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I was talking to this girl for awhile and things were going so well in the beginning of the summer then she just kinda stopped reciprocating and that made me try harder to go after her and hang out. Eventually I guess she had enough and decided to leave me. Now she reaching out to me saying she wants to be on good terms. Do I even waste my time with her as a friend or should I just move on? I understand where I fucked up

You have to make that choice for yourself, If you understand where you fucked up then you learned your lesson.

Ask yourself, do you actually value the girl and wanna hang out with her or did you just wanna fuck her?

My upstairs neighbor is a gaslighting faggot who tries to make me think I hear voices, stomps in rhythmic patterns, makes gay ass hissing noises and just generally tries to make my life insufferable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Left my job, I'm now more broke then ever. I'm fucking CONSTANTLY worried about how the hell I'm going to pay my bills but then again I fucked myself when I didn't have another job lined up. Not having a job has made me realize so much shit like why do I even want to work. Yeah money is cool, but also like I would rather kill myself than deal work another shitty customer service job. I want to do more things online that maybe I would enjoy and make money off of. I'm talentless and useless. I hate being alive, I didn't ask for this.

Thanks for responding user.
I think the only thing holding me back from being her friend is that all of her friends are past lovers that seem to be waiting for their turn to fuck her again. I don't want to become one of those ppl and that was a huge red flag in the beginning. I think im going to keep my distance from her and move on the best I can.

He's a faggot and you can't kill him so you gotta learn how to deal with him. My advice would be don't let him have power over your life. Act like everything he does has no effect on you. Become indifferent to him. Inaction is a better outcome than an altercation.

Will do, thanks for the advice bro

Relatable post my fellow doomer.

You need a job with more control. being constantly at the beck and whim of others is a recipe for disaster.

A janitor job or dishwasher job is pretty chill, very minimal social interaction, I'd recommend over any customer service gig.

You may not like the advice I have to offer but is it possible to move back home and go to trade school?

You could learn a skill and live that comfy education lifestyle for a while. The government will cover certain education fields with FAFSA

I really feel this one because I've been in the exact same spot.

It's such a difficult problem to tackle i can't help you with just 1 response, I'd need to listen to your whole life story, I'd need to figure out what got you to the position you are in and help figure out how to get you out of this situation.

You don't wanna kill yourself, You just want things to get better but you don't believe things can get better because you are plagued by demons and ghosts of the past.

Try to remember, the past isn't real and the future isn't real, the only thing that is real is the present and the only way out of the hell you are experiencing is to do what you know you need to do.

Do what makes you proud and feel accomplished with yourself.

It's easy to recover from your lowest low but you have to recognize you are at a low and start with baby steps, Cutting back on on your bad habits and rebuilding your healthy habits, It has a momentum effect and you will eventually regain control over your own life.

I'm living with my family at the moment, so step one done.
The thing with school is I've never been good at it, barely made it through high school and haven't done anything else related in 2-3 years. I'm scared I'll just fail even more than I already have. I've fucked up already a lot in these last couple years too.
I have considered FAFSA though, if I did decide to push myself back to school. I'm first gen college though so no one really understands it, asking for help isn't really an option. My family not being originally from here makes it harder too.
Also I have looked into college loads, however I have medical bills that i haven't paid off. I'm not sure if any of that stuff is connected but my family has tried to convince me it is and that it would permanently fuck my credit.
I didn't learn how to be a proper adult so I'm really just winging this shit. Call me out if im wrong, any advice is appreciated.

I want to aim for engaging in a lot of activities that i like/now interest me but feel the overwhelming pressure of commitment and not gaining anything like improvement out of my long extensive effort. I keep self depricating myself and doubt my ability.

That's what i'm talking about, You are being haunted by the demons of the past, your past failures, You have been convinced by your logical brain that you are no good!

Your brain is not your fucking friend! You need to stop listening to the monkey brain and tell it to shut the fuck up.

The past isn't real and the future isn't real. fear of failure will guarantee failure.

if you sit there paralyzed by fear then what you fear will come true.

Debt is bad yes, I understand that BUT what's much worse than debt is stagnation, never reaching your potential and never having a decent income.

Here is the thing with student loans, You can set up a payment plan and pay them JACK SHIT monthly compared to what you owe them. A small fee monthly for like 18 years is nothing.

