Why do gamers get so upset when they are called out?

Why do gamers get so upset when they are called out?

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>getting mad over a hobby
people dump thousands of dollars into boats they use once a year
lighten up

He has it wrong. Video games don't change people; that's just the sort of people they appeal to.

hobby vs habit

>sitting and getting fatter and [...] skinnier
this guy oughta make up his mind

Being a gamer is hard, we are constantly oppressed.

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>he isn't being a good worker and reproducing

nobody becomes a loser because they injected a big gamer load straight into their veins. losers become gamers because they need escapism without leaving their basements play vidya

t. me, a loser

AJA_Cortes is a hack. While yes you can waste time playing video games... there are plenty of people who turn it into something lucrative, and there are a plethora of other ways to waste your time that are as bad or even worse than video games. In other word, the games themselves aren't the problem. Not to mention that I'm sure Alex himself has plenty of his own vices to begin with. Plenty of people in the self-improvement sphere, that are more successful than him in every ways, dunked on him for that tweet. Anyone who follows him, or worse, pay for his shit, are fucking retarded. Every he says is either stolen from Rollo Tomassi or garbage advice that you shouldn't follow. In other words, nobody aught to be paying attention to him; just read Rollo's blog which is free instead. I doubt he even really cares about video game and is just stating something that will make some people angry which creates free publicity for his twitter, which is a tactic Cobra Tate loves to do, but Tate is actually hilarious when he does it and is much more successful in life than this faggot who badly needs a haircut.
>getting fatter and weaker and skinnier
>fatter and skinnier
Based retard.

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Yeah, pretty much. Video games are one of the big things you get into if you just don't find real life very rewarding or compelling.

Video games increase hand-eye coordination skills

Once upon a time games were for autists, by autists.
They were escapism as well as a dependable reward system.

If you were on the spectrum, you weren't making daddy proud by passing the sports ball.
Your dopamine didn't fucking flow, and you felt like shit.
When your character raised a level in that RPG, or you beat that difficult end boss
You could feel like you succeeded, you could set goals and meet them.
Fighting games even allowed us to challenge and beat rivals on an even playing field.

It wasn't perfect, but it was a thousand times better than the alternative of being the weirdo that sucked at everything and no one liked.
Yeah, you can get addicted if you're someone with the addict gene but if that's the case it could have been anything. Gambling, drugs, etc

I mean he's right but in the sense that he'd rather be out numbing his dopamine receptors with drugs and fornication than doing anything less 'useless' than gaming

70% chance this guy is a fucking wagecuck coomer who just lives to make the next paycheck and fuck. great job very productive buddy

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His "job" is being a self-help guru.

He is a phony clown dying to showcase how manly and full of testosterone he is, but to me he can't come off as anything else than some ridiculous loudmouth that happens to be into fitness. He has to desperately capitalize on that to get more cash. I will say however you are better off studying or exercising on your leisure time but if you're not going to do it and you don't fear the repercussions, more power to you.

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No matter what you do with your life, you will ultimately be forgotten.
You should spend your life doing something you enjoy, instead of worrying about what other people think.

yh I checked his twitter out instead of making retarded assumptions.

that's even worse. his entire livelihood depends on there being fat pale weak gamers with insecurities to exploit. you'd think he would at least have the foresight to keep his audience happy

who is this cute girl and why is she not letting me sniff her hair?

It's from a really original hentai,

>No matter what you do with your life, you will ultimately be forgotten.

What a retarded ethos. Do people actually, unironically believe this? That just because you eventually die that your impact on the world is meaningless? Your brain possesses object permanence. When you put a vase behind a curtain the vase is still there, and when you do great things and never live to see their fruition those great things still happened. The impact you have on other people EXISTS even if it cannot be observed by you just like something still EXISTS when you can't see it. You have to slip into a retarded, infantile solipsism, denying the reality of everything you can't observe, to honestly believe that death makes your life pointless.

Nah. Many losers stop being losers when they are forced outside the house or are motivated by something

Any reply other than,
> Fuck you nigger its fun
Is gay and wrong

The same reason everyone gets mad when they get "called out"
It hurts their egos and reveals their failures for all the world to see.

who's really to say that playing video games and enjoying yourself for a lifetime is a "failure" and some other pursuit of temporary vanity isn't?

You are unexperienced, juvenile, dumbfounded, arrogant and foolish to think that just happens.

It may have happened to one of your relatives or friends but they end up there for a reason, whether they went out and tried their hardest or not.

exactly this
i was thinking the sme thign

Happened to dozens of people I know and hundreds that Ive met or heard of. Most losers have a good chance to grow out of it and find their place

I do what makes me feel good. Fuck what this faggot thinks.

