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>sample typings of famous people/characters

>recommended reading

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First for fuck introverts
Like, imagine being one

Thinkers? More like stinkers! Fweuh-these robots are nasty.

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I'm introverted as can be. What type are you, user?

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Introversion transforms into schizoid

Wooooow, dodging the question.

Must be an introvert, that faggot fuck.


That guy wasnt be dumbass
And just because of that, you will have to guess it yourself
Good luck

Lol 69
Best number
The fuck number
Why am I, a 30-year-old, acting like a 13-year-old.




I would guess ENTP, but that would be too easy.

Here's my description of the E/I dichotomy from the last thread for anyone who's interested in learning more about the theory behind MBTI. I'll be continuing this series soon with a detailed description of the N/S dichotomy.

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I wouldn't have known ESTPs to be cowards. I can't finish my job and clock out without you confirming or lying about who you are.

Yes, please. That would be wonderful considering that N/S is the most confusing and nebulous of the four dimensions.

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INTP here

Did anyone else used to read dictionaries as a kid? I'd read the dictionaries for hours looking for new words and definitions for words I already knew.

No, as an ISTP, I read books below my reading level just so I can rack up on points, in elementary school, so I could get free coupons for restaurants.

I'm not kidding, though. The reading rewards system they had didn't keep track of what books I was reading and I soon became known as one of the best/biggest readers in the school... just so I could get some free McDonald's.

Yeah, along with T/F it's the most difficult of the 4. Well, T/F isn't really confusing per se but there's a lot of misinformation and misconceptions out there about what it actually describes. I cringe every time someone says that "feelers make decisions based on emotions" and similar BS.

Don't worry, might take me a bit to write but I'll try to describe things in as clear and unobtuse language as possible.

But other than that, I grew up reading Goosebumps, Animorphs (not to mention some Chronicles book related to the series) Among The Hidden, Tuesday's With Morrie, Holes, Freak The Mighty, the first three or four Captain Underpants books, and Harry Potter.

Are there any other mbti pairings as infamous as ENFP x INTJ? What are they?

Baited and outsmarted, it was your first guess

INFJ x anyone. No matter what, you will fail to reach their standards and they will leave you.

Whatever. I can finally clean this mess and leave work.

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Obligatory manipulative and evil post.

Turbie-Wurbie's Cutesy Test Link Compilation! UwU

(>^_^)>[NEW!_NEW!_NEW!]Keirsey's temperaments (needs e-mail but will accept just about anything UwU)

>Rubin's four tendencies (of the apocawypse)! ^.^

>Four temperaments (the Greek ones) :3

>Big 5 ^w^

>Enneagram~ (2nd link has two tests)

>PAS (has two parts! OwO)

>Your philosophy! Is it kawaii? :3c

>D-dark Triad :O


I'm not a slut! C-can I hold you tight and snuggle you btw?

Cute!! I'm going to poke you a lot.

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>tfw no INFP gf

I'm glad you're tripfagging, now, so I can filter you.

I've seen you in these threads from time to time. I hate to break this to you, guy, but you're the sluttiest person in these threads, the sluttiest person on r9k, and the sluttiest person on all of Jow Forums.

Wha!? I'm really pure, there's nothing wrong with begging peope for warm, affectionate hugs and tummy rubs~ Besides, I bet you'd reluctantly hug back if someone cornered you, who's the slut now? >:3

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This one's kinda niche, but what are the MBTIs of the characters from Eltingville Club?

you're good shitposter
I approve
Yes, please. Moar sir!

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>tfw no big group of NTs to play WoW with

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>that new thing
What is your result, turbine?

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>Thinkers Are Sluts Edition
I wish but I'm just a kissless permavirgin
I just want a fucking ISTP gf but I literally do not know how to START talking to people, I never learned and it's impossible now

Too Iong didnt reade

You are a homosexual. You need to stop posting homosexual content.