Schooling isn't the only option, You could become a truck driver, or work for the government or if you are really desperate join the military, you have options, Being homeless is better than being dead.

As for the medical debt, there is no harm in applying for fafsa, that will not fuck with your credit score.

If you are not paying off the debt start paying it.
You can contact the hospital or if it's been long enough whatever company the sold the debt too and set up a payment plan paying them 20 bucks a month.

Just give them a sob story and then low ball them as much as possible, tell them you barely have any money, They will work with you because any money is a hell of a lot better than NO money.

It's not like you only get to apply once and that's it.

I'll take all of this into consideration.
Thank you user, you've given me a lot to think about. I appreciate your feedback, I've been needing someone to tell me to get my shit together.

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Listen fren, It's darkest before the dawn.
It's a meme phrase but it's true. If you kill yourself now then it's game over, Nothing more to experience, You don't know what is waiting on the other side but if you kill yourself in the middle of a personal hell i can pretty much guarantee whatever is waiting for you will be hellish, even if it's just a lingering feeling of pain as the lights go out.

Suicide is not safety, the pain doesn't stop. Death is painful, your body wants to stay alive. It will make death the most painful thing you have ever experienced. You will feel pure terror and in those last moments before you cease to exist it won't be inner peace. It will be PURE TERROR as you regret everything and wish you could stay alive.

I know you can get yourself together and i know you want too as well.

You are a conduit for everything in the world, The world enters you through perception and what you see is influenced by who you are. If you are not on solid ground mentally then the world seems wicked and evil but if you learn how to cope with the world then it's wickedness ceases to matter and you can focus on improving.

Take care of your diet, get the nutrients you need, get the exercise you need and form the connections you need with people who care about you,

Never worked a regular job bit I've arranged to meet with the owner of a fish and chip shop that is reopening and hiring part time workers. What do? Is he going to want to see my nonexistent CV?

Be honest with him. If you are genuine with him and tell him the absolute trith then you will gain his respect and it will make you much more likely to get the job.


Be open about your weakness and awnser him honestly but be confident as well.

Accept the possibility you might not get the job.

it doesn't mean don't try but it does mean accept the possibility of failure and realize this is just a temporary and replaceable job.

I need a job, how do I get one?

I don't know bro shit sucks right now. I really want to get a girlfriend, but everyone I've asked out has said no and every rejection makes me want to die

indeed, craigslist, snagajob, nepotism, owning a truck.

try nepotism first. anybody you know who can get you a job is basically an easy way in.

For online jobs check daily and look at the newest postings. You are competing and get a big edge if you are the first applicant.

Make a resume.

Women are holes fren, don't concern yourself with them. Focus on yourself and your own improvement and you will find the right woman eventually. You gotta worry about you king. The better you are the better girl you will eventually get.

been checking indeed but not much sticking out, though I need to not be picky since I have next to 0 experience.
haven't tried craigslist or snagajob but I will.
Tried nepotism but the only promising thing required I go to school for two years which I'm not doing.
Truck ain't my thing.
I had looked at online jobs but they all either seem to be chump change or phone center shit.
Thanks for the advice.

janitor or dishwasher is the job I reccomend robots. barely any socializing.

If you work fastfood go for pizza delivery.

Both janitor and dishwasher sound good to me.

consider the schooling man, The miracle job isn't gonna just pop up, Anything good is being gatekept by an institution unless it's vital to society like truck driving.

I don't like it but you gotta pay some institution a shitload of money to get a good life.

the only good thing is that you can pay it over the course of many many years.

if you got an in for the good life then 2 years is a drop in the bucket.

Listen , In real life you are only worth the value you provide and unless you have a valuable skill you will get paid shit and be in poverty forever.

school and jobs like that just feel like too much of a scam to me.
You work hard to make someone else rich...
I would rather take risks and try to do something with my life in my free time after doing mindless work.
Just being real, all jobs are dead ends if you don't try to do more in your free time.

Sorry i missed this post,

seems like you are being plagued by the past, Very common problem.

You have been mistreated and undervalued in the past and as a result you internalize it and listen to your monkey brain tell you that you are no good.

You gotta realize your monkey brain is not your friend! it doesn't know what is best for you and it doesn't even know how to think properly.

