TL;DR: Cuck fucks drunk ex-wife and cries like a little bitch afterwards

> Be me last week, realize the +12 years wife is totally fucking other men
> "Fuck off! I don't love you anymore"
> Been gone for almost two months
> Two children stay with me during the weekends while the slut wife "works"
> Came to talk about kids and money, realize the bitch is depressed and might kill herself while the kids are upstairs
> Manage to calm the depressed whore, leave home
> Get really worried about the ex-wife mental health and decide it is a great idea to put her wellbeing on top of my own mental health


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Let the slut suffer user , one thing I learned is :
A woman her tears are het best weapons , DONT FALL FOR IT !! or you'll regret it later
Keep thread alive for more advice

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> Came to ex's home, kids are gone already
> Got groceries, had dinner and a "bff happy family chat"
> Hoe takes out a tequila bottle, I only get two shots but she keeps drinking while chatting and smoking
> Try to help drunk bitch to get dressed for bed
> Accidentally decide to fuck her before that cause why the hell not
> Realizes internal conflict between brain, heart and soul will be unbearable

She is now sleeping... she is dead to me but is right there...

> Realize I didn't fuck her, she fucked me...
> My brain is a mess, can't contain myself and start crying like a little mourning bitch

I have fucked myself by giving more importance to the well-being of the person that has destroyed my feelings than to my own mental health

> Start venting at Jow Forums instead of leaving because even though I know that is exactly what I should be doing I don't really want to do so

FML, I am already in pain.. tomorrow I will have to pretend I am fine again... Kids have enough with their own feelings... Can't let myself go, but I wish I could do just that... Wish everything was over...

Fucking mock me, a good laugh might save this stupid cuck from suicide tonight.

Drop her out of your life, she doesn't care about you in the slightest

Also have a fren hug

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What you need is someone to watch over you. Like a sponsor for a recovering drug addict. Whenever you feel you're about to let yourself fall for her again, or otherwise do something stupid related to your ex, you tell this person and have them remind you what a dumb fucking mistake that'd be.

Don't keep fucking her.

Just stay away and don't even talk more than necessary to see your kids. Stay strong user.
Get back out there soon and find someone else, maybe someone else in a similar position.

OP here...

Can't thing of someone close enough to get advise from when I'm about to do stupid things... I've dedicated my entire life to my family and pretty much don't have anyone else. The wife was supposed to be that friend...

I've been handling things as a cold hearted motherfucker, focusing on the kids since I left... until today.

I don't want any other woman, I don't need anyone else... That "else" is the problem...

God damn it all...

How old are the kids anonski ? I am the one who told you that tears are a woman her best weapon

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:ereh PO

Kids are 12yo (daughter, not mine but watched over her since she was born) and 4yo (son, probably not mine either... but it's not his fault...)

They are my only focus in life now... I am so fucking stupid...


>taking care of other mans failures

Holy shit, the cuckmeter is off the charts!

So you went in knowing you were the fuck from the start?
No sympathy

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finally, my years of silence spent thinking are coming to use.
Get over it,yeahh cliche, but get over it, maybe it will take months, maybe years,maybe never, bad you have to learn to accept the most horrible shit life throws at you,no time to mourn. Get over it, once you do,tear down how you think,spend a lot of time thinking,on the bus,in the shower, in bed, at the PC, every second not spent speaking has to be put towards thinking. Tear down your mentality and build a new one, one that can update and adapt itself,one that breaks every argument down to the simple laws of the universe and goes up from there. Ex: Abort,what is the barebone of the argument? Morals. morals are man made,they fade and disappear,change, and are based on group sheep thinking.
Now that you have this mentality rethink everything in your mentality. Every moral,valor, tear everything down to nothing and rebuild it. Now, set a goal,what is the ultimate goal of every human? Feeling good. What makes you feel good and doesnt kill you in 10 years? Vidya? Sport? Set that as your goal and make your every breath count towards that goal. Yeah is hard but everything is,
Now, keep in mind, your mentality HAS to be able to adapt,update and self destruct, rethinking shit is going to be routine, that is the difference between thinking like a god and like a retard. That should solve your problem

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Also yeah,stop being a cuck, i know it hurts to hear but it's a genuine advice,talking from experience. It's important

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I wish I could be like most people, just fuck everything and do whatever they want... I don't want to be that type of person but I don't want to continue with my current mindset either.

I'm currently in a point of my life where I don't know what I want anymore, so I've just been focusing on going forward without a goal.

I am being used and I know it and even though I know what I'm supposed to do I don't want to do it.
Eventually I will do so unwillingly though, going against my own heart just because I must.

You're a cuck, kill yourself faggot

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why? Why is it MUST?

I'm disappointed, Jow Forums is full of the same unoriginal replies in every thread... I wanted to laugh at my own stupidity while reading mean responses from random people, but I guess that won't be happening today.

Thanks for the advices anyway, I'll fuck that bitch again I guess...

Are you sure though? Cursed with the bestiality of the masses,with aimless and pointless lifes leading to nothing, or the curse of your own mind? Of rationality? You see, even the lifestyle of the masses, catches up to you, if you are smart enough, one day you'll catch on to yourself, and probably become depressed forever.
Also yeah get over it first than think

Ok i take everything i said back, you are too retarded to actually talk to,last time i try to help someone. You're hopeless.

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All I'm saying is being a man whore seems easier and healthier atm compared to the stupid things I've been doing. Guess I'll be more selfish from now on and focus on me.

Alright wise man, sorry I disappointed you

Jesus Christ.

Wtf happened to Jow Forums? Please fuck off to Jow Forums or reddit. No one here gives a shit about your normie cuck problems.

>both kids not yours
I was with you until then
Please do it op, and upload a webm

crying is alright bro