the fuck pain is bad you pseud pieces of shit.

Autists aren't unemotional by nature.

You're going to suffer regardless so why stress over it? If you can change your situation, do it. If you can't just let it happen.

Hey subscribe and donate now. For my daughter! Or i wont have diapers for her.

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>tfw no wow classic playing bf

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No it doesn't. It just delays them and makes them worse when you can no longer avoid them.

I want to give Aiste a hug

Shut the fuck up. Queerboy.

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I want to shoot Aiste in the face and leave his body in a trashbag on the side of the highway.

its 2019
get over it
its ok to be gay

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People like only waste it on something useless. Mom says that being poor is a state of mind.
>stoicism means avoiding problems
Quite the opposite.
I used to give out a lot of virtual hugs back in the day.
No hugs for you, unless you apologize within 10 minutes.

>forgot avatar
FUCK. It's like waking around the house naked. Which is something that I do.

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Yeah, I'd probably waste your donations on an upgrade to my 370z.

MUSH fag

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in this trash thread, an enthusiast with taste was spotted

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>Driving any Nissan
Utterly mongoloided

Why are you like this? I thought Asians were smart.

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>prius fag trying to flex

I am smart. You only live once.

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Why make fun of me for being a NEET then? It's not like you enjoy flipping burgers.

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>>prius fag trying to flex
Actually ill have you know, I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid.

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You are a NEET yet is restricted on doing anything. All you do is lust after boys like a retard instead of enjoying your life. You pop pills and do literally nothing while judging people who lived a little.

You are not God. You're not my dad or my boss.

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A typical response from a 370z'er

>MUSH fag
thats a new word
can you explain that for me?

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I'm not restricted. I just have no desire to "contribute". I only judge you people because you act always shame us neets. I'm living more than you are, because I don't let society's expectations weigh on me.

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MUSH queer.

All im saying is you dont so shit but just sit on your ass and judge people. Hell if I was a NEET like i was 10 years ago, id be kayaking or fishing or have some kind of hobby. But you're a tranny who just shitposts. What a incel loser lmao

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lmao typical neetoid cope
>y-you do it due to societal expectations
>i-i am a free man! i own my time!!!!
>proceeds to waste his day shitposting whining about his uncertain future and lack of self esteem product of failure to meet his family expectations (by extension societys expectations)

>if I was a NEET like i was 10 years ago, id be kayaking or fishing or have some kind of hobby
So did you when you were a NEET 10 years ago?
The difference is I choose to do what I do, meanwhile you wagies do all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify your bondage all while judging neets for their lifestyle. I'd have no issue with you people had you not invaded this space to harass neets. Go share baby pictures on Facebook or whatever it is that wagies do.

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>tfw no dick to suck

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>not original

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this is a no gay zone tomo-poster

Boylust is always allowed and welcome in my threads.

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Fuck anime
Fuck OP
Fuck niggers

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>I choose
no shit. yet what you can actually choose and follow is extremely limited. theres a reason most neets congregate in places like Jow Forums. not only financial constraints (can you travel the world right now? can you buy a non 20yo shitbox? can you even drive) but also unironical social anxiety are things that *force* you to be a neet, but also complete lack of ambition and a spine

basically youre a neet out of circumstances, not choice and are doing exactly the same youre accusing me of. those who can work well paying jobs, quit for a few months/years to follow their passions then rejoin the workforce at will are the true patricians. freedom? you dont know freedom fag. if your meaning of freedom is uwu i can sleep whenever i want! but i can hardly leave my home! by all means keep being "free".

>hurr durr you can only be happy if you go outside and do normafag stuff
Unironically kys. Yes. Being able to sleep as much as I want is exactly what I want. And I simply don't want to leave home. There's literally nothing great out there. I don't want to interact with people in real life. It doesn't make me happy? Why should I do it then? I can afford to travel, but why the fuck do you think that's what people are supposed to do? It's not enjoyable at all. I don't want to go to some beach far away just to prove I'm content with life, because I sure as hell wouldn't be. Fuck off with your retarded notion of happiness.

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>can you travel the world right now? can you buy a non 20yo shitbox? can you even drive?

Not her, but yes, yes and yes. Being a NEET I wouldn't enjoy traveling though. Spending any more than half a day from the comfort of home is awful, but there are no financial constraints preventing me from flying to Ibiza or New Zealand a few times a year if that's what I wanted.

>Being able to sleep as much as I want is exactly what I want.
yikers. thats some epic cope right there. thanks for proving my point. you cannot even stay awake for fucks sake. imagine that, having all the free time in the world yet being sick because youre not capable of taking care of yourself. some real motherfucking freedom right there. you say you can afford it, *can* you do it though? or has your misanthropy reached the point you cannot bear the sight of another human while desperately seeking connecting with people online (were you a true hermit you wouldnt spend the day here). thats what im getting at. neetdom rots your brain, the possiblites of what you can do shrink by the day. and i said nothing of happiness nor getting in line with what society expects of you but rather truly being able to do what you want without having to come up with pathetic excuses hurr durr the world sucks. if taking retarded selfies to post on instagram is all you got from my post that says more about your mindset than mine. i dunno theres a lot of great /out/ stuff you do, maybe form a music band with some mates. *create* instead of passively consuming like most neets, like whats the most you can create from your room anyway?

just for the record i was a neet for many years, believe me the fun wears off quickly. ask any long term neet how the feel and theyll all say its basically living in a prison. your room. 4 walls.

