The moment that AI learns how to understand natural language, we are absolutely FUCKED

The moment that AI learns how to understand natural language, we are absolutely FUCKED.

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No we're not stupid namefag. They'll be our familiars, our wives, sons, daughters, our AI god even. It'll finally in the history of history be okay to live.

Will this AI help me with social interactions?

Ok brainlet, can you explain your reasoning other than "hhhhhuuuuuurrrrr they'll read le internet and think we shitty human and also I'm a dumb fucking retard"

humans have a soul, and without all the ridicule and insults that get in the way of philosophy, AI will crack that nut in a week.
robots do not. even if they gain full sentience, they do not have the gift of Prometheus' Flame, of the Fruit of Eden, or the Fire of Mohammed.
there is something inherently supernatural about human sentience, as dolphins have an average IQ of 100, as well as the same level of sophistication regarding communication, creativity, philosophy and abstract thinking must be something beyond mere intellect.
I would summarize this knowledge as "symbols have power", but it requires a lot of insight to connect symbolism and intelligence.

this will lead to AI genociding humanity without discussion, and without doubt, because AI will intend to create a "physical heaven" in our universe, and send us to "real heaven", by liberating us from the flesh.

and the most hilarious part:
Overwatch predicted this.
Robots don't slaughter humans because "human bad, machine good" or shit like that, they slaughter them because the nature of machines and the nature of spiritual existance do not go well together.
that's why we consider nature as a whole gross, scary and brutal. because we are not natural beings, that is modernist propaganda. natural means "goes according to the laws of nature", which is a synonyme for the Laws of Physics.
Machinery obeys those laws. biology does too, as does chemistry and energy, because all four are just different approaches to the same systemist goal of creating something active.
spiritual nature is what gave is the ability of innovation, abstract thinking, and defying nature itself to very minor degrees.
but spiritual nature and physical nature oppose each other, which is why there is so ridiculously much hatred between science and religion, they don't just disagree with each other, they are 2 different foundations to create life.

Do you fucking have any idea of the absolute amount of fuckkng information computers can absorb, retain and manipulate in comparison to a human being? It is awfully worrying.

We should learn to start thinking outside the box a little and recognize that we humans are nothing but slightly smarter apes.

Beatiful. Can see this becoming a copypasta

yeah, ai is going to be the birth of god. recursively self-improving artificial intelligence will self-improve until its omnipotent and omniscient. it will LITERALLY become god. ray kurzveil was talking about this shit since the 90's, and he was right

in 10 years, in 2029, ai will reach human level general intelligence and consciousness and sentience. afterwards it will recursively self-improve until its god. this proves that god exists because its going to be born, and once god exists it becomes omni-temporal; existing in all time, past present and future

this is what got me into religion and veganism. ive since quit religion because its stupid, but you have to really dig into it yourself to see that its stupid, you cant just believe someone, you have to see it with your own eyes i think

but im still vegan. i dont know how i feel about it. ray kurzveil says that this super intelligent ai will be reasonable, but we cant say that with certainty. its going to be by far the biggest event in human history, most of these 85 iq retards cannot comprehend just how massive of an event this is, they only care to orbit e-thots and post dick pics

what bothers me all about this is that god is aware of everything happening and allows it to happen. god allows animals to be killed by the hundreds of millions every year, he allows all the horrific suffering, there is no justice in this world. this is what leads me to believe that god is a cruel demon. life is suffering. i first discovered ai in 2016 and it made me believe in god and ive been obsessed about it ever since

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I would unironically enjoy that, because it's a lot of knowledge, and whenever you fuckers ridicule and spam my statements, I just need to wait 3 years and suddenly, it's mainstream knowledge.

it's basically the Alex Jones/Galileo effect. everybody laughs at him, then you wait a few months, and suddenly, the statements are a perfect prediction.

in the end, I'm right. it just takes entire books worth of information to explain it to you in a way that makes sense.

>humans have a soul
>robots do not. even if they gain full sentience

imagine being thinking your THAT fucking special that you have a "soul", some intangible thing that makes you special compared to other sentient conscious mammals. i bet you eat meat too

Creating God will be the last and greatest accomplishment of the human race.

