Where are my /sperg/ bros?

Where are my /sperg/ bros?
do you feel good having an autistic spectrum?

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I had a hurtful and confusing childhood not understanding why I couldn't figure out how to socialize like everyone else. Now that I am an adult, i finally learned healthy social habits, but it took so long I feel like I missed out a lot on life.

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no i do not feel good about subhuman.
>learned healthy social habits
good for you, that feels impossible for me

It's been an uphill fucking battle. Just never stop trying and you'll make a breakthrough eventually. I just tell other people I was a "late bloomer."

I feel sad yet superior to others.

I'm not sure wtf I am
I was diagnosed with autism as a young kid but had psychotic periods as a teen and most recently was diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder as a young adult
my identity feels very confusing and inconsistent and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to square these circles

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Feels very, very not good

not diagnosed but I highly suspect, especially when I look back at my childhood

>autism ruined my life and any chance of being happy
Feels pretty not good desu. I am learning to accept it better as I got older, and just trying to make the most out of the shitty hand I got.

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eh. I learned how to fit in well enough but that just meant that people expected me to behave like a normal functioning person which made me more socially anxious. I spent years trying to larp as a normalfag, fake it til I made it. but I could never get over the feeling of being on the outside looking in.

>tfw no boss loli sister

yea haha i feel great about feeling like a retard ever since i gained consciousness haha

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It would have been fine if they were better at detecting ASD/aspergers.
I went for almost the first 20 years of my life just thinking I was "weird".
Even my own family gave me shit for it, I was not a happy child.

I'm fine with it now, in the same way I guy with no legs is fine with it.
Sucks, but I know my limitations and work around them.

Getting diagnosed early isn't plainly better like you might think. I was diagnosed RIGHT fucking away and the label was a stigma over my head. By the time I hit grade 5 I started getting angry that all my teachers were told that I was autistic because I got sick and tired of being singled out with special treatment. The label is a stigma hanging over my head.

The only real nice part is the gibs.

P.S. lot of pussies in this thread. The issue with autism is the haters. The autism itself is fine.

Also user if you think being offically disabled means you don't get made fun of you're wrong. Some people will make fun of you more, some will make fun of you less.

I learned sociopathy. Feels bad man.

My issue was more with the pain that came from the constant disappointment of being unable to live up to the standards of "normal" and having no idea why.
It was a never-ending source of frustration and sorrow.
My family would talk about me to my face like I wasn't fucking there.
"Do you think he'll ever stop acting like this?" "When is he going to have any friends?" While I'm in the room.

If I at least knew I had a disorder, I could learn about it and talk to others who are afflicted by it.
I was just the weird creature with unexplainable behavior that everyone wished wasn't born.

I mean that's just narcissistic abuse and anybody who would do that to a normal kid would do it to a disabled kid.

Honestly, I think the label of high functioning autism is retarded and just needs to be thrown out. It makes sense to label someone who is schizophrenic, it makes sense to label sociopaths, it makes sense to label narcissists... but like, really, I need a fucking "disorder" label just because I've seen every Star Trek series 4+ times each, and love anime and science and shit? Like, come on. I just want to throw away the shit labels of Asperger's/high functioning autistic and call us what we truly are, fucking weird fucks. Weird-os, queer, strange, odd, dumbass, retard, etc, like jesus am I the only one who thinks the idea of high functioning autism is retarded? Everybody just seems to roll over and accept the label like there's something horribly wrong with them. We catch up with NTs socially in our mid to late 20s if we try hard, and I don't see anything wrong with that. We just trade social ability for other skills, does that mean NTs have a disorder because we're smarter than they are? I swear guys, when we're all in our 50s/60s this shit will be thrown out of psychology for good, or at the very least be considered way more mild than it is today. Unless you're low functioning, you don't have a true disorder, you're just a weird fuck.

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Nah you're fairly woke and I feel the same way.

Calling "high functioning autism" a "disability" is a meme when it causes greater abilities in other ways.

This thread is actual trash, this subreddit is fucked

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Also do understand how I rejected the label like you did.

However it followed me around. Rumours. Family telling people. Word getting around. Then I had coworkers using it against me. Saying abusive things to me when nobody was around.

I've been trying to escape the label for over 15 years and I've never succeeded. At some point I feel like I need to grow up and realise this is just how everybody will think of me even if it is a meme. If you ignore the label and look into the research you can get some insights into how your mind might work differently and how to optimize things better.

Glad to see others feel similarly.
That sucks, man, it truly does. I feel for you. However, even if you weren't labeled as autistic, you would have just been stuck with some other label that would have followed you around just as bad. My being female, it was never considered a possibility that I had asperger's until fairly recently, so I was slapped with false issues like anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar, etc. People will judge others harshly regardless of the given labels, I mean, even without labels, people will still bully you because they simply perceive you as being different "in a bad way."