>inb4 nice projection
likewise, bet you havent been a neet for longer than 5 years, fag. bet you can only work min wage jobs too

rich parents or self-made?

I was fishing, kayaking, gambling, marathoned animes and manga, mmos. I had hella time to spend. Then i got a job.


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the only board that is gayer than Jow Forums is /v/

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Stoicism is not about bottling your emotions, that's both unhealthy and wrong. Stoicism is about understanding that nothing can hurt the soul but yourself. it's about knowing that all external events are indifferent and it's just your view on them which causes pain.

Like death. Death is natural and normal and everything undergoes it. So it really is just an indifferent event, it's not evil nor good. It's just what it is. We humans view death as bad and evil, that's why death is a sad event. Not because death itself is bad, but because we view death as bad.

Stoicism is about understanding that you don't have control over those events, and that you should just be happy. There's nothing you can do about death. You can't control the external world, but you can control yourself.

>I was fishing, kayaking, gambling, marathoned animes and manga, mmos. I had hella time to spend. Then i got a job.
a life well lived. were you forced to get a job?

Actually, no. I work to past the time. I'm working in a field where its easy as fuck. All i have to do is boss people around. Sure I don't have time to do outdoors shit but I have my 370z, my new gaming pc and life with wifey and daughter to enjoy with. You can say this job is just to kill time.

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What's the cope here? I've already told you I don't enjoy going outside to interact with people. I don't like people in real life. I do like going outside for a walk and not meeting anyone though. Why should I waste my time doing something I have no desire to do for the sake of being seen as normal (or whatever your'e getting at). Yes I do prefer talking to people online, because that's a completely different experience. Why do wagies insist that I need to do things? I'm sure I know what I want better than you do.
>*create* instead of passively consuming like most neets, like whats the most you can create from your room anyway?
Shut up. Most people never create anything. Don't try this artsy pseudo-philosophical bullshit on me.
Since when is making money = killing time? You always complain about your job.

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I don't hate my job, i only complain about customers. Most of my customer base is... retarded.

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>or whatever your'e getting at
why do you insist im saying this to appear normal to others or some fake gay happiness? i already said its about being capable, of having true freedom of choice like the post above yours. i initially called you out on the phrase "I choose" as if you really have a choice. because in my experience most neets, if not all long term neets are pretty miserable precisely because they dont have a choice. forever stuck in their 4 wall prisons, hell even stuck Jow Forums as an extension of that prison. barely any hobbies besides animu/vidya. even if theyre well off this prolonged isolation did things to their brains, and they too "choose" to isolate themselves at first. but in reality it looks to me more like letting the problem get worse until it ends in suicide.

so im not exactly saying you need to do things. im just questioning your asseveration that you do this out of choice, thats all. if you really do then great for you, but only you know whats true and whats cope.

>talking to people online
so you dont hate people at all hmm

whats pseudo about it? i didnt talk about art in particular anyway. most people may not create but surely they have some drive in them to try, being incompetent is another thing. by create i meant in short acting on the world, not be an eternal expectator. why did you make this thread? to try helping anons i guess, theres a drive in you to force your will on the world. imagine what you would be capable of if you somehow had a wider reach perhaps through music or hell even funding a neet retreat as hilarious as that sounds because ive seen the idea thrown around often, but it still counts.

Why do you insist that I am not smart for spending my money on shit I want while you sit back and talk shit while you're not doing anything besides "MEANINGFUL INTERACTIONS XD"? I enjoy my life so dont try to hate. Yea sure I'm stressing out about my future child but hey who cares? I'm living it.

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You said you work to kill time. Does that mean you have some other source of income that'd allow you to be a neet?

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>kill time
>make a little bread
Two stones, my son.

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I was making passive income when I was a NEET. That shit was boring and could have landed me in jail.

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No pain, no gain, no happiness or sadness. Just seek happiness, and if you fail die trying. Ask god for help.

How is being a NEET not a choice? I could go to school or work if I wanted to do that. In fact I'm technically in school right now, I just don't go to any classes. I never really enjoyed anything out there. As long as I have something to read and can go outside for a walk, that's really all I need in life. I have no grandiose desires. I never did.
>I'm stressing out about my future child but hey who cares?
You're the only one who should care I suppose. I mean, you were the one who complained about it in the first place. I simply don't create any financial obligations that I couldn't afford. So I don't stress over it. I think that's a bit smarter.

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>I could go to school or work if I wanted to do that.
eh, i can only take your word for it now but im still skeptical for reasons ive mentioned in my previous post

so thats all you gonna do in life? walk and read? thats sad. im one to talk though but i havent give up on life yet. im not asking you to do some "normalfag bullshit" by the way, just *do* something that you truly enjoy, some fucking variety, but if walking and reading is what you really want (and not the product of a previous limitation) by all means keep doing it. for your own good i hope you keep this mindset 10 years down the line.

also stop bashing wagies, believe it or not some do it out of choice, and some envy neets to an extent. come to think of it i think the longer you go down either path the harder it seems to get away from it, funny how that works its almost like doing something for extended periods of time makes you incapable of doing anything else.

>rich parents or self-made

Neither. I receive autismbux. The advantage of taking pleasure in mundane activities like I do is that you don't need much stuff, so any income, however small, makes you feel quite rich. I actively save $380/month, but on top of that I tend to have $6-700 in unspent cash on my checking account by the end of each month. Between January 2017 and now, $21,000 have just sort of accumilated in disposable income.

It's kind of ludicrous, but I can't just call the NEETbux center and ask for less money.