Came during the gyno visit again

>came during the gyno visit again

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How is that even possible lad, this has to be bait.

im touch deprived and he kept touching sensitive spots

Did he say anything? Was it obvious that it happened?

Only thing close to this for men would be cumming during a prostate exam

>thinking is is uncommon

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Im shocked, I wasnt expecting anyone to take it seriously. I actually wanted to vent because im still very embarrassed about it. I dont know if he noticed, I barely jerked my hips. Maybe its obvious if you are looking at the vagina but I honestly dont know. In any case im not sure I want to return with the same gynecologist. This happened to me too years ago and it was the same guy. I have the feeling he purposefully tries to tease me, but it might be that im too sensitive.

I dont feel raped or anything so dont start with that shit, just slightly humiliated.

How long was he touching you?

this is why I've never gone to a gyno appointment in my life. my mom tried to schedule one for me once and I just refused to go. I would rather die of cancer than have a doctor examine my vagina or touch me at all

I'm not sexually active apart from getting raped once 5 years ago. but they wore condoms and I took plan B afterwards so hopefully it's fine and I can just go the rest of my life without ever having to see a gynecologist

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Hooooo boi yikes

I'm not judging, but how do you orgasm from what is like a 5 second pressing in there? Have you ever been to someone else? Or does this regularly happen to you? I worked at an all female OBGYN and have had checkups once a year and have had 3 different (female) doctors and have never been close to having this happen. Is he super hot or something??

kek have fun smelling like tuna and infecting every guy who rapes you in the future (you are going to get raped again dont worry)

Im honestly kinda concerned here because he took like 10 minutes. Maybe im exaggerating but at LEAST it was 7 minutes of touching.

I also cum quickly when I masturbate so I wouldnt know.

not if I simply don't go outside ever again

I'm pretty sure he did it to you on purpose, user. That's not normal

Is this why there's a startlingly low number of female gynos in the profession?

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Not Op this is my post
But when I have gone to the gyno this is what happens when they use their fingers in me. I have my feet in stirrups, on my back. They lube up with gloves, take 2 fingers together (side by side) insert in my pussy. She presses on the top, in twice, like if you're checking a pulse but push in twice in quick succession, then repeat on left, right, and bottom wall. It is about 8 presses, done quickly, and she pulls her fingers out. No matter who I've seen it has always been exactly this. So if your experience is wildly different, maybe he really is just taking the opportunity to play with your cunt.

what would you do if the doc wiped out his dick

LMAO YOU GOT RAPED, this is a troll post no woman is this retarded

No I didnt and I dont feel like trusting fucking r9k about whether I got raped or not.


ill go to bed to consider this.

I wrote my experience down there in detail, but the internal finger pressing only takes about 5 Mississippi in total of time. Prior to this all the doctors have done a similar thing to my breasts, having my arms placed above my head while they take two fingers to massage in tiny circles from my nipple outward to the outer area of my breast. This takes a similar amount of time.

Next they put the speculum in so it holds my buddy open/apart, then they take a long qtip like swab (around a foot long? Maybe 8" ??) And swab the cervix quickly, which hurts,and sometimes makes me bleed. Sometimes they ask for urine for birth control reasons. This has always been my exact experience over the course of years and different females at the practice I worked at. I once went to a different practice after I moved, and it was still the same process.

I think he likes to touch you. I don't know how you feel about that, that's up to you. If hes hot, maybe it's flattering? But it's your decision obviously. I'm sure it you feel weird about it, there is things that could be done. But if you like it, maybe schedule another appointment? I hope he's not doing this to underage girls, because I've seen lots of 14 year olds and up, make regular appointments, not to mention the pregnant ones. My mom made me go at 14....and lots go for their first birth control.

>he wore a condom
>i was raped
Yeah, sure user. What kind of rapist puts a condom on before raping someone? The kind where you have consensual sex with someone and you decide after the act it was rape because you were uncomfortable while it was happening?

I only wrote it out in detail so you could make the decision whether or not it is inappropriate. I'm pretty sure how it was in my experience was as close to normal as you will get, so I hope it helps!! Don't feel embarssed, I recently had a horribly embarrassing experience at a walk in clinic and I don't think I will ever be able to think about it and not internally cringe. At least your experience might have been because he was trying to make it happen....

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I wonder if I'll cum when I get my first prostate exam
I nearly coomed at the chiropractor though. something about that forceful snap they do with your spine feels so pleasurable that I'm pretty sure some precum leaked out. I felt really fucking weird too since the chiropractor was a dude

my rapist wore a condom. and it was real rape not bullshit

Kek I remember your before thread

Whew is there a correlation between being a fembot and having been raped?

The kind that doesn't want to leave DNA evidence?

ITT: It's not rape if they were jew approved.

how ?? orgi

so you be sayin you were in a situation similar to being taken hostage at knifepoint? drugged? didnt pull out after being told no(stretching it)?

Hey, I'm really curious about your situation and story. I'm also pretty fucking depressed right now and could use somebody to talk to.

Is there any chance I can chat with you on Discord or something?

Look at these women thinking they got raped by a guy wearing a condom. What a joke.

This is fucking dumb. Just get a female gyno if you have a problem with male ones. Who cares if you cum, they already know they are touching sensitive spots of your body.

>What kind of rapist puts a condom on before raping someone?
a smart one, obviously

joking about rape is a big cringe bro

>i went to slut party and got shitfaced because no responsibility
>made out and had consensual sex with some random party fag
>wake up in the morning: that was rape
>"drunk me is not me!!!"
the guy wore a condom

I said "they" because there was more than one of them. And they wore condoms (which they changed) because they were switching between holes.
The gyno being female wouldn't make it any better. The thought of being touched there by another human being makes me want to die. I'm fine with dying of undetected cervical cancer or some shit, you're the one being a weird faggot about my choices.
I don't have any other social media and I don't use any instant messaging apps. Sorry.

Also sorry to the OP for derailing the thread. I'm pretty sure that that doctor did it on purpose and you should stop seeing him. You could complain to the hospital he works at maybe? You might not be the only person he does this stuff to.

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Sounds like you need to see a trauma therapist. Look into EMDR. That shit did miracles for my PTSD stemming from sexual assault when I was a kid.

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>what ever happened to tits or gtfo?
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I can't believe people are legitimately falling for this level of larp.

Only two viable explanations, you are either underage or you are so desperate for smut that you go along with trannies' erotica drivel.

Did you know them? The condom switching is pretty considerate for rapists. They didn't want you to get a uti or bacterial infection, but didn't mind raping you??


Can you please answer this ? Thanks :) and not judging

Don't want to get her pregnant or leave semen behind for evidence. Not hard to figure out.


r9k was invaded years ago

I bet you dumb whore instandly spread your legs when Dr. Chad walked in the room. he didn't even have to touch your roastbeef flabs and you already came, nasty ass

Whether or not this is real I have no idea, but whatever the case rape is a terrible fucked up crime (condom or not), i hope the person who did it you was found and punished to the fullest extend of the law and you got help and support through that difficult time.

>7-10 minutes at a gyno

OP you got molested

You wanna be the moron to get a stds from someone you raped?

tits or gtfo is for people unnecessarily injecting being female into conversation. In this thread they're literally talking about the procedure for gyno visits, obviously anything can be a larp but this is surely an odd kind of attention to want