Hard thing to grasp when your brain is all that has guided you through life so far but it's a shitty guide who treats you like crap.

Start treating yourself better, Treat yourself like how you would treat your best friend.

Also learn how to shut off the monkey brain, Many different ways to do it.

Excercise, meditation, A relaxing EASY video game, going for a walk, going for a hike. Zoning out and listening to music.

Anything that can quiet your internal monologue telling you that you are no good is good.

Don't listen to it.

Who you are in the present is not who you were in the past and not who you will be in the future.

The present is all that exists in this world and you need to live in the present. Ignore the ghosts of the past.

help me get over my ex. it's going to be 4 months soon, and i still think about her every day.


I know it's a scam, everybody is going to try and profiteer off of you, it's how the world works.

there are only 2 ways to make money, get exploited or exploit others.

It's unfortunate but it's reality. I'm telling you the only way to get ahead in this world is to pay your dues to the system. you gotta accept the debt to get the higher level of income, once you have the higher income you can invest into passive income which is exploitation of others.

Or you can learn how to exploit people into giving you money,

Develop a talent, Art, public speaking, videos, etc

Realize that talent and charm are over saturated markets right now and if you wanna succeed in this field you gotta NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK with whatever niche you wanna fill.

About 6 months ago I met someone fantastic who treats me right, but they don't seem to want to improve themselves due to severe anxiety. Any advice to help him bloom into an even better person?

Everything in this world is temporary and the past doesn't truly exist, it's just a collection of memories, cherish the good memories but don't mourn that it is over, it only causes you suffering.

She didn't exist in your life before and you managed to do things well enough to get her.

You will manage to find another girl and i know that it hurts right now but you gotta give it time, you need to find something new in your life that brings you joy, make some new friends, Focus on what you love.

She will always be a highlight of your life but everything comes to an end.

That is really solid advice.
Thanks for the help user.

Anxiety can be genetic but it usually is enviromental.

I'd recommend he doesn't take medication for his anxiety, it doesn't solve the underlying issues it just suppresses them

Just look at jordan peterson, self help guru extraordinaire and he gets hooked on anxiety medication and has to go to rehab.

You know i'd recommend he studies philosophy to help him understand himself, Stoicism and Buddhism help with dealing with inner struggles.

He needs to gain control over his life in order to quiet the chaos, It's a momentum based process,

You can be in a downward or upward spiral and these things take time

The best thing you can do is be patient and have faith in him.

Relationships aren't just for the good times, They are there for the hard times as well and as long as he continues to treat you right and stays faithful to you then you should stick by his side.

That really helps. Much thanks.

EDIT: WOW 200,000 upvotes?!?!

I started getting better at talking to people through volunteering and generally became less socially anxious. Then I get my first job and find it hard to connect with the people I see every day despite trying to be friendly all the time. Start regressing and become more awkward. People are coming to my work less and those I do see ignore me and I feel like it's my fault but I keep telling myself that it can't be because I was fine at first.

Yeah, if you can advise me on that mess, that'd be great.

too many problems to list.

How do I force myself to be happy?

It's not your fault for not being able to connect with these people so stop internalizing it and saying that something is wrong with you. If you do that and allow it to turn into a complex you will be more awkward.

My advice is try to drop the mask when interacting with people. People like others when they are genuine and a friendly mask can only get you so far. that doesn't mean drop professionalism.

It's likely that you just aren't a good fit for the environment.

Also keep in mind people tend to be REALLY pissed when they go to work so they may just not wanna socialize.

Try to be more geniune with your co workers and if that doesn't work just find a new job.

Genes express themselves in different ways in different environments and it's likely your environment is not a good fit for your genes.

Start by solving the problems, I can't help you unless you tell me what is wrong. Start with the major stuff.

I have never lived my life like I should've.

I never went to party's, I never went to prom, I never got a specific group of friends. I always was stuck playing games until I got older(and been told by so many people how I even got better looking by a lot) and now I'm always working, and it's not even for the money. It's something I'm good at and I like it and my co-workers and it gives me something to do other than feel useless at home, playing shit, which I have little interest in doing nowadays. I wake up at like 3pm, get ready for work, get off around 1-2am, go home, do schoolwork or relax for a couple hours, sleep, repeat. it's my life, I even bent my school schedule around to where I take all but 1 classes are online so I can still work 40-60 hours a week.

