Dating women in 2019 is the equivalent of cuckolding

Dating women in 2019 is the equivalent of cuckolding

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It's a very real potential. Dating men is as always guaranteed faggotry though. I'd much prefer to take the risk.

But being the original poster means you're a turbo homo, no matter the year

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Do you even know what cuckolding means? It means that someone else is sleeping with your significant other. There is no evidence of her sleeping with someone else when she's with him

We need to show men that they will be happier if they become gay

But being in relationships with someone who had prior relationships means you're a cuck because reasons

Being gay is part of natural selection. You were not meant to pass your genes on.

Crazy racist incel Jow Forums reasons aren't reasons at all

nah that is gay and has no backing at all. IF you do post something I will say"you are nitpicking and bias, and your opinion is invalid".

Natural selection has given us the gift of choosing to have sex with men which makes us happy. Women cannot love or make us happy. The only true love is between two men. And it is our duty to show how great gay sex is

>tall chad cucked
I'm so glad I became the 60%

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urgh, look at these used goods posting

her vagina should feel like putting your dick on a can of baked beans

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>buzzwords Buzzwords BUZZWORDS

Those guys look sexy as fuck though. I dont even look at women anymore, they are all sluts. Im just dreaming about that big cock

Die late

>cherrypicked race-baiting bullshit
When will people like you be banned?

When the racist boomer redditors who get triggered by cuck memes die

just add cianide to a giant miracle whip vat on a factory or something, youll stop hearing about them in no time.

l second that