What did you have for breakfast? Have you heard the phrase... you are what you eat?

What did you have for breakfast? Have you heard the phrase... you are what you eat?

Well, user?

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>What did you have for breakfast?

A simple sandwich.

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If I took your breakfast away, would you die?

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>you are what you eat

I am cheese sandwich

It would be extremely fasting.

Some toasted rye bread with butter and apple cinnamon jam, and a cup of coffee.

What was on it?

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>I am cheese sandwich

I thought we were on the same page with this? We were all going to better ourselves, starting with food!

>What was on it?

Cold meat.

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That's all? No cheese, lettuce, mayo, or anything else?

Bread, margarin, cold meat. That's all.

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I ate nothing and I am nothing, fitting.

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It seems... that you do not appreciate my dietary expertise.

Sorry fren but I really like cheese

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You should eat more fiber.

You are what you eat? Then I am a nice sweet chocolate boi >w

Did you at least have some crackes with your cheese?

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yogurt with granola and nuts
glass of water

>small puff of air escapes nose
Funny thread guys.

yes sir I love cheese but I am cultured enough to have them with something

schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop

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A cup of coffee and half a donut (it wasn't very good).

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Implying you are actually stable enough to sit down and eat a meal instead of picking at a toast while pacing around the house
a toast by the way

Three fried eggs a toasted bagel and miracle which sandwhich spread on the bagel.

4 tablespoons of Milo and about 300 ml of milk.
And half a donut.

Milk and a biscuit

You're a big meal


I'm eating cereals. Should I grow up?

It doesn't matter how old we are. What matter is the health.

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It's not the best breakfast, it has some fiber but 17% of it is sugar. I'll be ok. I'll have sandwiches tomorrow.

You should eat strawberries. They are packed with fiber.

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A banana with peanut butter, some black coffee, water, and trail mix. Likely going to have some more coffee, love the taste. Probably also going to make some eggs later, they go pretty well with a fresh tomato.
t. skelly

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I ate nothing and had a cup of black coffe, don't know if i'll have anything for lunch either.

I am nutella waffle

I was about to vomit after a few bites

They said that this would happen

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You don't fear death. You welcome it. So your diet must be more severe. When your stomach is aching, then you have my permission to dine.

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fancy homemade bisquik pancakes with maple, glass of on whey and milk, glass of cranberry and a cup o joe