Dear robots. This is what my "bush" looks like. Are you disgusted?

Dear robots. This is what my "bush" looks like. Are you disgusted?

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jesus christ, what a cute pussy.

Gunna fucking puke desu

post dick or gfto

Just shut up and show us your cock, faggot

ill need to see the rest to know for sure

get the fuck off Jow Forums May

it's cute
i want to see armpits

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that looks like an entire bush to me virgin. you think she has pubes on her inner thighs or something?

Why would I feel disgusted by it, I absolutely prefer that kind of bush.

cute. show your butt, please? I mean, if you can show bush, you can sure as heck show butt, right?

youre the virgin if you didnt get my posts meaning

Am i seeing things or can you guys not see the top part of a clits hoodie?

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Well, I guess that kind of makes some sense. And you were very nice about it. So sure.

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god, i want to watch you take a shit.

there is clearly a cock tucked in there.

l won't be fooled.

Mm I'd love to watch you take a shit while I stick my tongue out and feel every single crack and crevasse on it

The only solution to this conundrum is for OP to post it's hands, palms facing the camera, then and only then will i be able to tell wether there's a cock or a pussy under there, make sure the wrists are in the picture. If there's a dick there, that's some mastermind picture taking.

post armpits please!!!!!

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Or.....she could post her pussy

i like your belly button.
The area from bellybutton to pubis, is the part i like the most of the human body, i can spend a long time just kissing and playing with that area.
Yours is cute. And how you push down your shorts is really hot.
Good pic.

If that's a pussy we're looking at, my intuition tells me the OP is a man posting pictures of a pussy and butt that was sent to him by a girl with a very cute tummy and pussy, but ambiguously androgynous hands. If that's a tucked away cock under there, then the OP is a discord fag that was blackmailed and now his nudes are being leaked on here to taunt him and warn him that more might be revealed if he doesn't comply.
I've seen this thread too many times.

shoe on head with tits is the only answer

ugly belly button. what's your ethnicity

Cute original pussy.

>Are you disgusted?
not even a little

white/irish. Whats wrong with my belly button?

>Whats wrong with my belly button
i cant put my finger in it

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ok this is literally the perfect body

show tits? pretty please?

I don't care if you have a dick or a pussy, either works for me, but can we get a timestamp

post more or source pls

I am jerking off ro your image by the way.

he's an honest man

ding dong diddly bout to throw the fuck up

I want to see ops nipples. She's a Qt, I hope she has large areolas

Not bad if you're not LARPing. Would molest in the shower, but in a fun way.

Show more pussy

can i hold your hand please?

yes because it's not thick enough