Do you feel guilty for killing this guy?

Do you feel guilty for killing this guy?
Is Jow Forums the Zoe Quinn of Jow Forums?

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Felt bad when his mom walked in.

Any one got link to a clip I want the nostalgia

He killed himself on jewtube and an egotistical newfaggy idiot pisscord user took the credit for it to cause mass hysteria. This gave him power and is part of the reason we're fucked over by all this lgbt nonsense since then. He uses the 50 or so fans to spam the entire catalog.

He chose his own path. Now he's in eternal HELL never getting out.

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I only saw him kill himself but I don't know the story behind it

He was blackmailed by discord trannies

Nope. He killed himself because he felt there wasn't a place for him in society and didn't want to wageslave his whole life. I don't agree with his decision, especially the way he went about it, but I understand his reasoning.

No he wasn't retard. His convos were leaked and he was just a depressed kid who didn't want to get a job and his mom was threatening to kick him out.

Context? Sorry I dont frecuent this board.

NEET blew his brains out on stream and his mom found his corpse

im gonna need a nigger to provide me with a link

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shit sounds like the basis for a grindcore concept album

He escaped hell. He's now resting in peace.

Sure thing goyim

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> Being the Zoe Quinn of Jow Forums

Holy fuck, that is like a turd had diarrhea

>have child
>raise wrong
>>grrrr you're going out on the street dog
>picks up actual dog kissing it's useless self
>kills self rather than the blight that caused his torturous life

She deserved it most likely. She let it happened, even made it happen if he was another neglect case.

Stop making this thread you fucking retard

It's mostly her wailing calling 9-11 and them asking if he's breathing whilst his head was all over the place on a tarp
>>I-I don't understand
>sees note that says bye Jow Forums

He's a furry that fucked us over. We hate furries, his friends on jewtube were talking to him while he was about to do it, a girl beggin him not to breaks down after he does it. They all deserved it for being normalfaggots that failed him. So did he deserve it for being a furry.

There is no story.
He was severly depressed kid and his mom threatened to kick him out of the house so he killed himself.

This guy(OP) is a retard and has been spreading fake news for literally yrs since it happened.

>posts fake discord screenshots
Wow you sure showed him

i wasn't present, will say he had a dumb alias though

Tranny damage control

You always say the same shit whenever someone calls you out on your autistic vendetta against this kid.

Post proof that shuaiby was blackmailed by discord trannies. You can't retard.

is this what happens when you get REIKOED?

He killed himself faggot. R9k didn't hold the gun to his head.
Also his mum screaming was a giggle. Fuck sandniggers

Theres always tranny shit on here, those bi polar induced sub human scum glow harder than an alphabet agency. Even if not in this instance, their machinisms are well recorded and the tranny cult is not new news. Jow Forums here, fuck tranny scum

>>Jow Forums here
I think you mean Jow Forumsthedonald in current year my lad.

Here you go bud enjoy

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What would you do if you met this guy IRL?

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How have I just noticed the anime posters after all this time.
This should be the fate of everyone who likes anime

>Comparing us to Zoe Quinn.
Please. We all wished good luck to our hero in his afterlife. Even today you are still remembering him.

Zoe Quinn literally pissed on the guy's grave and asked her followers to do the same. And you can bet that in 1 month everyone will have forgotten about this. Typical woman behavior.

i forgot he even existed desu

did he died tho??

do you have the full thing with his mom walking in?

Zoe Quinn did nothing wrong. R9K, however, is an awful place.

>actually saying that Zoe Quinn is morally better than r9k

Zoe Quinn is an awful person who does awful things, r9k provides a place to chat with other outcasts of society in a place of relative safety from accepted people. Of course they're still here, but they're not nearly a large portion of r9k users and they have no power to kick us out of here.

No he's gonna be ok

could someone explain fully-?

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Pic of the server related

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honestly, all this makes me think about is:
if the mods actually considered this place a shithole and didn't hope for it to crash and burn as soon as possible, they'd actually infiltrate that shit just to auto-ban them.

but they don't.
because they want this place to crash and burn.

God, I seriously wish that was me.

Respect him as anyone.

It happens everyday.

I think I'd do this

>Zoe Quinn is an awful person who does awful things, like have sex and be a woman
>meanwhile, R9K is wholesome cheers on and shares videos of mosque shooters and images of 17 year old stabbing victims

What are you talking about. Cut the bullshit. He has freed himself. Why? Because this world is the hell. We are all sent here to suffer. This is the main point of this life. You don't believe me? Then use some mind and reason of yours if you have some sane left. What is the basic law in this world. What is the law that defines it?
I'll tell you. Every creature on this world kills, eats till gets killed and eaten. And at the same time every creature feels pain. What is the point of that? The point is endless pain and suffering. And do not think that plants do not kill. You are wrong. You just don't see it, coz it is a slow process . Most of the poisons come from plants. This their weapon. Look at parasitology and some of it species , you will be amazed what a sick and twisted mind has made such a creatures to cause suffering and pain. Here is the internal slow burn and flame mentioned in the bible - the inflammation and the high temperature. Also where do you think the creator has sent Adam and Eve when they did not obey his command? In some nice place or in a place where everybody kills, eats alive till gets eaten by something else? We are in Hell. The only one who escaped from it did it 2019 years ago - JC . The guy who killed himself if the video is not fake? I wonder who edited uploaded it - his grieving mother ? I don't think so. The worst thing that might have happen to that guy if he really did it, is that he has been sent back here again but in a different body somewhere else on this shit hole planet to start all over again.

always fun to watch

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No dumb ass, because they want this place to be free, free as freedom. Something people has haver had , because they have been, are and will probably always be slaves.
You are stupid as fuck not to get it!

Let's h0p3 so.

shut the fuck up tranny freak


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>he'll never get to see the final Kizumonogatari movie
Poor dude

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>W..What do you mean you don't care about him?? He was a robot just like you!! Fuck you edgelord, a human being just killed himself!!

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this tranny was a literal who until he blew his mask off


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>Every 40 seconds someone kills themselves bro. No big deal, he was a faggot anyway.

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You have to be a major pussy to kill yourself without taking a number of people with you.

Gj tranny, you have freed yourself.

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>nobody cared until i blew off the mask

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can someone link to the video of his mom walking in

Why, you wanna fap to her?

No I wanna be traumatized

>Do you feel guilty for killing this guy?
Fuck no, I envy him.

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>this little faggot can acquire a shotgun and I can't just because I was born in yuropoor shitland
Americans have fucking literally no fucking reason to complain about shit, they can check out in one of the easiest ways out.

Why? Now he's just resting in peace.

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No only this one

You, my mongoloid friend, really need to have sex one of these days. Inceldom really did a number on your already feeble intellect.

reiko never took credit for him
fags that hate trannies did that to him
why are you so fucking stupid?