I remember taking this test about a year ago. My results are still pretty much the same, only my introversion has spiked even more since then it seems

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tfw no ESTP gf

I think I'm autistic, even though I have been trying to be more functional of a person lately.

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Life is shit

All memeing aside, I would actually legitimately and unironically love that, Slutty INTJ user-chan.

The truth deserves always to be repeated.

Your take on Thinking and Feeling will be interesting as well. Do you think they gauge how emotional someone is, rather than how they make decisions? (I think the two are often connected - generally, the weaker your emotions are, the more capable you are of ignoring them. Everyone has their point where they're at the mercy of their feelings. Some people just reach that point less often, probably due to being less emotional.)

Why do you want one? What even are ESTPs?

I've never heard of the series before now; I tried making an Eltingville Club category at personality-database.com/category/9/Comicbooks/mbti-personality-type, but for some reason the button isn't available. reee.

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You're in no position to call others slutty, Sophienigger.

What's the most slutty and least slutty MBTI type?

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Here's a tier list found elsewhere

>Sluttiest of Sluts: ESFP, ESTP
>Ultra Sluts: ISFP, ENFP, ESTJ, ENTJ
>Super Sluts: ENFJ, ENTP
>Sluts but they won't admit it: ESFJ, ISFJ, ISTP, ISTJ
>Only puts out for The One: INFP, INFJ
>Forever Alone: INTP, INTJ


>E > I because to be a slut you need to fuck people which means you need to interact with people
>S > N because intuitives don't care about the physical
>F > T because they're called feelers for a reason
>P > J because perceivers are hedonistic and stuff IDK

>So my ranking is as follows...

>ESFP - would fuck anything unconditionally
>ESTP - would fuck anything but only if it was hot
>ESFJ - would fuck anyone but they would have to at least be a person
>ISFP - would fuck anyone so long as they got to paint a portrait of the scene afterwards
>ENFP - would fuck anything out of curiosity but not for pleasure
>ESTJ - would fuck anyone for a pay rise
>ISTP - would fuck anyone if they could be bothered
>ISFJ - would fuck anyone if they trusted them
>ENTP - would fuck anything if it was a dare
>ENFJ - would fuck anyone for "the greater good"
>INFP - would fuck anyone if they were imaginary
>ISTJ - would fuck anyone if they were already married to that person
>ENTJ - would fuck anyone if they were able to meet their ridiculously high standards
>INTP - would fuck anyone if they had a libido, which happens about once every few years
>INFJ - would fuck anyone but only if all of the above criteria were met simultaneously
>INTJ - would fuck anyone smarter than them (so no one)

So basically the ENFP and INTJ relationship meme is just ENFPs trying to convince INTJs that they are worth something?

What is the worst MBTI?

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All the S types except for ISTP and ISTJ.


Its not my fault women would literally grab my crotch and ass in high school

Hmmm... I took the Personality Max test and, to my mild surprise, got INTJ with a clear J preference! OwO

However, I feel I wasn't fully accurate when answering some of the questions, but on the other hand, most of my errors probably canceled each other out! ^_^'
Results from intelligence, learning style, and dominant brain hemisphere tests were what I expected, and they have remained the same throughout the years (I've taken those tests elsewhere before~!). (^_^)/

To be continued in another post because of the file limit (!) ... :3c

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What do I do with this information?

Great quality shitpost fren, keep it up

>robots labeling themselves using dumbass personality tests.
You are worse than roasties using horoscopes and astrology to justify their slutty lifestyle.

ISTPs can be easy, as long as you're not friends and they find you attractive. The issue is the socializing part and the bullshit detector we have, which will go off if something seems too good to be true.

Sup -
So I posted a few months ago about having a crush on this INTJ (im and ENTP). We had only talked over Discord and Xbox, but it had been for years. So let me tell you the end of this story.

