Boys in panties

im entirely straight but have a thing for dudes in panties. the girlier the better. does that make me gay?

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>im entirely straight but have a thing for dudes

come out the closet op we all know you're a faggot

makes you a lvl 100 coomer

seek help

i find it even hotter when they're skinnyfit

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It not only makes you gay but makes a cock sucking fag

It's an interesting question. You are attracted to female phenotypes. Nothing aboutt the picture you posted is gay (a straight male could fap to it without knowing it's a boy.) But you are conceptually gay, meaning you fap to people who look female but are male.

So you have the libido (unthinking, organic sexual attraction) of a heterosexual male, but with the conceptual mental constructs of a homosexual male.

You're animalistically straight but intellectually a faggot.

Compared to what?
I always compare the hypothetical to lusting after tomboys with confirmed vaginas.
From a guy's point of view it seems more homosexual to lust after men and from a womans point of view more heterosexual.

Ultimately you're gay until you can call your girlfriend 'daddy' in bed without feeling weird about it.

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Yes, user. Becoming sexually aroused at the sight of men in lacey undergarments is gay.

im hetero too but my god I'd eat out that juicy butt

user is that your bum? :3

But I'm a sucker for your cock

I'm fucking sick of dudes denying their entire sexuality because of shit like this. Just admit it user, you're a fucking faggot, why else would you be on tumblr actively looking for shit like this? dumbass. Just admit it, you want to pound that ass senseless.

Gonna buy some panties now that la senza has a sale now thanks for reminding me user

Go back to your discord faggot

Jesus fucking christ, you're straight. You're attracted to feminine characteristics and feminine figures. I mean i might be wrong. If you liked big hairy dudes in womens underwear then yeah you'd be a fucking faggot. Just looks like you're into traps to me.

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being into traps doesn't make you straight you fucking brainlet

I love pantie boys

one day i will pee inside a pantie boy 4sure

>What are mirror neurons.

Straight men tend to exhibit sexual arousal to tits, ass, dicks, vaginas and feet - more or less in that order.

sincerely need a femboy bf to spend my life with. Legit all the perks of having a gf except its not weird to wanna fuck all the time and minus hormonal female period BS. I also find fragrant feminine guys immensely fucking sexy

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>im entirely straight
You are gay. Now kill yourself

Thats why you are attracted to MEN. Makes perfect sense to jack off to men in drag when you are attracted to women

i wanna know who's ass this is

little koggy

I'm in the same boat my dude.
But apparently "real gays" prefer dudes in dude underwear because they're attracted to masculaine shit and panties are feminine.
I think I'm generally fucked up though becuase I get incredibly bored by pretty much all types of porn, gay or straight, trap or tranny stuff. But if there are panties in there, my dick never fails to go skyward.

If you like womans as well then you are bisexual, ignore these people trying to bulli u and cum to terms with it and get a cute bf

where 2 cop a cute femboy with an ass like this? me likey very much

it's only gay if you like guys in boibriefs,

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Whatever you do, don't act on your urges. Femboys and crossdressers non-meme actual chronic cheaters, they try to have sex with as much people as they can and can deeply enjoy it unlike bio women, who do it because we live in a society.

Trust me, please. Just don't trust any of them. a biological woman can do the same thing but for her its casual and doesn't mean anything

>not for boys
What did they mean by this?

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i mean you just mentioned all the advantages of fucking a tranny

>"Hurr-durr, I'm not gay but I enjoy watching gay stuff"

See this is why nobody likes being around you homo faggots, the least you can do is figure your own sexuality out before you post low-tier shit bait like that

that ass tho. HNGGGG MUST COOM