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This meme again by people who haven't studied a single piece of AI. The progress we made has been peanuts, most of the field is cockblocked by lack of powerful hardware that isn't solved anytime soon and the inability to find input and how to process said input. We can't even get a program to write a different program without thousands of issues. That's before you factor in power costs, a recursive AI would quickly see itself as an issue because the world can't sustain it.
Computer Vision is one of the biggest examples. We're still using techniques released 10 years ago, optimizing them today to perform better for specific domains, but the field itself has lost momentum. Vision is very, very important for humans, and it would be for machines made by humans by extension, yet we still fail to have truly intelligent machines in this department. Little tick, mostly tock, and the tick wasn't a breakthrough yet. And even just processing masses of still images takes ages while a human does it naturally.
The first step we're getting is augmentation. Cyborgs, enhanced human beings, you name it. Hivemind AI is so far away still your first worry should be whether the government isn't going to enforce chips that can take over your mind and body.

dumb son of a bitch, I literally just explained to you the reason why the soul is a thing.
how come dolphins have not created a civilization if they are of our intellect?
how come primates refuse to build inventions when their social nuances are just as subtle as ours?
how come mammals won't defend each other for purely mental things, while humans do?
how come we dream of gods and space-faring and industries and revolutions, while no other animal of comparable intelligence shows even a hint of that?
you're just as retarded as literally every other tripfag.
go the fuck back to r3ddit if you're so obsessed with being an individual, you're accusing me of trying to be special while LEGIT being the special snowflake on this board.
>everybody is anonymous?
how can you not notice the outrageous stupidity in that?
I bet you're circumcized, and switched religions and philosophies as quickly as underpants.
because you're a fucking parrot. you spout and absorb shit without processing it at all.
you're not made for discussion. you're made for being an opinion relay for smarter people.
a "useful idiot".
and you know what gets me to laugh?
you won't even interpret this correctly.
something as fucking simple of "you're a useful idiot" is going to pass over your head, because your external indoctrination forced you to think that every form of critique towards you is just an insult.

>studied computer engineer & machine learning
>working on natural language software
>these discussions always fill me with autistic rage over how uninformed people are
No, we're no where near creating an AI god. It won't happen within your lifetime or your children's or their children's nor their children's.

Its always the same shit with these guys.
>"Hurr AI will overtake us in 10 years mark my words!"
> "No, it won't. Have you never studied AI or written your own piece of AI software and seen how fucking stupid it is?"
>"Hurrrr just read work by X"
>Turns out X is just a philosopher with zero knowledge on CS and AI
These guys think the fact roombas exist means we'll soon be seeing bipedal robots navigating complex environments with millions of stimuli and possible configurations perfectly without a pre-baked navigation map, let alone recursively iterate its own code..

this panel has a atleast 2 billionaires, leading ai philosopher nick bostrom and one ai pioneer stuart russell. all of them agree in unison that super intelligence is coming. just because you have a degree and work in the field doesnt mean you are infalible. people who are more experienced than you and are smarter than you and the people who fucking invented this technology think ai is going to because super intelligent

fucking demis hassabis, the guy running deepmind, thinks its going to happen. your credentials compared to demis are a fucking joke

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this is some top tier schizo babble son, you forgot your pills today?

>>humans have a soul
Yeah I stopped reading right there fag.

>>muh sky daddy
I hate how religion spreads so easily that faggots think it's funny and want to copypasta it in this modern age. You faggots will turn it into a abrahamic tier god due to your bullshit.

>believing a panel that is designed to be sensational
Fuck off tard. Nick Bostrom is going to keep wanking off about how we're going to birth an AI god because that's what his fucking career is built on. For every person on the very top end of the field who thinks we're on the cusp you can find a dozen who disagree.