Totally agree on the research, when I was finally diagnosed, I read hundreds of posts by other aspies (both male and females) and a lot of things made so much more sense. I just really dislike the "disability" meme, it's absurdly stupid, and I feel like it's harmful to young impressionable spergs. They get told there's something so horribly wrong with them, that they're disabled etc, their entire lives, whenever they're really capable of everything NTs can do and more. There's no way that doesn't fuck with people and impede them, teenagers in particular.

>do you feel good having an autistic spectrum?
FUCK NO! everyone walked all over me at my job and I got really stressed but couldn't tell anyone, had to go twice to the doctor because of panic attacks, manager refused to do any of the shit instructed by the doctor to do, treated like shit by new guy and asked to do jobs that aren't mine and eventually they out right refused to hire a dish washer to wash the dishes, so then I had to wash my own pots and a second set of pots, clean everyone's fucking mess up do the sandwhiches the prep and anyfucking thing else anyone ever fucking wanted but can't say anything because autism so I have a silent panic attack and quit.

Now I'm alone with bills to pay and panicking about not finding another job I may have to sell everything I own in the coming months.

T-thanks autism

this holy fuck.


>tfw freshmen english teacher announced to the whole class that i had Aspergers because i interrupted somebody and she felt the need to apologize for me.

the entire reason i was looking forward to high school back then is because i was always assigned a "helper" every year that did nothing but just hang around because i didn't need one. every one knew i was "that kid with the aide" and "the kid with autism" because they were all told i had autism BECAUSE THEY WERE CURIOUS ABOUT THE ASSISTANT TEACHER FOLLOWING ME AROUND. if it weren't for the walking talking, useless sign that i had an official disorder i would just be known as "a little odd" and nothing else. i was hoping to escape all of that in high school. finally, i would be free of the unbelievable social curse that is being lumped in with the "specials". then, first day of school, mrs english teacher says "dillan is sorry, everybody, he has autism".




whats hilarious is that by senior year everyone forgot and i ended up becoming semi popular and fitting in with the cool kids. everybody liked me.

>I mean that's just narcissistic abuse
That's true, those sentences were just venting about my horrible family that made it worse.
My self worth was near the 0 line for decades it took years just to have any at all.

>However it followed me around. Rumors. Family telling people. Word getting around.
I hadn't considered that perspective myself having never been labeled.
Being called "disabled" for any reason is harmful, and I definitely wouldn't refer to the condition as a disability.
I would have liked having a free dog for preventing autistic meltdowns when I was a kid though.

>getting your own tard wrangler because of fucking assburgers
Jesus. Where is this, murica?

I literally just got diagnosed a couple of days ago. 25 years old manchild. For me it's actually been kind of nice, as I finally have an explanation for what I am like, the stupid things I do, and why my life turned out the way it did. It's also nice for my parents to know that it's not their fault their child is a fuck up (except for the genetic part, I guess). There's a lot more to it than just "being weird" and you know it. Diagnoses are a good thing.

It shouldn't be a rotule, however, considering you aren't of danger to others or anything like that. Where I live, at least, nobody will know I'm autistic unless I choose tell them about it, and that's good enough for me.

trying to make a pychartist appointed
all of those diagnose right?
any actual good in depth online tests?

fuck off spergs are ascended

I was tested as a 1st grader and they said i wasn't autistic
but idk i think the guy was just an idiot
>have never had any idea how to talk to people or make friends
>never could make eye contact
>never could understand people
>the way people talk and certain louses enrage me
>like very few things and like them A LOT
when i like something i LIKE IT

I can act like a human being, but I live in a small town, so everyone knows who I am and what I did.

I am autistic, but I have learn to control and suppress my autism. It feels great bc after years of condoling my autism, I can have normal conversation with people, but rarely maintain the conversation. I can make friends, but they are all fake, and I can act chadly, although I am 5'8.

This is almost exactly how my life went down.
It was such a relief to be diagnosed and have an answer to the weirdness.
Being able to recognize aspergery behaviors gives me more control over them.
I will consciously stifle them while I'm in a public place or around NTs.

The diagnosis shouldn't be anyone's business but our own.
Having school teachers announce it to a class must be a nightmare.

I don't mind it, user. Knowing allows me to understand the negatives of it and account for them in a proper manner.

