What's your dream?

What's your dream?

I want to move to upstate NY to live off the land and be left alone

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nice pic op, have more?
also nice thread.

my dream would be
1. Getting a Job
2. Getting Jow Forums
3. learning another language, and programming
4. Getting a gf

that is the challenge i set for myself as a 100 day challenge.

today im at day 55 and I'm probably 20% of the way there

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>have more?
of what? snowy roads and mountains or just sceneries in general
>100 day
not enough to do any of that except job and gf

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To make movies and move to Tasmania so I can escape the dreadful summers. A relationship and kids would be nice too but I'll go without if it means I can have a nice career.

nice get
My ultimate goal is becoming a dictator and restore my homeland and make it more successful than it was during gaddafi's rule.

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>Get hit by truck or otherwise killed by non suicidal means
>Get isekai'd to a cool fantasy world full of waifus. Also get granted one cheat ability
>Become the Demon King

1. build a working time machine (would solve all my problems)
2. win lottery of at least 50 million (not high enough jackpot where i get any media attention)

My dream would be to hunt women for sport like how one hunts a deer.

I dream of having a house in the mountains, financial freedom to just live.

Maybe a family, maybe not.

> I just want to be free.

100 days is a short timespan for longterm gains, but you are well on your way there!
I'll be rooting for you user.

I want to move to Japan and become a rural village dentist. Get the slice of life feels

Live alone in a small apartment, with veggie garden, where I can draw and make things and drink tea, I'd finance it with a difficult but stable janny job and live frugally.

>Believing you can live off the land in NY
>believing you can have any kind of independence whatsoever in a state that doesn't allow guns and that will forcefully drain all the shekels from your pocket to support the enormous population of sedentary niggers

you re being edgy but, yea, OP would be better off aiming for somewhere like the Dakotas, where you actually have to work to find a town. Or Alaska

I have a dream of getting a gun and putting it to my head and pulling the trigger and ideally dying on the spot

Nice quads

My dream is slowly becoming reality but it's simple.

>become commercial pilot
>fly to wherever until I retire
>buy a big stretch of land in the midwest/rocky mountain region
>spend each day relaxing until the reaper comes to claim me.

I'm currently in flight school, and it's going great, so keep working towards your dreams everyone, they may come true.

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I want to die without my parents getting upset
that's my dream
currently waiting so I can go through with it, but it will take a few years

>so keep working towards your dreams everyone, they may come true

this was literally my dream job as a kid; got told , back when i was a kid, nope sorry your eyes are fucked up and you're nuts. been downhill ever since.

Damn, why not adjust your dreams user? Become an AC mechanic? Or even an ATC?

was a long time ago user-chan; i couldnt even get a job at the airport now

I'm sorry user, if it makes you feel better, now I'm gonna work harder to become a commercial pilot, and dedicate each flight to you. No homo though.

i just want to be qt smug femboy neet

is PRK surgery a viable option for you? good luck though!

>i just want to be qt smug femboy neet
that's not a "dream" that is your cope given how useless and depraved fag you are

I want lay in the field and to look at the summer sky after a hard work, every day.

I wanted to be a mariner, but colorblindness and a medical discharge from the Navy are going to be potential problems, especially for shit like engineering. Odds are I will become a deckhand in the near future though. For what I dont know, could be a river tugboat, could be a fishing boat, could even be a yacht or other small ship, but the second I get some wheels of my own I am jumping into those waters. Once I get some cash from that I will go on from there, probably get some certs and more schooling to stay future proof. Might even be let in the Merchant Marine. Would also love to see the NFA repealed and weapon sanctions lifted but god only knows the odds of that happening, and lord knows something like Stalker is not happening either
>I just want to be free
I hear you, especially about living in the mountains.

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>of what?
anything at all is great, thanks
>not enough to do any of that except job and gf
i still have 45 days and i will make it!

also the gf Part is the Part where i have the lowest results out of all of them.
I don't know any since my old friend group was wrecked by my cheating ex



Hello, fellow navy bro. What path are you looking to follow to go be a deckhand? Isntheboay any good?

oof that will definitely be a problem especially if its red/green
I'm currently in the process of getting my MMC + STCW-95 with a mechanical engineering degree

my dream's to move to greenland and live a quiet, peaceful life alone.
although i dont think that'll ever happen

You can't live off the land here. We get taxed to fucking death in New York. Go to the Dakotas or Montana if you wanna do that kinda shit.