Our friend invites me to a convention near them. A small one, but still cool, and we plan for a few months on surprising INTJ. Day comes and im driving +5 hours and running errands the whole time im there.
Day finally comes to meet INTJ, and they do not give a shit about me. Hardly spoke to me - didn't ask about trip, how I was, ect. And basically ignored me for the first day. Second day, we talked... but only through memes.

Made me realize INTJs are often too socially autistic, and I don't need that shit. Can easily find someone who isn't a depressed mess, and knows how to talk to me. Theyre accomplished irl, but couldn't even talk with them.

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:3c ...continuation from !

I retook the test a while later and tried to be more precise this time~! Now I got INFJ with T/F percentages mirrored from my previous result! @[email protected];;;

There were no big chances in what I got on non-MBTI parts of the test, even though most of my changed answers were for those! :O

I read analyses for both results, and while my personality is closer to the Feeling type, my career interests and skills match better with those of the Thinker's. :3

I guess all of this makes me an INXJ in the eyes of Personality Max...? '^_^

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Most: INFJ
See Turbie and to a lesser degree Sophie

Least: whatever type Centaur is

Hey robots. I'm a Libra trying to speak to this qt. Aries, but according to the stars, we're incompatible. I want to be the balance for my fiery Aries onitis. Can any of you robots help a fellow robot out?

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I will tell you how I was with Turbie in the Alp Mountains. We set up the tent, lit a fire and at some point argued about a hehe sausage. Turbofag got up and locked himself in the tent. I went to apologize with the last sausage. Turbie, let me in! He opened the tent only 10 cm. I told him not to fool around because I would not fit in what he said flirtatiously that I could do it. I immediately understood his intentions. I threw out the village loop and took out my little pisiar. I put it in the hole and Turb started to suck. He sucked really well because I have a small dick and yet I felt tonsils on the mushroom. After all he let me in. First to the tent, then deep into his cacao hole. When we fell asleep nestled in each other, we laughed that this tent was from now on a pipe maker. We laughed for a long time and finally fell asleep holding our dicks.

Does this mean that I'm special?

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t. intx
You read about it online and try ti see if it fits you (search for functions, stereotypes arent really accurate )
You fit in r9k
Take it as you will

Can someone translate this text my girlfriend just sent me? I don't speak Crazy Bitch.

>"I am never going to debate or argue with you on anything again. You have repeatedly demonstrated that you have no interest in arguing in good faith on anything ever. Go play a game of Punch the Strawman and Move the Goalposts with someone else. You're the world champion of those, I simply can't compare."

I'm an ISTP male who lives by the words "Facts don't care about your feelings." My girlfriend is an INFP special snowflake who cries if you look at her the wrong way and still gets tearful when she thinks about Harambi. I need a fucking beer, this romance shit is for the dogs.

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ITT: The incel equivalent of horoscopes

Daily reminder that any and all anti-INFJ propaganda you read in these threads are part of a concerted effort by a small group of people suffering from untreated Borderline Personality Disorder, united by their common abandonment issues. Propaganda posts such as these are a means of coping/lashing out against the people (who they perceive to be INFJs) rightly dropping them for being terrible people. Thread attention whore "Turbie" is not an INFJ, but an ENFP.

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Why are you so obsessed over logic? What were you debating? It sounds like she was 100% on the feeling train and you were 100% on the logic train. It should be more balanced, you have to talk the same language. You should focus on doing the right thing or advocating for the right thing rather than focus on if that's logical, but then again I shouldn't tell you what to do.

daily reminder that MBTI is pseudoscience which anons use to validate pre-conceived thoughts on themselves and others

Why do you think Turbie Tripbuddy (that's his legal last name) is an ENFP?

Amazing post.

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As an INFJ I can confirm that INFJ's are one of the sluttiest, because they are more likely disposed to not like risks and prefer to always have physical comforts.
It also is because reactions are fucking delightful, I love teasing people that actually catch my interest.
Which is the only real big criteria for INFJs I think.

there's no evidence for your claims of group warfare or BPD "this is blind to Te" speculation.

slimy INFJs being deceptive, manipulative, and evil once again. maybe if you just took your criticisms head on, or maybe just let them bounce off of you if they aren't true like every other personality type people wouldn't pick on you. you make yourselves look worse.