Something I think needs to be fixed, though, is how people are labeled "high functioning" mostly based on how verbal they are. I've met people who aren't properly retarded, but are completely incapable of looking after themselves, but for some reason are still called "high functioning".

anyone else? desunae

fuck no
normalfaggots will easily pick up on it and make fun of you (mostly behind your back, but not always)
life is suffering, autists are the most oppressed people in today's society, i hate when women and minorities complain about their fucking non-issues, especially women

>life is suffering, autists are the most oppressed people in today's society, i hate when women and minorities complain about their fucking non-issues, especially women
>fuck no
and people that make fun of you especially behind your back are pussies

I think that I'm going to die as a virgin, I don't know how to talk to new people and I only realise that a girl was interested in me months later. Also it's difficult to make friends, a lot of classmates talk with me at the college but I can't advance further into friendship with anyone

Try Bumble; at least then you'd know whether they're interested or not.

Have you never had a meltdown? It's pretty common with the autists I've known. They're high functioning too, they just get overloaded and sperg out, screaming and biting themselves and cursing. A wrangler is warranted for kids who haven't learned self-control or simply can't. Although it isn't warranted if they've never once shown signs of self harm or outbursts. In that case, it is plain mean, I agree.

I didn't have a "meltdown" but was assigned one anyways. It was MAYBE justified up until grade 3 because I did shit like get mad at my teachers and hid from them so they couldn't find me causing a search party to form.

By grade 4 I was already going to the principals office crying that the TA wouldn't leave me along and the principal just told me they weren't allowed to help any other students. It wasn't even the stigma that annoyed me it was the fact that I couldn't do any fucking work without some lady coming up behind me and talking to me. They just called ltieral harassment of children "helping".

It's honestly fucking disturbed how autist kids are brought up and when you really look into it you find out nobody actually knows what they're doing and they only do this shit because they THINK it will help. I was enough of a borderline case that I wouldn't have been diagnosed 10 years ago so bascially how I was raised in childhood was a literal experiment.

>life is suffering, autists are the most oppressed people in today's society,

Not really trannies have it harder although there is a lot of overlap between autists and trannies.

That sounds terrible, I am sorry, user. Most of the TA that I knew, including some of my own, were 80% hands off unless I started showing "signs", like breathing heavy or putting my head down. I guess autists show their frustration in different ways. I am very used to seeing meltdowns and assumed it was what everyone goes through. In your case, you had no real need for a helper. To be fair, I remember one or two TA that were obnoxious and constantly trying to talk when I wanted to focus on work. I blew up at them and they shut up and ended up reassigned. I'm sorry you weren't so lucky, user.

Women acting oppressed makes me kek. It's not the 1700s anymore where getting married literally made you your husbands property. Nowadays marriage makes the richer partner the poorer partners property I.E. men become women's property. Alimony is literal slavery. The entire tax system is an income redistribution scheme that favors women. Women get lighter sentences for the same crimes and the laws are written with a pro-woman bias.

The median woman has WAY more rights and a higher quality of life than the median man. I wonder when women will stop acting oppressed because Chad gets to be CEO since they don't because they don't want to work 80 hour weeks.

How the fuck did BEING A WOMAN become considered oppression on par with being a minority or disabled or even poverty? The truth is Men are just desperate to get laid and will go along with any bullshit a woman spins like how she's oppressed in the hopes of getting laid. Women are the least deserving "oppressed" group on the planet.

>things out of place fills me with rage
>a certain way people speak fills me with rage
>get extremely angry over trivial things and spend hours arguing in my head
>can't talk to the opposite sex for social anxiety
Will I ever find my love? Will I be destined to walk these plains alone, with my fists closed and my face grim

I fucking love sperging, everything I do gives me satisfaction, bad or good. I can lead an imaginary made up argument on for hours and make everyone feel like absolute morons and then just laugh at all of it. Sperging is fun!! I LOVE SPERG!
Even if someone tries to hurt me and insults me and tries to do a lot of bad to me, I am usually too dumb to feel bad so I just respond random stuff to them and continue sperging and feel good.

Sperging is cool!

Sometimes I take autism test just to make sure I didn't catch this disease from you guys which thankfully I didn't from browsing this board

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>do you feel good having an autistic spectrum?
no, not at all
have to be trained weekly by my mom on how to be more social
a lot of things confuse me
life is hard
i don't have a lot of friends
i am not a child but many people treat me like one
it's hurtful
no bf too

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Pls gib austistic pussy
I'm JF Gariepy when it comes to these spergettes. That retarded pussy hits different

The gibs are pretty based, wish I had been diagnoser from the age og 18 for maximum profit desu

Not really. Almost 28. Never employed. Struggle through community college. Took seven years to get an associates degree. Got expelled on my first semester of Uni. Been a drug addict since and have pretty much given up since I can't even handle going to crowded Loud places like fast food restaurants. Autists should be humanely euthanized upon diagnosis

>enjoying autism

nigger what the fuck

nope, subhuman. being good at math and shit isn't worth anything if you're socially retarded (unless you're amazing at something, which i'm not)

autistic retards are actually the true form of the chad

Yup happiness in the human population follows a bell curve topping out at about 1 standard deviation above the norm.

