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What have you been listening to frens?

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The band Chicago

The AC in my studio apartment

Just kidding btw. I don't have AC

Kanye actually puts effort into his beats

If I ever actually kill myself I think I'll do so listening to this song.

Babymetal. Gonna see them in concert next month.

tricot, silent siren, soutaiseiriron
the usual i guess
>The AC in my studio apartment
could be a nice name for an indie band

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the usual.....

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Synthwave and old ass rock.

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Haven't listened to anything in a couple weeks... gonna break that fast this weekend
It's something chill to listen to, and it also helps me cope with another lonely Friday night.

lolicore is the only music i can listen to when i'm at my lowest, can't stand anything else for some reason

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They ain't supposed to say Chicano. It was them dumb immigrants I had working for me.

Lol spic music, kill yourself
feeling sad today laddies

la la lun~

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Vaporwave and rock


My glorious CIA bro

Keep shilling that shit. It ups my vgaming

Masayoshi Takanaka (a fucking legend, 10/10 highly recommended music, great for studying and chores) and Junichi Inagaki (sappy 6-7/10 romantic city pop, but his voice is angelic) the past few weeks

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So emotional, so heavy, so well-produced and well-written. Critically underrated band

What I'm listening to right now

Dopelord - Children of haze

slow comfy

One of the few decent threads

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intense - the genesis project

Scenery by Ryo Fukui. The full album is on youtube, and it almost makes me feel like not killing myself