I think the saddest part about my life is how lonely I am. I consider relationships, whether romantically or regular friends are the most important aspect of life. Yet, I have just about no friends to hang out with on my days off, the ones I do are too busy with other things in their life, I usually hang around work when I'm off. I've only had one girlfriend for about a year and I ended it due to my anxiety and overthinking. We never even got anywhere past making out.

And I recently got with a girl unofficially and I ruined it with my overthinking and having the emotions of a stereotypical teenaged girl. So now I'm back to being alone constantly, not even having the time to see or talk to family because of how often I'm working or sleeping because I work so late. I know I should just wait and a girl will come along but it just feels like I'm falling behind everyone else in my life. Last month was the first time I actually drank alcohol where it was more than just one bottle/can and the first time I went to a club with some friends. I had a blast but I realize that I'll rarely have the time or schedule that works with my friends to do it again and it just makes me feel worse. [1]

[2] I feel like I'm wasting my life away and the plans I have in the future, career wise, will end up as failure, which will basically destroy everything I want in life. My job I want to do, (because I'd rather die than work a job I'll hate.) and any and all types of relationships I could have.

being diagnosed with minor anxiety and major depression does not help, I'm sure. I stopped taking my meds back in December because I ran out, don't have time to make an appointment to get it refilled, I feel like it did not make much of a difference and I've up the doses and switched pills so many times it feels pointless and yeah. I even tried therapy and it always felt like the therapist would never understand or always talk about themselves so I stopped that after the 4th therapist.

idk, there's so much more but that's just what has been on my mind the most recently

Alright well first of all you are working too much. you said it wasn't for money so you are clearly working too much to have any time for the passions you wanna pursue. tell your boss you can't work on specific days and schedule those days for socializing. try making new friends, I know it sounds shitty but you can meet cool people on /soc/ and even here on Jow Forums

You have anxiety because you are neglecting your needs as a human and you have anxiety because you are neglecting your spiritual/philosophical needs.

You need coaching in life, I personally was a wreck before i found Buddhism and stoicism and i'm not a religious person but i still pray and meditate because it helps me find inner peace.

the mind can be your own worst enemy, you know this from experience, you need to learn how to tame your mind.

I know what it's like dealing with anxiety i lost a job and an apartment and a relationship to anxiety but i no longer feel anxious and that's beacuse i spent a long time relearning the lessons i already know

Proper diet, Exercise, Meaningful social time, you need to fulfill your needs in life.

I've also said this multiple times to other people but you need to stop wrestling with the ghosts of the past, the past is the past, it says nothing about who you are as a person, EVERYBODY makes mistakes and those mistakes help us learn, you aren't some sort of lesser person because you made mistakes. Abandon the self hatred and stop listening to your monkey brain so much. It's not trying to help you, that's not what the thinking brain does, all it does is try to recognize patterns and the conclusions it draws from the patterns can be self destructive.

Learn to quiet your mind, Meditate, read, exercise, go for a walk, go hiking or swimming. Do something to get out of your negative headspace.

Never happy never sad just always tired what do?

I'd need to know more details. do you know why you feel like this?

when did it start?

I'm considering suicide, lost my partner of 7 years and he seems happy being without me included in his life. Long distance relationship..met on an MMO, he's going out with friends, drinking, having the time of his life while im mourning our relationship.
He told me I can come see him, but now he's so in differant about it when I already bought the tickets. we're supposed to talk about it more today.
If something goes wrong, i just want a way out, i already have at least three methods to do it, but all of them are painful.

Guys are trained to act indifferent.
Instead of hurting yourself, make a pact with Satan to improve yourself to the point where he'll look back with jealousy.
Join a lesbian harem and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh before the pain takes over again.
Find feminine men and poke and prod until you find some to hurt that enjoy being hurt.


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What do you mean by guys acting indifferant?
i feel like he does somewhat still care, thats why he may or may not let me see him to get closure.

