Doomer Hours

Another doomer hours thread. What's on your mind anons? How are you spending your Friday night?

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Decided to go to bed "earlier" aka 2am. Woke up at 5am and can't fall asleep since. I fucking hate my body, it's always the same shit. I just want to sleep

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The only two things keeping me from pulling the trigger are that hell might be real, and that mom would be sad.

I have literally nothing else to live for.

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i am alone, away from home and tired of caring so much about people even though no one seems to care about me at all

Not really doing anything. I don't even know how the time passes

I'd rather have eternal hell than oblivion. Nothing scares me more than the idea of just not existing.

Maybe that's what hell is: eternal oblivion, but being conscious of it

Wondering how to fix my life. Should I go back to school? If so, for what? I'm petrified of a student loan. Should I travel? I've never left my shitty country, maybe some perspective on the world would do me good. Should I keep applying for new jobs? I've sent out like 50 applications for jobs I'm overqualified for and gotten 1 call back.

I just feel like I'm running out of time.

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>I would rather burn alive forever and ever besides eternal sleep

Fucking retard.

wow classic, monster ultra and weed

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What do I do if my impulse control is broken? I'm an internet fiend.

the walls are closing in every year
I'll probably look back at my current state and think I had so many opportunities to turn my life around
but right now I'm absolutely clueless

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I didn't get hired again.

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living with my sister for a second time, depressed as fuck, making plans to move back to a better place next month, really want to do it but at the same time think what's the point, i'll probably be miserable there again this time too

if you can use a computer and can at least fake talking to people my work at home job is hiring user, shits gay but pays decent, just have to sit with a headset and talk to retards about their iphones and shit

There's no hope for us user. Just depression

Sure, but it would nice to not have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck on top of that.

What "shitty" country are you from fren?

Canada. I don't mean shitty in the sense of quality of life, just in the sense of its a safe boring place to be, so never venturing outside it is kind of sad.

Reminder that "doomer" isn't a thing and will never be a thing. You're basically just emos of the current day, a non-identity formed in rejection to perceived norms whose only common thread is pessimism and depression.

Hey. It's me. Your conscious. I love you. I will work harder to keep you healthy and happy. You are the most important person. Maybe if I take care of you more, others will begin to care too. I think I will. No one could ever step to this bond that you and I share. You are awesome. You are loved. You will accomplish your goals. Lets take it one day at a time and not go too crazy. The future is bright.

I think its neat that you understand neither of those terms yet choose to comment on both.

Youre a bunch of faggots desu

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Yeah sure kid nobody understands you, you're misunderstood.

Is life supposed to be some kind of big joke? It seems like I'm making the same mistakes, but my brain wants to keep making those same mistakes. It feels like someone is pulling the strings or something.

It's like I'm stuck at a level in a video game and I can't seem to get why I'm stuck, but the answer should be obvious. This is all tiresome.

I feel a similar way. It's like life wants me to think outside the box to succeed but I can't see shit outside the box.

same, man we should evaluate each other, maybe we could learn something

It appears to be quarter past 9
I'm just waiting for Iran to explode

I just lurk on gif and play smite on xBox

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A quote your conversation reminded me of

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>you've reached the wizard
>in the name of
>in the name of
>in the name
>wake up
>it's fly
>follow follow follow

no need to be so hostile user, we're all just trying to survive

Doing absolutely nothing at all because whats the fucking point.

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If it really is I better start training myself to know how to have lucid dreams.

I swear the world is overpopulated
so many people are produced by the educational conveyor belt with no purpose or direction in life
what's the point of all this

Finding purpose in life is one of the few problems that noone can do for you.
Well some authoritarian governments did that - which is why they are so popular with neckbeards - but most people prefer to answer that question themselves.
Of course many people get stranded at one point or the other about the possible pointlessness of everything, but you should consider it a great gift that you can worry about this shit.
Consider this: If you were born 500 years ago - if you're not part of the 0.01% elite you have to work all day and literally give away 90% of the crops that you get from the shitty fields. You have to live from the rest. Of course you've been working more or less like that since you're a child.
So you end up working 70 hours a week while members of your family die regularly from some diseases until your local prince decided to have a dick waving contest with his neighbors so heavily armored people on gigantic horses come up and kill you while raping every female member of your family before killing them aswell.
But wait - none of that shit happens. You are fucking pampered. You get so many things handed to you and you don't even appreciate them.
You should take some time off. Spend time outside. Don't go online. Don`t visit fucking Jow Forums or any other site that you go to spend time. You need to do the exact opposite. You need to be bored.
If you don't leave enought time for your body to sort the shit in your head you will always be in a state of confusion. You need quiet. I don't give a shit if you give meditating a try or go jogging or simply sit on a random bench and think about the things that are bothering you.
You should take that time and actually just think about it. Don't ask anyone. Especially don't ask the internet. Just think about the shit that makes your life miserable. Once you have identified it ask yourself if that's really the core of the problem. If it is think some more. What could you do about that? Can you accept that?