Nice coping

>implying i should have to contribute to society in any way

>work a good job for decent money
>pay taxes
>lift at the gym
>make a nice homemade meal
>chill with friends
>decide to play a bit of vidya before going to bed
Oops I'm a subhuman now rip
That guy is being ironic right?

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My intelligence is pretty low but this is the only thing that I'm actually good at. Just go do your normalfag activities and fuck off

just another hack who's trying to profit off internet culture. these individuals are almost as pathetic as the incels.

>He doesn't believe humans will destroy the planet at some point and everyone and everything will be forgotten not long after.

Go ahead, do something you deem important with your life. It won't change the outcome.
The reality of it is nothing in life is important, it is all just what you choose to believe.

OP is trying to bring attention to his shitty self-help business by posting this.


he's awake updating at the moment

wait, i can stop being a shitskin if i play more vidya?

>Spent his whole life being positive, laughing and making others laugh
>Constantly self-improved and played little/no video games
>Did everything right, followed all the normalfag advice better than normalfags themselves ever will
>Still ended up killing himself

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I'm sorry user but things seriously aren't that nice in the world.

>t. Man arguing with someone else on an Arabian Cloth Weaving site

Life is about goals and working to achieve them.

Competitive video games give an easy goal that an infinite amount of time can be spent on - becoming the best, having the highest rank.

I've been playing competitive games every day usually 10 hours a day for the last 3 years, and still graduated university, went gym on and off so i look decent (nothing amazing) and have a gf (plan to breakup though).

Yeah sex feels better in the short term and socializing, belonging and feeling liked and respected feels good, but a lot of people can't consistently achieve either even without video games.

Why don't you lift instead? Anyone can do that

He had Pagliacci syndrome I'd bet. Being the person to make everyone else happy took its toll

Exactly. But I'd say it is an escape just like many other hobbies. Some city people enjoy camping because nature is an escape from the crowded busy city. Things like fishing or working on cars are an escape that is a slow-paced activity compared to the rush of being at work. Gaming just isn't the healthiest escape though, because it involves no physical activity and requires little to no social interaction. It is an escape from almost all aspects of life.

Because the guys saying this usually watch tv or read fiction. Other mediums of consuming media which have zero interaction or skill requirement.

To have a hobby it must be simply a habbit that is not work pretty much.

Not him but oxygenate your almond next time.

spic subhuman calling others subhuman kek

Reading a book does require skill - there are different methods to retain a good enough chunks of information from books properly fire example

It requires about as much skill as reading a dialogue box in a game. Most fiction is written in a way that it either has enough recaps that the reader doesn't get lost, or the reader will reread it later. And pretty much every work of fiction follows the Hero's Story narrative, or a closely-related derivative of it.
Point being, books are non-interactive, and fictive ones are on par with RPGs minus the interaction. Only difference being, literary works leave up more to the interpretation of the reader. Both forms are still consumption. And many of the readers act as if they are reading scientific journals and scorn gamers. Same for people watching TV and are just watching blind entertainment shows instead of documentaries. Its all just mindless time consumption, you're just there to adhere to the flow someone else has set. And that's perfectly fine. It's just a giant joke to fight or shitpost over.

There's a difference between simply not liking games and sperging the fuck out over the idea of someone playing them.

what a fag
I thought this was a woman complaining but its a man

Playing video games all day really is a waste of time

Video games ain't good nor bad, they just are. I cannot comrpehend why people would belive otherwise. Of course, there are better and worse titles, there are games directed strictly to some fanbases and titles that try to tell the story that will make you shed a tear, which too is a beautiful thing. We have one damn life and if someone decides to spend it on playing games whole days, which makes him as happy as nothing else, leave this man alone for God's sake. Why do people have to talk shit about everything, just let men be if they're doing no hurt to others

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>self-help guru
Fuck I hate that term
As if they somehow figured out THE way to live life all by themselves. That's fucking bullshit, they've just deluded themselves with a fake sense of certainty of how things "should" be.
Only a very few actually come up with something profound, the rest are just parotting what their enviroment has thought them.
Telling people what's wrong with their lifes is fucking easy, it does not make you wise.

way to out yourself as an npc

Isn't it ironic how so many gamers are also pseudo-nazis?

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Most normal people play video games for like an hour each day if they can.
If you're like me and you spend more than 5 hours each day playing games then yeah you are a loser.
The only thing more pathetic is spending all your time here or watching tv or something.