Hey OP thanks for the thread.
I'm not gonna go into details with this one.
I've been a virgin with no girl experience at all. Completely loner. Some time ago I saw this girl and her appearance was EXACTLY like my fantasy girl. Then a couple of friends that kinda knew her told me some things about her personality and it felt like her personality was also like the girl of my fantasy.
The thing is I couldn't approach her, the only way I could was social media and I tried but she didn't even accept my add.
My problem is that I can't get over it because I feel like I couldn't get the chance and that's killing me. I tried to figure something out to approach her, even something crazy so I could at least say that I took my shot and she turned me down. I saying to myself if she's your dream girl don't you owe it to yourself to chase her? To do something even if it's out of the social norms?
I've missed good opportunities in my life because I was a coward OP, I said to myself I'm not gonna let that happen again but as I was starting to change and improve (go-getter phase like the meme) this happened and it shattered me. I'm trying to get back on track but I can't just simply forget it like that. Fuck I don't know what to do and how to stop losing my mind over this.

I have empathy for your situation man but listen to me

Don't kill yourself it won't solve anything and don't fall for the sunk cost fallacy, everything in this life is temporary, absolutely everything. Every relationship you have will end at some point and you need to be able to accept that.

Things are dark but suicide isn't the escape you want, it's a permanent solution for a temporary problem and you are going to miss out on every good thing life has to offer if you end it now.

If you are truly suicidal go do drugs and live like a party animal and blow all your money, take out a loan and travel to some new place and take in the sights.

get some enjoyment before you end it.

But if you want things to get better then you gotta move on,

Get a refund for your tickets and accept that the relationship is over.

Otherwise try to get tickets for somewhere else and have a nice vacation, maybe visit a friend.

I have a solution for you. It is very hard to get it done. It depends on your personality and actors skills you have. Gain his trust and become a friend with him. That 's the most difficult part. After that just poison and get rid of that motherfucker. The world will appreciate it. There are plenty of poisonous plants in the wild, especially mushrooms. Go and pick some, dry them up , then grind them to powder and put it in his food.

I gotta go to bed guys, sorry, Any advice from people beyond this point isn't going to be me, I'm gonna finish up with anyone who needs advice in the thread then i'm done.


Faggot OP

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ever since turning 20 years old i kinda stopped crying. i stopped believing that my problems were worth worrying about. was it the teenage hormones that dramatized my simple life? did i really cry a lot back then because of my age... i no longer cry myself to sleep anymore. i stopped seeing myself as an important protagonist in my own life. i feel like ive transformed into an irrelevant NPC. my mind no longer races anymore

hey OP, fellow self-help fag here
I have all the knowledge and all the wisdom I could ever need, sometimes outsmarting people with more than 10 years of experience compared to myself.
my problem is, I'm severely depressive, diagnosed as such, and it runs in the family.

how do I find motivation?
I always know what I need to do, I know what is good or bad for me, and I know what mistakes I did and how to interpret them.
but that doesn't help me with major unneeded inhibition just being... there.
what are useful techniques to motivate myself and overcome inhibition/repression? I'm already on pills and aside from preventing suicidal episodes, they barely do jack shit. the solution can't be medical. I need some kind of technique or mental support to overcome it.

please please PLEASE help me!! it's fucking me up for 10 months now and I'm starting to lose confidence and faith...

I'm very sorry user, it seems like this dude changed his mind about you long time ago, that's why he doesn't mourn like you. I just want to tell you that from a third point of view suicide seems awfuk because you didn't do anything wrong and you seem like you cared alot for him.
I hope you find the strength and get through this because you deserve better and I believe you'll eventually find it.

Don't go begging, I think he's already made up his mind long time ago. Stay positive, I'm sure you'll find someone even better and once you settle and get old together you'll look back at these things and laugh. Stay strong and proud, you're not the one in the wrong here.

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The more you ignore a girl the more she wants you if she has feelings for you.
If he's legit not interested return the tickets and use the money $3.00 at a time to reward yourself for leaving the house and going on a walk in a safe area. Get further each time ideally.
Kinda sounds like they moved on. Find someone else to creep on that might appreciate it more.