It seems I'm going down the Doomer/Dead Inside path. I've lost the ability to relax, all I do is pace around the house with nothing to do. I just want to drive (away). That's the only time I feel normal.

Taking copious amounts of benzos and promethazine. A lot think it's strange but I don't want to be high, I wanna just be sedated. Love self-induced naps.

>whats on your mind?

nothing, ever, help me.

>woke up at 9 PM because my sleep schedule got fucked up due to a couple of nights of insomnia
>apparently the local mall had some schizo drive a fucking SUV through it
>still need to find a job and friends
>currently lying down with my laptop since I hurt one of my eyes bingereading a book
The worst part is that my student loans are going to start being due in a couple of months but the only job I managed to find was a worthless scam that never paid me for a month's labor. Got some compensation but I'm still unemployed. Every "good" job I've looked at has been full of meme tier requirements, and it's to the point that I've been using fucking fast food ads as bargaining chips. Why in the fuck would I want to work for some sleazy startup whose only benefits are a pool table and "happy hours" when I can get paid 4 more bucks an hour at the local taco bell? Pic related, at this point I'm thinking about just applying to a random garbage job so that I can at least start saving some money to move out.

On the bright side everyone is suffering so I'm not completely alone. That and I didn't go for a complete meme degree like Law, which is just as bad if not worse salary-wise because everyone and their mother forced people to become lawyers resulting in the pay being garbage.

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Same here, taking 3 mg of xanax right now along with smoking flower, perfect escape from my shit life

Saturday afternoon here already. Spent last day drinking and smoking and will do the same today. That's what I have done the last 4 years anyway.

Hey dommers don't be so down, I've been in your shoes before and I guess right now to some extent but there are many perspectives to life, especially spiritual wise which many people tend to pass by.

John 12:25 kjv
>He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

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>He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.
so what you're saying is that its a lose-lose situation?

>How are you spending your Friday night?
hooked up with a milf, was great

If you're a map fag like me you can go back to school for GIS. It's got high demand with basically no supply because map fagging is tedious and thankless work that requires you to be able to learn how to do well with several things at once.

Other fields with good outcomes
>Computer Science
>Information Tech (Security and Cloud)
>Information Systems Management
>Business Information Systems
>Computer Information Systems
>Supply Chain Management

What are the odds right? That our consciousness exists in this specific shitbag of meat, of everything that it could have materialized in. So vulnerable to the tides of chance, why fucking bother, nothing is permanent and everything is eventually ruined. I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT THIS SHIT WHY COULDN'T I BE BORN JUST AS A OBLIVIOUS NORMAL-FAG.

I had things I wanted to do, but now I don't all of the sudden.
I have a really fucked up realization whenever I think about doing nice things for others that it doesn't matter because everyone I'm nice to will eventually be dead anyway.
That's stupid I know but just how temporary everything is, is fucking with me. Before my problems were more a concern with how am I going to make a comfortable life for myself and now i find no comfort in anything at all because of being perpetually conscious of how temporary it all is.

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>take hundreds of pictures for tinder
>delete them all because I'm ugly as fuck, give up, uninstall the app
>know I'll do the exact same thing tomorrow

It's all so tiresome.

>t. certifiable retard

Imagine not understanding the difference between material comfort and meaninglessness.

the bible talks about a second death, which is the eternal death of the soul in hell. We all physically die, but non believers die twice, but Christians get their souls saved by believing in Jesus Christ

John 14:6 kjv
>Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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How many psychedelics did you have to take to believe in God?

Miserably at home. Spent last months doing a course and tricked myself into thinking that i might just make it and get a job. Spent last two weeks looking for jobs, even applied to some. no calls back. I dont even know what the fuck is up anymore...

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