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I'm lost and empty inside. I question the purpose of my existence daily.

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why not become my girlfriend then? If you have nothing to lose.

Yeah why not let's fuck

Have you tried to find something you are passionate about or at least enjoy?

>ugly, disgusting females experience the same sort of ennui that plagues the average male

What does being empty and thinking about existentialism have to do with being a female?

Tits ore gtfo

you know the rules, slut


The average male is certainly doing better than I am.

Hey, fellow female here. I have to tell you, you feel lost and empty because you haven't had a kid or two yet. I know this sounds retarded, but think back to my post whenever you're one day in the future, looking into the eyes of your beautiful child, and thinking about how full and meaningful your life finally is. I felt like that my entire life until I finally popped one of those little suckers out. Propagation of the species fucking ROCKS, that's why all paleolithic art is of women, if it wasn't of animals. They worshiped women (as do these dumb turned around fucks) for a reason. Sperm banks exist now, you can literally have whatever gorgeous, smart baby you want to now, without the need of living with some dumb asshole that holds you back. Fuck men, fuck friends, fuck your family (unless you have a good relationship with them, that is, but I doubt you would be here if you did), and make your own family and find happiness. Good luck to you!

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Please let me be your paypig femanons

Isn't birth extremely painful and mentally challenging?

>tfw still can't get pregnant after three years of trying

Not at all! With modern medicine being as good as it is, I felt literally nothing. My lower body felt like a big marshmallow after I got the epidural. I just laid around watching TV for like 8 hours, then pushed (like you're taking the most massive shit of your life) my daughter out in about 30 minutes. No tearing, no scars, my vagina is just as tight as ever, and I didn't shit in front of anybody either!

Now, raising a toddler is definitely a challenge, but it's more fun than anything. Have you ever raised a puppy, a kitten? It's honestly really similar. You lay down the law, they eventually get it, and you guys just have tons of fun together all day long. My kid somehow turned out to be like, 20x more good looking than I am, too. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, and says "mama?" to the darkness and grasps for me, then falls back asleep when she realizes I'm still there... phew. Ain't nothin' better than that. And she loves to watch Star Trek and anime with me, too! And she loves my stupid city pop and Japanese music I listen to. I've never had a best friend before, it's honestly awesome getting a kid and a best friend all in one.

Of course, you just have to be able to take care of the finances, but it's really not that expensive. People exaggerate the costs of a kid. I go to the food bank weekly, WIC gave me free formula and food for the entire first year of her life (and this is available to everyone regardless of how much money you make), I potty trained her early so no big diaper costs, and I get all her clothes at thrift shops for cheap.

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I'm kind of going on about her, but I also want to mention that she LOVES Reviewbrah. He's her favorite YouTuber by far. Anytime she sees him in the sub box, she runs to the TV, and points at it going, "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" (No real talking yet.) Jesus christ it's the cutest fucking thing in the world.

serious question, why does any female even come to r9k? i really cant think of any good reason why you would

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If you're really asking, I will give you a real answer. I've been coming to Jow Forums since 2006, and though I am no longer a daily regular, I still drop by about once a week to just shitpost or shoot the shit with random anons. I was a drawfag most of my Jow Forums career, a big participator on /a/ and /d/. I like Jow Forums because it reminds me of old /b/, and I like the slowness of the board too. Sometimes, I can pretend I'm still on the old internet, the secret club internet, and all the stupid children and normies that took it away from us just melt away, if only for a brief moment.

gotcha. ive been coming since early 08 myself and i come for the same reasons, though ive been here pretty much daily except for some short breaks i took.

how do you feel about whats become of Jow Forums in general?