I'm an INFP and was a bit of a man whore for about a year and a half once. It was after a bad break up involving being cheated on repeatedly. I was heartbroken, angry, resentful, and feeling worthless and started being a sexually aggressive dickwad and using sex as a means to vent my anger towards women and feel worth something. It was all about power and hurting someone else to boost my own shattered sense of self esteem. I was cruel and violent, it never made me feel good or happy, and how many girls got off on being hate fucked and used just made me angry and more disgusted towards women. I don't even know what my body count is anymore but before all that it was 1.

gas yourself fuckhead

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Have a bad night's sleep, Centaur?

ENTJ Gang, how's the income?

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Give it to me straight, just how fucked am I?

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Bruv, i think that she just didn't like her online friemds arriving at her real life or smth, it's not about types. My advice is keep no hopes. That way you won't feel bad if things go bad and feel much better if things go well.

ah, spotted a member of the untreated BPD crew. an excellent cope if I may say so myself, sir!!

Pic related is basically what I expected to get

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t. Seething gay faggot nigger

Seems like you are the manipulative one by how you are trying to rile people up against them.

Clearly facts dont really matter to you all that much seeing how you do anything but argue by facts

>What is the worst MBTI?

>Your take on Thinking and Feeling will be interesting as well. Do you think they gauge how emotional someone is, rather than how they make decisions? (I think the two are often connected - generally, the weaker your emotions are, the more capable you are of ignoring them. Everyone has their point where they're at the mercy of their feelings. Some people just reach that point less often, probably due to being less emotional.)
Nope. Again T/F has very little to do with emotions. Now of course I do believe that Feelers are naturally a lot more likely to feel that experiencing and expressing emotions (especially in the context of a relationship) is a major part of life. But the actual T/F dichotomy isn't about that, and I've run into many F types who are relatively stoic and emotionless, and plenty of T types who are very expressive and emotional at times, so it's a very unreliable indicator of that dichotomy.

I'll write about it in depth later, but for now I can summarize it by saying that Feelers make decisions on a more personal level based on shared values and with their relationships in mind, whereas Thinkers tend to make decisions impersonally based on rules and logic with truth/correctness in mind.

So with that in mind it's less about emotion per se and more about personal values and a concern for the well-being of others. But that's only 1 of the 5 facets of T/F. There's yet more to it than that.

spotted members of the INFJ defense force group trying to stop me from spreading the truth. i think you guys have indiagnosed schizophrenia and are coping because INFJs really are deceptive, manipulative, and evil and you want to stop me so your secret doesn't get out.

Why do you guys push the ENFJ big tiddy meme?

ENFP is the ideal type for every man

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Also, what you're describing is probably better correlated with the "Neuroticism" trait of the Big 5 than with anything within the MBTI.

No I'm mostly just troubled. I passed up on an oppertunity to go on a date with this fat ugly autistic woman yesterday and I'm not sure what to make of it. Also this thread is shit and telling normalscum to kill themselves makes me feel a little bit better about it.

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it's blatantly obvious you're seething over losing your INFJ golden goose, though. not really fooling anyone with your manipulative lies

I know it can be tempting to go with whatever options you can whenever it feels like you have none. I don't think you can do that and find happiness, though. The only way dating someone can bring happiness is if it's with someone you actually love.

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another INFJ defense force (TM) paid employee trying to tarnish my good name.

my boys in the super secret INFJ hater discord will coordinate an attack on this general soon to get back at you making fun of me for losing my beloved INFJ girlfriend once again and so i can continue my viscious attacks on poor innocent INFJs for being such evil villains. i'm also not emotional about losing my gf and am not salty.

why do you guys buy into this super gay narrative? as if anyone on r9k could work up the balls to be rejected by a girl, let alone lose a girlfriend they could never get. real big brains here.

