Ywn take a cute girl out on a crepe date

>ywn take a cute girl out on a crepe date

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Why would i want to take her out to eat overrated frenchshit?

Would you take a girl out on a crepe date even though she's already chubby...?

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Yes, you are right, OP.

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I want a cute fluffy gf.

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>tfw took a female friend out to crepes but "just as friends"

>girls don't excitedly text you
>girls don't want to spend time around you
Why do I have feelings for Meghan she's a billion times away from anything I'll ever obtain in this world

>ywn anything with a cute girl besides creep them out for interacting with them in any capacity

I'd rather make it myself
Do girls like guys who can cook?

girls like any guy that can do things independently, like fixing cars, cooking, diy around the house, building things, etc.

This post made me remember that I actually have done that. I had a gf once. I had successfully managed to forget. Now I'm sad.

Girls like guys who are attractive. Everything else is just a plus. Given the choice between an ugly guy who can cook, and an attractive guy who can't, they'll obviously choose the second guy every single time.

Prefer cooking for the guy but would be fun doing it together I suppose.

I love when a guy can cook. It made me so unbelievably happy whenever my ex made me food.

but you'd still cheat on and dump him if he had a small-average cock.

Why are you all so obbessed with the size of a penis?

not me, women.
if you had the sweetest, most reliable and handy guy, if he had a small penis you'd cheat on him with a guy with a bigger cock.

Guys are the same way though. I had an ex break up with me because he claimed my chest was too small and wanted to expierence a girl with large boobs because he felt like he was missing out

>but you'd still cheat on and dump him if he had a small-average cock.
Just because your ex cheated on and dumped you for yours, doesn't mean every girls out to do the same.

whatever you say, roastie whore.
women want the biggest cocks they can get, as well as a beta provider on the side.

based and redpiIIed.
this man speaks the truth.

I can only imagine what that is.

the crepes can act as positive reinforcement for her.
she will begin to associate being with you with the sweetness of the crepe.

why is he your ex then?

He wanted to break up because he didn't want to be in a ldr anymore.

okay, so he found out you were fucking other guys behind his back?

God these threads are depressing
I will never have this
Secondly it's degenerate anyway

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then afterwards, she goes home and fucks dirty niggers behind your back.