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user right above you here.
I'm 23 and I can confirm this.
nowadays I can only relate this "protagonist" thing to the thought to when things are so perfectly fitting despite being coincidences, as if things were being manipulated to suit my tastes, which stops being a fascinating thing and starts being terrifying.

in my view, the teens are the hardest phase in life. you cry yourself to sleep. you hate and fear others. sometimes, you're not even sure if there's a tomorrow for you. you're full of angst and confusion.
not a fun ride. consider the emotional numbness "becoming tougher", because that's what it is. don't worry, you're still able to have your sides sent into orbit, or sorrow over a loved one for days. you're not becoming apathetic. you're just growing that thick hide that many adults have: things can't affect you as easily anymore, and that helps you a lot with staying sane.

Feeling stuck in life. Not sure what to do. I genuinely have no idea of what my strengths are. Always had bad grades, always had trouble socializing. I have never accomplished anything I'm proud of. Right now, I'm in my 4th year in college, I have a bunch of credits left and Idk if I want to finish this bullshit. Going to class makes me suicidal for some reason. I need some money, but having a job seems like torture. It seems like I'm being held back by an invisible force, I genuinely have no idea of what I should be doing except maybe having better sleeping habits and eating better but I'm fucking this up as well.

Thank you, that's really nice to hear. I actually feel better. :)

Ok so, here is the thing with women, if they know you aren't confident then they aren't interested.

This girl you are hung up on, you need to be okay with her rejecting you, You don't have experience and just like anything that anyone doesn't have experience with you are gonna make mistakes. It's okay if she doesn't like you, I GUARANTEE there are THOUSANDS of girls just like her.

If you wanna get the girl you need to act with confidence, be the best version of yourself and be totally okay if she doesn't like you because desperation is not attractive.

You need to just act like you naturally would and the only way to do that is to practice talking with girls and be okay if you make a fool of yourself, It's like playing a new video game, you make mistakes and that's okay

thanks. im 23 too. i just felt scared there for a minute. losing an emotion is like having symptoms of a disease. i felt something was wrong. i felt inhuman

Hey thank you very much for the reply but the thing is that I didn't even get a chance to get rejected. I can't take her rejection on social media as real rejection because we've never met I'm a total stranger to her. That's what bites me, if I had tried and got rejected I would be in a much better state of mind.

I constantly drink alcohol and take my sleeping pills, and tonight is one of those nights. i want to kill myself, and im more than positive im going to, but i just want someone to share in my pain. please god someone help me.

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The same thing happened to me in the university. However I was way more stupid than you man. At least you have realised all of that in time. So do not be the idiot I was back then when I gave up on her. Soon after that she got pregnant from some rich kid a car racer who even managed to kill one and cripple other for life on from the public standing and watching the rally race.
So I'm telling you this is a one time chance that it is happening only once in a life time. Do anything and everything you can to get the girl. Otherwise you will end up like me, wondering why and what for should I continue living for?
It is how god plays with us, or test us if you like. He gives you something you have dreamt of , but not on a plate. You have to fight for it to prove you are worth it.
I was not worth it. I made the biggest mistake of my life , giving up on her. Now I regret it deeply from the bottom of my soul. Remember this is your only chance , it will never happen twice. Do not blow it away like I did. I wish I had someone to tell me that back then. Now it is over for me. My life is meaningless. Gotta rope soon or GoER.

tough it out and finish college if you can, at least you will have a safety net and an excuse for you've been doing the past few years. I fucked myself over by failing my final year twice and I'm out of ideas about what to do now.

I know exactly how you feel, and if you want to keep me around, just look for someone named McSaf in the internet.
or McSaf#3045 in Discord.

you feel as if the greatest time of your life is passing, that you're losing your youthful energy, but honestly? look back at those teen years.
they were a friggin rush of experiences. you barely have time to understand and analyze the experiences you make before the next ones overwhelm you. it's basically Schizophrenia: the age period.
yes, becoming adult can feel like becoming a machine. you grow colder. but this cold isn't apathy, you're not becoming someone like Stalin or Hitler. this coldness is serenity. inner peace. you're finally experiencing the first months of sanity, and sanity feels pretty bland; because sanity isn't full of ups and downs, it's a stable line.
but think of yourself as a ship. back then, you shaked and trembled and jumped around, maybe you'll sink, maybe you'll find a new country.
now it's a steady course on a calm sea. you can see where the wind is taking you, and you can spin the steer in a different direction;
you're finally in control of your own life, and not enslaved by parents or teachers anymore.
it's boring, hard and exhausting, but in the end, it's better than being someone's property.

