Imma post some paintings i am working on

imma post some paintings i am working on.

feel free to tell me what you think

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it looks like you stuck the paint brush up your ass and squatted over the canvas

feels busy, like looking down at a mod in a packed city from the top of a building

I think you need to work harder in a different hobby.


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To what end? Work harder for what? Brainlet sheep, leave this thread

looks like bright shit
looks like shit
looks like dark shit
looks like wide shit

Am I really the only one that likes these?
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How thick is the paint? I use to love paintings like this. To see an impressionist painting in person is a different matter. There is so much texture

intriguing. i enjoy the color palette but I wish that the brush strokes were more "deliberate". Right now they are in the middling territory between "indistinguishable/secondary, this painting is all about the bigger picture" and "notice every single brush stroke". Also, consider using another size brush (you can stick to one brush for the whole painting if u want but try scaling up or down).

t. artist

this isn't impressionist, it's gestural abstraction. :p

artists I'd recommend you look at:
Cecily Brown
Philip Guston
Joan Mitchell
Mark Bradford
Willem de Kooning

also try adding some marble dust to your paint, it looks like you're working in acrylic and though it's hard to tell purely from the image I suspect your painting may be suffering irl from the plasticky look of acrylics.

Also next time pls show the edges of the painting in the picture/possibly with a teeny bit of side of the frame. it makes a difference :)

I know it isn't. I was simply drawing the parallel between thick texture and it's relevance in styles like impressionism

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