>tfw 50-50 ISTP and INTP
I am unironically the embodiment of the cyborg meme.

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Sophie had an INFP fiancee.

did she dump him because he was manipulative?

My first MBTI result of the Personality Max test set off a minor identity crisis, which prompted me to retake some of the classic tests, namely the dichotomy-based IDR Labs version and the Keys2Cognition one! I got INFJ on both tests but only took a screenshot of the latter! UwU

W-what are the weights for each facet in MBTI Step 2? And how do you calculate the scores? :O

>You know, it's kind of weird. But all the INFJ girls I know are extremely feminine. Some are womanly, some are girly girls. But they're all extremely fem
I thought the stereotypical INFJ girl was sort of androgynous!
B-by the way~, are INFJ guys masc, femmy, or in between? Asking for a friend... ^_^;7

Yesss! Looking forward to this! More! More! Mo~re!!! ^o^
*excitedly puts clenched fists over chest*

I did a lot of dictionary-reading when I was 9-13! It was fun and educational! ^.^

Is INTJ a femme fatale~? :3c

I-I can't manipulate anything...! Perhaps it's due to low F vs. T? ^w^

*rubs your belly* :3

I don't see why you want to filter me... QwQ

Would there be a qt INFJ-T healer...? :3c ^_^'

NO!!! >_<

There's no "worst MBTI"! :O
All types are worthy, valuable, and needed!

To be continued in an OwOUwUful fashion~! ^w^

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daily reminder discord is for FAGGOTS

Sophie's manipulative?

Sophie is a retard and has a childish, sentimental mind. he lacks any of the qualities a real NF would have that would make them charming, besides his unquestionably submissive nature. he's just like a woman, with feminine defense mechanisms and thought processes

What qualities do 'real' NFs have?

^w^ UwUOwOful continuation ( so not quite what I promised! Teehee! Sorry! :3 ) from !

Perhaps they didn't like surprises? :(

According to a poll, Turbie is the most sl*tty regular!
But according to discussions, Turbette is the least sl*tty "genderbent" regular!

Centaur is ISFP! *^.^*

Have you checked other signs besides Sun?

N-no more virgin regulars in these threads, I guess...'^_^
Your post sort of made me want a rich partner who would take me on exquisite dates on various locations around the world! :3c

You're an INTP-A in the sea of INTP-Ts, so kind of~! \(^_^)/

>"Turbie" is not an INFJ, but an ENFP.
I'm INFJ-T!!! ^_^'

>Turbie Tripbuddy
Great name; I love the alliterativeness! .<

What test(s) did you take~?

Sophie is NOT a retard! He's an intelligent and mature poster! And he's NOT "just like a woman"! >_

>INTJ - would fuck anyone smarter than them (so no one)
Oh shit, I unironically feel sexually repelled from

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Don't worry I'm under no illusion that I could love this person or make any sort of lasting relationship I'd be happy with. But I was considering trying to get into her pants short term anyway which is why I'm sort of conflicted in myself by not hanging out with her. I might try and make a move next week but I'm worried that the moment will have passed. How do you make it clear to a woman that she's below having a serious relationship with you but you can still be sex friends anyway? Sounds quite hard to do without being rude.

Attached: A Centaur's Life - c003 (v01) - p124 [Digital-HD] [danke-Empire] establishing panel.jpg (639x541, 158K)

Translation: I hate animeposters and (former) namefriends

Some things you just can't say without coming across as hurtful. All you can do here is dance around the subject and say something like "I'm not looking for a relationship with anyone right now, but I'd like some friends with benefits." She'll likely turn that down, but that's your best shot.

Actually, we can discuss this if you'd like. What NF qualities do I lack? What kind of feminine defense mechanisms and thought processes do I possess?

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