Instead of committing suicide in a quiet way
Commit it in a loud way.
Run until you die. Just open the door and fucking go. Tell everyone you bump into with a smile on your face that you're gonna go until you drop dead.

I got 15 miles the last time. Bet you dont make it a third of the way

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I am going to kill myself tomorrow. I am incompatible with this world. How should I spend today and tomorrow?

I calculated how many points I would've gotten in my leaving cert in fifth year. It was 296. I need at least 409 to get the course I want. How tf do I increase my points? I want a job and a salary and not be an absolute NEET when I finish school.

Don't kill yourself until you've ran 2KM everyday for a week straight. At least try and fix your dopamine receptors before you do it.

Oh man..... every single second I think of doing that, but I'm such a timid piece of shit that nobody would expect such a thing of me......
That honestly sounds like such a great idea, though, but I just know people would be pissed at me, yet..... i dont care. fuck it.

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My man I've had my missed opportunities and it was killing me. I said I either change or hate myself until I anhero. But what the fuck am I supposed to do now? I can't get in touch with her and it's fucking killing me. I just try to find a way to approach her without completely destroying my chances. I'm not afraid to ridicule myself. I want to get my chance so I can be ok with myself. But if I do something completely out of the norm then I'll keep thinking that I acted irrationally and I fucked up my chances. I don't know what to do though. If someone told me you had to set the world on fire to get her I'd fucking do it but I just can't figure something out and it's killing me...

Anyway thanks for your reply bro and I know how losing opportunities suck, try to be strong and focus on what you achieve from now on, never look back and be proud.

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Re learn your lessons
Depression runs in my family as well, I know what it's like. I've been suicidal before.

I'll give you a personal example. I used to be very depressed, i spent a ton of time doing research into self help and i got better.

2 years later and i got bad again from all the stress, I had to go and relearn every lesson i had forgotten. I was being ruled by my emotions.

If you wanna be good at helping yourself you gotta keep your skill sharp and not forget the lessons. You need to constantly re learn your lessons and trigger yourself into action.

Figure out what makes you feel fulfilled and figure out what triggers you into feeling worse.

Replicate what makes you feel good and minimize what makes you feel bad

Exercise makes me feel good
masturbation makes me feel bad

i maximize exercise and minimize masturbation.

Find a self help video you like to give you motivation to get out of bed.

I don't like pills they make me worse personally.

I think it's kind of evident you don't know what is wrong or you are unable to put it into practice.

do you have the things in your life you need to have?

do you exercise, socialize, and get proper nutrition?

this is gonna sound dumb but i was having a major depressive episode a while ago and i ended it by slamming 3 monster energy cans in a day, (i had a vitamin b deficiency and it was worsening my depression)

If you are still depressed after listening to advice then turn to different teachers, I can only help so much.

Buddhism and stoicism help me cope.

As for
Buy some water or gatorade to bring. I did my march in 100+ degree weather without sunscreen. Do it during the day. Say you're protesting for peace if anyone asks why.

Do it, since you're obviously crying for help and attention. Do it louder and keep track of the distance until you drop.

Also bring a phone with uber or lyft in case you change your mind before passing out.

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I wanna kill myself too. The only thing that stops me is there are so many people that have made my life miserable and done me evil. I want to punish and have my revenge on them. I want to become an powerful and free spirit after I die to hunt them and all of their blood relatives and make them pay, all of them until their blood line got scratched out from earth and ceased to exists.

not him but what if you're not fulfilled by anything anymore?

do something new!
do something crazy and exit your comfort zone

Actually, why do you want to kill yourself. What's so bad about this world that makes you incompatible with it? I bet it isn't as bad as you're making it out to be.

you are a fucking genius.
better advice than i could give

Immediately I realize you're being sarcastic.

I'm just some crazy person with more brain damage than you could imagine.
Like earlier today on my walk through the park I scared some evangelists away by claiming to be the angel that tests man.
They threatened to call the cops and I bowed to them and encouraged them to do so.
The fucking cowards packed up and drove off rofl
The test that everyone fails but imparts more knowledge than the bible:

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My boss has a thick Indian accent and I can't understand a thing he says and I'm too sperg to say anything. He also thinks my last name is my first name and again I can't bring myself to say anything.