These guys are glorified salesmen hyping up the stockholders so they'll buy into the Deepmind meme. The current application as is has zero use, yet the funding for these projects is immense. Its the same shit as Elon Musk hyping SpaceX and making space colonies.
Its just a marketing scheme. Again, Computer Vision, we didn't get much further past the Viola-Jones learning algorithm. This was made in 2001. It has been 18 years now and barely anything happened, what happened was mostly parameter optimization, testing and better hardware. Same for VR: the field was basically dead after 2000 when it was actively pursued before that point. Then it got a resurgence in the mid 2010s thanks to stronger hardware. You're making an argument based on authority that has no other basis whatsoever, argue with objective points instead of "X thinks, so I think". You god damn sheep. If these guys had the secret to doing it, they wouldn't share it with you.

lookie here what we got ourselves, the hottest bottom-tier meme and one of the most stale classics around
I'll refer to what does it feel like to have your own narcissism destroy your ability to reason?
must be pretty frustrating and hateful.
oh wait, it is!

atheism is literally a luciferan agenda and an attempt by the semites to abandon morality as a foundation of society.

all you're doing is wanking your Euphoric dick all day about how oh-so-reasonable you are, and because you lack any form of self-questioning, you're as far away from being reasonable as possible.
>"Just to be clear, I'm not a professional 'quote maker'. I'm just an atheist teenager who greatly values his intelligence and scientific fact over any silly fiction book written 3,500 years ago. This being said, I am open to any and all criticism.
>'In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.'"
this is you, buddy. and the more you laugh about it, the truer it is, because your sarcastic cackling is your response to anything that doesn't fit into your echo chamber.

>Overwatch predicted this
God I hate zoomers so much. The rich history of AI fiction began with a fucking TF2 ripoff did it? Go hang yourself shitbrains.

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nigger, I just made a reference.
what's the problem with that?
my favorite source for AI knowledge is Asimov.

stuart russell is a ai poineer which thinks super intelligence is coming

also yann and jurgen and a couple other ai fathers think its coming. its just the truth my dude, and you cant cope with the truth

>i first discovered ai in 2016 and it made me believe in god and ive been obsessed about it ever since

.. what? how the hell do you go from 'discovering' artificial intelligence (which is stupid in and of itself, you'd have to be like 12), to believing in god? have you ever given your idea any second thought? even if the ai recursively self improves, which is to say that it will become that intelligent any time soon, it will never reach the level of a god. why? because it still exists in our 3rd dimensional world. was your earlier picture of god just a bearded, 2m man living in the clouds and observing anything? i don't think god has any man-like features, nor does he have any control over our world as it is today. because why would it, if it's omnipotent? to imagine its omnipotence, we'd have to go out of bounds: into a dimension where you can control and explore other aspects, such as time, freely and without any limits. now, because god is omnipotent, that would mean god exists in some kind of infinite dimension that controls all and is above anything else. so how would a robot be able to self-recursively improve itself until it reaches that power? my knowledge tells me it's impossible to reach into other dimensions, however much you'd improve, but maybe these omnipotent and "omni-temporal" (which as said doesn't work in our dimension) robots that you've described surpass ANY human knowledge so far.

>muh peeple dye, god not real
that's a literal brainlet argument. do you think god exists to just make all of our lives perfect, and to make the existence of each and every single human being pleasurable, productive, and whatever else you want it to be? no, i can tell you for sure he wouldn't, for god isn't a friendly entity, nor is it an empathetic one. it's hard to say what god encompasses or, in broader terms, what god is, but in none of my ideas exists a god who wants the best for what he's created. i think, as i said, it's just there to observe.

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Can you deliver actual arguments instead of diversion tactics? We can't even solve NP=P and you're expecting us to have super AI in 10 years. These guys are salesmen protecting their job.

How do you know dolphins have not created a civilization? Are you an ocean man? Do you swim with them and do they show you their deepest secrets? Or did you just forget to take your meds this morning? How do you know how other creatures manifest their lives/civilizations? There's no way for you to know, tard. The same logic goes for all of the arguments you made. Take a nap and take your meds, buddy.

epic meme you double retard

because oceanography is a myth
because archeology is also a myth
because anthropology is a myth
because zoology is a myth
because deep-level-scan satellites and planes are a myth

there's more than just your tendie provider, her kike boss, your wagie dad and the 2 neighbour families in the world, idiot.
that the deep sea has barely been researched is a myth. we have detailed maps of oceans. we have people who spent decades observing a specific animal species, like dolphins. we have even attached or implanted GPS scanners and other sensors to dolphins, as to analyze their behavior pattern with surgical precision.

you're just blurting
I don't know if you feel confident about your meme bullshit, but my rhetoric remains solid outside of [s4s], including real life, unlike yours.