>Noooooooooo! What a retarded ethos! Do people actually, unironically believe this?! That just because you eventually die that your impact on the world is meaningless?! Your brain possesses object permanence! When you put a vase behind a curtain the vase is still there, and when you do great things and never live to see their fruition those great things still happened! The impact you have on other people EXISTS even if it cannot be observed by you just like something still EXISTS when you can't see it! You have to slip into a retarded, infantile solipsism, denying the reality of everything you can't observe, to honestly believe that death makes your life pointless!

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Blah blah blah normies are fucking stupid.

Making millions is sad *Claps*

Amazing. An actual parasite to human society is telling people who are merely losers that they are terrible.
It's always the people who yell the loudest that have the most skeletons in their closet.

"Called out" Shut up neet



Looks like this is the soruce

That's not a source.

It's the source of the cartoon.
You want a source for gamers being whiny whiteboys?
Go make a Celeste thread on /v/.

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There was nothing wrong with Wolfenstein 2.


Brie Larson is a goddess.

Cortes is an attention seeking outrage mong, posting irate shit so he gets retweets

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and he's a faggot, self-proclaimed "physical culturist" who's entire existence is based off of attention seeking by taking feminine selfies on his twitter captioned as "had a lot of requests for my chest hair uwu"

fuck normalfags. they're the true autists.

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>video games

>having fun
>talking to people
>made friends I've known for years

why is this bad

Watching TV is a far worse habit than video games, but you don't get points for pissing off incels by addressing something that normal people do.

It's not inherently bad. This guy's just intentionally taking the worst case scenario being addicted to vidya and applying it to anybody who ever plays a few hours a week.

Nah. Watching tv is a good way to learn about different perspectives, things happening around the world, etc. a lot of the time you also can have a common interest in tv shows with other sociable and competent people and have interesting conversations.

Do you know what conversations gamers have? They just insult each other over who has the better console or mmr rating. And gamers play 15-20 hours a day. Watching tv for most people who still have a life is like 2 hours a day

I just want to be anyone else but me. Leave me the fuck alone and let me decay.

I don't want to play video games but I feel as though it isn't really my fault life has failed to present me with better options that are anywhere near reasonably attainable. If you're rich and good looking yeah why the fuck would you waste your time playing video games?

When you're a loser though, the fuck else am I going to do? It has to at the very least be something I can do entirely alone because I have no friends.

You are a huge retard. I already know that post would not be original if I didn't add this part.

This could be applied to everything,everything has a downside and people can exagerate that to get retards to agree against something they don't like
Using twitter is the absolute worst habit you could have
Useless "skill"
Sitting and getring fatter and weaker and skinnier and paler
Completly impaired social skills,the real world isn't like twitter

Using twitter makes you a bottom tier subhuman

I only get mad when the "call out" is a bunch of hypocritical bullshit. I don't know who the person is in that tweet and I don't care, but unless that's a bait or a troll then I can do nothing but roll my eyes. It's like one of those fake enthusiastic social media personalities and motivational speakers who make it sound like there's not one second in their days wasted on anything useless. Another example would be parents who complain about constant computer use and then they themselves slouch on the couch all day watching television.

All time should be spend on PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITY you need to be producing for your jew overlords also dont forget to self improve and become more efficient at producing. Human life has been reduced to financial gain and if you are doing something else you are a piece of trash.

>having to justify your harmless hobbies by their usefulness

He be retarded. Would coin or stamp collecting be also considered loser hobbies?

I stopped playing videogames because they got boring, but honestly it's a much more stimulating and interactive hobby than what most normies spend their time doing (i.e. going out drinking, watching shows, and that's pretty much it). I live like a normie now and it sucks and it's so hopelessly dull.

No im sure those are elegant pastimes for people with refined tastes to relax and wind down from their stressful work days.

So does posting on twitter

But they're infinitely times less social hobbies than gaming, and also not very popular which only makes it more stranger pastime. Coin and stamp collecting are also not physical, so the top enthusiasts are not going to be the most athletic either. Can you imagine someone just randomly targeting coin collectors to slander them for social media likes?

Because it isn't people saying "Hey, video games aren't an interesting or constructive hobby" who are getting flak for it from gamers. The ones getting shit for it are people who have thousands of ears on Twitter calling them subhumans and creating a culture where enjoying something that doesn't contribute to society gets looked down on as inferior. Hobbies shouldn't have to contribute to society, and your free time doesn't need to be given to creating skills or material items on the behalf of others, and if you think that attitude's gonna stop at video games you're dead wrong.

I never lose to noobs my friend

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