It's okay, I'm infertile and can't have any kids of my own either. I'll probably just adopt

kinda based and mompilled although your a f*moid

I honestly dislike it, the culture has just changed too much for me to keep up. I also find it super cringey how younger generations have taken jokes or unserious memes and like, made them SUPER SERIOUS and real. Like, the waifu thing is a great example. Waifus were a joke on /a/, an endearing joke, and literally nobody back then was serious about it. Sure, we bought figs and dakimakura pillows, sure, we posted a thread for our favorite girl once a day, but it was all in good fun. Then around 2012 or so, these newfags came in, took it all seriously, and now legitimately think their anime girlfriends are real and spit poison at people for not agreeing with them. I feel like things were way less serious on the internet back then, and more fun... now, it just feels like everybody is so serious all the time. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older, I dunno.

Poe's Law in action. No matter how outlandish something is, some assholes will believe it. It's how Scientology got started for duck's sake.

>this feel
the real deal right here.

Yeah, it's wild. At this point, I just feel so alone, like there's nobody I can relate to anymore. The people I relate to best are others who were on /a/ and the internet in general around the early 2000s to 2011. We're a dying breed, more and more of us completely disappearing from the internet, many I know going off-grid and living in the woods in or around small towns. I personally deleted all my social media, and only go check my YouTube stuff and then come on here once a week or so. It sucks. I want to get married too, but I can't marry someone unless I can throw out a card crusher or shoop da whoop reference to them and actually have them understand it. I'm kind of getting off track here, but yeah, I absolutely despise with all my heart what normies and younger gens have turned the internet into. Also, the big corporations turning it into the most least fucking fun place ever is also a huge bummer.

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I mean, at least you don't get accused of rape/harassment all the time. I mean, the last time I flirted with a girl, she called the police on me and the police came to my house to give me a warning about "respecting women"

Part of me wishes i was born a woman just for this. Id like to have a child but finding the right partner for me seems impossible

Don't you know that if you flirt with a female and she finds you unattractive you're a rapist?
Bad user!

You're the first female I've met who has expressed existential thoughts. But they are commonly expressed from men. Is this because only men experience them to the point of misery? Or only men are vocal about them?

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thanks for the genuine replies, i enjoyed reading them

I've met many women with those thoughts they just learn to cope with it and try to pretend to be normal in hope of eventually finding purpose somewhere out there. Depressive circlejerking makes me feel even worse, so I suck it up and never share my problems. I prefer to focus and somehow deal with them by myself because I also hate feeling hopeless. This helped me with having meaningful experiences and learning skills that also support my independence.

what does your anus smell like?

You're not a real woman if you didn't have 10+ abortions

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I would love an emotionally down, existential gf, her doomerism founded by childhood trauma of abuse and molestation. not a predator, I just went through the same

Have you heard of folie a deux? Why do these girls strive for better when someone like myself could make them believe their hatred of normies is absolute.

Where to find these women? I am 6'3 pls help

Fight against capitalism
Just don't become an SJW. If you do end yourself

Selfish person. You're going to mess up your child's development without a father and proper family structure.
I guess since it makes you happy that's all that matters.

can't be sure, but you probably fart and poop too much for anybody to love you (even your parents)

because they are putting in more work. What are you doing to get laid?

When women have these thoughts, they just change their haircut, leave the current boyfriend and fuck a random Chad, and go on with their new "personality" forgetting all that they were before.

Men have an actual understanding of the passage of time, history, accumulated experience, and concepts like that, so they can't.

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Pay it forward.

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ask any mum
it's just the media that tells you
my mum had me as a home-birth. no pills, no doctors, just a registered nurse for worst-case-scenarios.
she didn't bleed, rip, she barely felt any pain. the nurse wasn't even necessary. she told me that she stood at the stove just 2 hours later.

we've been busting little buggers out of vaginas for TWO MILLION FUCKING YEARS now.
do you really think that the ONE and ONLY process of keeping ourselves from extinction would be painful, full of problems, and traumatic?
how the hell is the planet overpopulated by us if childbirth is such a terrifying experience? why do some women have 5 to 12 children?

it's easy-peasy. your body is designed to do two things: not dying, and making babies.
if not dying is as easy as it is, why should making babies not be? it's literally our nature. and our nature makes us happy.

Is it always the same guy making these fembot threads?

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Post a time-stamped photo of your bra if you're really a fembot.

camera is broke.