Why would I be sarcastic?
I walked for 15 miles, passing through the ghetto and more farms than I could count.
When the gatorade ran out I bought water. When the water ran out I begged for a refill from a friendly farmer.
At the end, I hitchhiked home and somehow ended up meeting the guy that owned all the farms.

Thank you, Case. While I disagree with your god, you saved my life (or at least the cost of an Uber).

This is me paying it forward

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If you are not afraid to ridicule yourself there is nothing you should be worrying about . If you are in love with her, mark my words you will succeed. The women feels that energy man has and emits when he is in love. Nothing else matter for them. They are fascinated and thirsty for that energy. They seek it their whole life , because they need it. This is what makes them happy. So there is nothing that can go wrong when you are in love. All you need is to stay with her for as long as possible. Next to her so she can feel your love energy. It will work. Now if there other males who feel the same way, this could be a problem. So do not waste time. Just be next to her , even if you do not talk much it will make her feel your love. And it will sparks hers towards you in return. Even if there are other male competitors, ignore them. If you are deeply in love with her, you will get her. The strongest love always win.
I wish I knew that back then. Everything would have been different.

I think you misunderstand me
what you are telling me, I have internalized ever since I turned about 19.
again, I have all the wisdom and knowledge I could ever need regarding my problems, and that's why 90% of therapists fail in helping me:
they see some dumb emo fuckboi who doesn't understand his own actions and problems.
I am the opposite. I know TOO MUCH about myself, my problems, my actions and my thoughts. I have the philosopher's curse. any explanation you can give me is below my own level of knowledge.

what I need is straight-up what I ask for.
techniques or mechanisms, just something that makes me stop going "man I know I wanna get outside, but I can't..." and go "fuck this, I'll do it. I have to."
I need something to motivate me. I am absolutely capable of making myself happy. the problem is motivation.
I don't want to be a passive insect my whole life, I actually wanna initiate stuff and change things.
the problem is that I don't know what can give me the strength to do so.
something like that one baseball dude who said
>you know, before a match, I'm always thinking "if I believe in dinosaurs, then somewhere out there, a dinosaur might believe in me!" and then I ball out!
a type of method, trick or mechanism to get my balls back to function properly.

This samefag won't quit for some reason.

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it has been this way for like the last 5-6 years and i have no clue why its like this

No but seriously, see
Case said not to pay him back, so Im paying it forward by telling you the batshit insane thing I did to meet new friends and feel less shit.

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Yes but that's the problem I can't approach her. I have no way to communicate with her. What the fuck do I do?

This game is dumb. Stop playing and start walking or running.

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check carbon monoxide, then i suggest psychiatrist

>be me
>have good rapport with coworkers
>occasionally have drinks after work
>have had dinners and lunches with them outside of the workplace
>have even visited and hung out at their house
>leave workplace to go back to school
>never hear from them again
What the hell happened here? If you want more details just ask

I bet they're just waiting for you to give them a call and let them know what you've been up to

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still gonna feel stuck when i finish

Get an internship NOW.
The reason the entry level positions require years of experience is that the ones that get internships in year 3 and 4 are the ones they want.

Otherwise get real good at applying video game social interactions to retail jobs

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Got a crush on a grill from my uni group but she already has a bf for 5 years.
And to add to it, looks like we're kind of getting along, talking n shit, was escorting her home last night after our group's meetup, and I don't fucking know what to do I even post about it on r9k.

this is all normalfag advice, but thanks for taking the time to reply

5 years? I've fucked up relationships older than that in my sleep.
If she wont break up with him for you its a lost cause. Be professional and hound some other girls unless he's legit abusing her - at which point decide if you don the cape of CAPTAIN SAVE A HO.

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Nigga what kind of people do you think are getting the decent paying jobs? Go be a NEET if you want to be a cool social outcast

Then make it sensational by adding dumb shit,
Like reading all the msds in the chem lab and hound them for their inadequate use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) until you get a job as a lab manager for minimum wage.

Or earn enough money to shortsell a major bad actor in an industry you hold dear like this badass in picrelated named Fahmi Quadir.

She fucks people in the ass for money, market-wise, and that is sexy as hell.

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