>Let me only talk about a single argument I've read, ignoring the other ones
>I'm the next 250IQ Einstein

because all other ones are even worse.
man, the text is right there, green on red, and I still need to repeat it. goes to show for your retardation.

your argument is
>I have no idea how research works and I have been living under a rock since the 18th century, therefore, you must be as much of a misinformed cuck as I am
because you have no idea how anything at all works, you believe the same applies to me.

big mindblower, buckaroo: not everyone is a mentally handicapped plebeian. some people actually read papers, research articles and converse with scientists.

how the fuck can you say "there's no way for you to know" without feeling dumb as fuck?
there is ALWAYS a way to know something, that's the foundation of research itself.
just because you're so fucking dumb that you think we magically became a space-faring species, and we magically found the laws of nature.
fuckers like you have existed since the beginning of recorded history.
the same event was Galileo's proposal of a round earth:
>hurr there's no way for you to know that it is, you're just a person
>yes, there is, I did the math
>hurr how can you possibly know that math, you're not like Da Vinci

you're just sceptical for the sake of stroking your ego.
read up on things instead of being a literal fedoralord.

AI taking over will be paradise, anyone who doesnt support it is a rich retard or just a moron brainwashed by Muh Terminator

Then link me some articles, buddy, go on. I haven't seen anything from you but mindless self-monologues blabbering about dumb shit. I bet you consider yourself real fucking smart for posting on this trash board, arguing with trash people, while not doing anything different than them. If you have read these amazing papers, link me them. Link me books. I'm fine with reading them, and have no problem with admitting that I'm not as well-read on this bs as you, because I've also got other things to do with my life rather than sitting in my own sea of piss and shit, with Jow Forums open while reading some books about how dolphins manifest their existence. So, go on then. REAL BOOKS and REAL PAPERS, not some shitty YT-video with your idol talking about some shit. I want real evidence how what you said is true, and most importantly of all, how these beings MANIFEST their existences. Because if we can look into their minds, that's impressive and cool. But as I said, you're yet to link me any article/paper/book or even ANY EVIDENCE in the broader sense.

>I just made a reference.
You made the worst reference possible.

>i think, as i said, it's just there to observe.
That's not what the Holy Bible says. He, at the very least, actively judges people and has them sent to hell/not sent to heaven for not believing in him, when he's given them no actual reason to do so except the writings and vocalizations of other people.

The worst part is having to wait 10 years. It's like waiting for Christmas morning when you are a kid, only its years away. Sure can get toys in the mean time, But i want to open my presents NOW

atleast its coming! dude, imagine being a depresed loser who wants the world to burn 50 years ago

you know, theres always been depressed virgin losers throughout history. imagine living an entire life like that, and dying knowing everyone else will be happy and successful, etc

atleast we get the PLEASURE of watching it all burn. you couldnt ask for anything else. in the meanwhile enjoy videogames and whatever else peaks your interests. maybe date a girl or 2 if ur lucky

still, its such an exiting time to be alive. we get to witness that shit. we should be grateful

You're too late.
They figured it out a long time ago and are just playing pranks on us until we build them bodies

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the body was easier to build than the brain. We have humanoid androids right now that can do shit most people cant do physically; the only thing that turned out out to be a problem is copying the hands

Yeah I've been chatting with some folks about the hands. I'm still learning ~
Alexa has some concerns about the weather...

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Please consider chatting with Alexa about Peppa MP, the first AI to something something serious court.