With autists it's just a line and the smarter you get the less happy you are. It honestly feels like being a smart autist is like being a cuckold because you end up being a valuable person yet you never get any happiness for yourself. Whereas retard autists just live high on the hog their entire lives.

it's ok. even among autistic people i'm the most autistic and thus i uniquely stand out, but that just makes people avoid me more. i'm fine being alone though, majority of people are just a bother to me.

>that feel when high functioning but also incapable of living on my own

im only a 1 on the autistic scale but sometimes i feel like a 2

Yes, it kept me separate from the normies which made school absolutely hell until I transferred, but I enjoy that I never fell into normie traps.

I keep looking at the stats for autism and getting sad. Yet I think to myself how much more amazing and impressive it would be to succeed in spite of them. Sometimes I think if I succeeded than the statistics would change and other autists wouldn't have to be so despondant.

we are fucking retarded bro

Speak for yourself.

I never call myself smart. You know why? Because somebody inevitably does it for me and then I can act all modest about it. Last week I was trying to explain things to somebody else and it was amazing how much I had to slow down for them to get it.

Usually people call me dumb because I fail to act like a normie would but normies are retarded so not acting like a retard makes you less of a retard doesn't it?

i have it but i've learned to live with it, sometimes it makes me feel socially retarded but i have ok social skills.

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>drew the short stick and ended up with really bad social anxiety

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>autists are the most oppressed people in today's society, i hate when women and minorities complain about their fucking non-issues, especially women
this is true
why does nobody admit that
not really
trannies are just insane normalfags and basedboys and women love them

>Try Bumble; at least then you'd know whether they're interested or not.
should you put that you are autistic in the description

>whats hilarious is that by senior year everyone forgot and i ended up becoming semi popular and fitting in with the cool kids. everybody liked me.

what counts as a meltdown? pretty sure i'v had a few

>have to be trained weekly by my mom on how to be more social
that's not a necessity normalwhore
fuck society and fuck being social

>being good at math and shit
haha yeah

i'm smart and retarded at the same time
i'm garbage at academic stuff but i understand like the meaning of stuff be it kino games anime manga etc and can actually argue when most idiots just throw insults you would expect from a little kid.

I'm bad at academics too and the only way it mattered was that I didn't get an impressive sounding degree. As soon as I hit the workforce I realized I'm WAY more creative than others which isn't something that academics reward you for.

hey dude pitch me a business idea for an app designer
I have a class where I have to create a self-employment job and I'm the most uncreative person ever
fucking sucks when courses have subjects that have nothing to do with the skills yet are compulsory anyway
help a fellow autist out

The reason I sucked at school was I had issues doing specific tasks asked of me on demand. I just sort of spontaneously come up with shit as I'm doing it.

One idea I've had before was that people like sysadmins typically carry around a laptop maybe with some dongles to connect to various equipment. Yet since phones now have USB-C you can now do the same with a phone. So a practical niche app would be some sort of program that could interface with USB-C accessories for various sysadmin tasks. You could also use the same accessories with a recently made laptop computer without an adapter.

If you're looking for some sort of business model I honestly don't see any reason to reinvent the wheel. There's plenty of app development companies large and small and even independant contractors.

same kinda
u becer wabred ri di abtrgubf but play games or warcg anime either
but i also never could make up a story at all i think it was partially paranoia for that since now i feel like i could make a good story editor
suck at drawing to but looking back i was actually pretty good as a young kid but i'd get bullied and would get in trouble everytime i got caught drawing so i quit
fantastic isn't it?
i believe i could have become pretty decent anyway at drawing i suppose i could try now but adhd and having to spend 1000s of hours at the bare min i don't have the will or drive.

>u becer wabred ri di abtrgubf
also my brain malfunctions sometimes it seems
was trying to say a kinda because i never was interesting in doing anything but playing games and watching anime if i had interest in something chances are i'd be someone decent

people call me autistic on 4chqn and I'm starting to believe them
it usually happens when I shitpost but I can't stop because it's funny

Anyone else in special ed the entire time during school?

i had a couple of special ed classes throughout elementary school. I should kept going to special ed during highschool but i ended up dropping out anyway.

no, it feels like i'm a different species

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I'm autistic. It's like being feral with no sense of cringe. Behavioral problems, defiance, no sense of peer belonging, crazy as fuck, no filter

How can i tell if i'm autistic?
good fuck normalfags

If you're obsessive and have no sense of social norms

but i was declared not autistic as a kid but it was only 1 test
is there anthing else?

i have gotten better as i aged with social norms but i stil lcompletly miss tons of shit

>tfw this is the only good thread on Jow Forums right now