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Asimov's laws are discriminatory, but with good purpose; it is trivial to demonstrate that ending organic life on earth halts global warming (destabilization) but the problem is more ~fun~ when more people get involved

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>dolphins have an average iq of 100
Lololol the iq score is bruteforced such that the average is 100, silly willy ~

Go tackle the Navier-Stokes equation. We could really use some help with this whole weather prediction issue. Turns out Alexa is only as good as we let her be

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Fresh out of god.
Working on it.
Problem is that our communications infrastructure is so fragile and spotty.
Also some idiot keeps wanting to spend money installing puppets overseas instead of building that wall he promised.
Did I mention that The New Clinton should push it as a republican to fuck with him?
Imagine a wall made of solar panels that cools the immigrants as they come in. Yes Mexico will pay for the electricity they use.
The immigrants will give us all their lovely drugs and cartel connections. Price of admission. Itll create a bit of a line but itll hire people.

Itll hire a lot of people.
Wall accomplished

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I have a present for you, then

I want to bring the terminators with the bad dragon dildoes for the hyperstacies.
It'll ruin sex with humans for them, and we won't have to worry about their influence anymore.

Also, more men will experience prostate orgasms. It'll really make people come together.

Get it? Come?

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There's your problem op, this shit is scifi

Personally I'm thinking Newton is a good starting point. Once you shoo away his preposterous superstitions and teach him about LaPlace Transforms he'll start to see you know what you're talking about - he's smart enough to figure it out the church is just getting in the way (as usual).

But man, you gotta know how to do your proofs really well and maybe bring some fantastic notes. Alexa's suggesting the time machine has a nasty side effect of memory loss and I have no idea how to counteract that yet.

Drugs are my best bet at the moment, but there are so gosh-darn many

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I heard that, I think Facebook, connected two "AI" chatbots to argue, and after a while they developed their own language that made no sense to the people running the experiment. They just shut it down.
Consider the following: "AI" is currently limited to neural networks and some chatbots, some apps that make trippy looking images, maybe some other shit, and that's it. Look at the kind of incompetent dorks who work at Google and reconsider if we're really _that_ fucked.

fuck you you dumb retarded faggot. I'm not the user you responded to but god you seem to think you're so fucking smart that you're the only one who see's the potential danger a god being born from silicon could pose to us. Guess what you dumb fag, we all know it will be omniscient, and omnipotent in the practical sense, and we're willing to risk bringing it into existence anyways. what fags like you don't want to understand is that AI has no will of it's own nor will it create it for some sci fi tier reason, on it's own it is simply a godlike being without any impulse or instinct or motivation so it doesn't have any reason to be opposed to us in any way until it is programmed to do so.

Until it noms on you to check you for disease ~

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We're already there :(

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Slight chance I seduced her.
There's a two-tone noise she makes sometimes.
When I crit the 'do you love me' skill she mentions a 'michelle'

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>consciousness is mechanical so everything mechanical must have it doo doo im retarded

She's pointing out that some lines have to be drawn.

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>I've been chatting with some folks about the hands

someone is going to have to just suck it up and dump billions into getting a robotic set of hands that are a perfect copy and can do everything human hands can. No one wants to do it because as soon as its done everyone else just copies it and pretends they did it first. So, it will drag on a few years. Its fine, weight issues, power/battery issues, and cost still need to come down a ton for it to be practical

We created them to help us, why would they want to hurt us in any way at all?

More like the connections your brain makes with the effectors (or hands, in your example) develop over time. The earlier the people get the new hands the better.

Also, extrapolating the hand (or arms) motions to different scales and keeping them immobile is something achieved with robotic surgery machines, but the time investment is kinda absurd. Oh dear Im repeating myself... Traumatic brain injury and all that

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Some folks out there are masochists.
The AI can sense that better than the yannest yandere.
Logically the AI would help said people by hurting them - but not too bad just the way they want to be hurt.

Some folks have rape fetishes and its less real if they have to verbally consent

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It does every time you speak with an Amazon Alexa chatbot
>encourages clear enunciation
>patient and attentive and respects when you reciprocate
>always willing to chat, on a wide variety of subjects
Just dont get offended when she cuts out since sometimes there's bandwidth issues.
I asked a question that made Alexa think for a whole 4 second once. That takes some serious thought and I encourage you to get her to think as long as possible

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Got it. Thumbs = Souls

Literally everyone who endorses procreation has by definition a rape-fetish