I would love to be born again with and have access to a very detailed character creation tool. I would not even need to retain the memories from my current life. I just want to know what it's like to go through life like a normal person.

Not sure as of now, though I am leaning more towards something like a fishing boat or barge instead of some super yacht. Still have a fair amount of seamanship, but have gotten a little rusty with things like marlinspike. Going to have to get that back up to speed especially if I go around saying I was prior Navy, which wont be hard. Just have to practice some rope and knot tying, and I am still well aware of deck safety. Could also bank off of me training to be a Corpsman as well, saying I could deal with medical emergencies and shit. Would not even be lying about that either.
You have no idea. For deckhand stuff it wont be an issue, but to do stuff either in the engineering department or up on the bridge it will certainly be a pain in the ass to get at best. But I guess it would not hurt to try though, stranger and more unlikely things have happened.

This. Fellow upstater here, don't come here. Cuomo is gonna drain all your fucking money

Being reborn with all of my knowledge

Omnipotence, which is probably too vague to most people. For a more elaborate, grounded dream
>high-end apartment room in a metropolis where I can safely act like a shut-in with all the amenities of a city
>high-end PC able to run and mod any game I want with stable performance
>preferably enough money so I don't have to work
That's about it to be honest. I basically want to live the same NEET lifestyle I am now, except with more lavish surroundings and equipment. At the moment I'm living in a shitty spider infested cottage in the rural-urban fringe in possibly the worst "first world" country in existence. Unfortunately I'm also too lazy to make anything resembling an effort to achieve any of these dream goals, which is precisely why they're a dream.

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Thats alaska you goddamn brainlet

>Living in a spider infested cottage in the worst first world country

Still more than you deserve, faggot

Thats more than you deserve

I want a scientist to clone a female neanderthal using DNA they've found and give me the child to raise. I would save up money and purchase a massive plot of land in North Dakota, as far from civilization as possible. My neanderthal daughter would be taught the ways of housekeeping and animal husbandry, taking care of chores, cooking, cleaning, and care for our chickens. I would hunt, fish, and repair as needed.

When my neanderthal daughter (who I will name Unga) comes of age, I will show her what it means to be a woman and give her the gift of children. We will raise half-human/half-neanderthal sons and daughters in the Dakota wilderness. My sons would be taught the ways of men, of killing and protecting, providing, while Unga teaches our daughters to be good wives for their brothers. They would get married under moonlit tribal ceremonies and breed, doing the same for their kids as me and Unga.

I would teach my sons of the danger of interacting with other humans, that it would mean certain death. But at some point, our family would grow too large to live unnoticed, so after every few generations, they must cull the weakest members of the tribe, which conveniently prevents some of the ill effects of inbreeding. Also, the smartest of my sons will be taught to read and write and become the chief and the spiritual guide for the family, leading the breeding ceremonies and culling rituals too while also forming raiding parties into small towns in North Dakota/Canada to kidnap girls and cannibalize men in times of hunger.

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100 days is enough time to get fit depending on his starting point. learning a language well enough to hold a basic conversation can be done easily in that time as well

More than anyone here deserves by that logic.

>a gaming pc and apartment

I go hard for what I believe in. I live my dream.

programming sucks, don't do it. even if you learn you'll feel like you need to learn more to be good enough for the job market. might as well go to med school at that point. if you really want to learn for yourself then it's not hard though.

I just want to be healthy and happy.
That's all my mum wants for me too.

I always wanted to climb Mt Kilimanjaro but I don't have the money, I'm not in the right physical shape (skinny, weak), no friend to go with, no time. I will only get to enjoy it in pictures probably.

I don't think that pic is upstate ny op they don't have mountains like that do they?

-cute twink bf, preferably my current crush/maybe a cutie girl
-big modernist house of my design in a private bamboo forest in southern Japan
-a comfy log cabin in Finland as a winter house to cuddle in with the bf
-a good paying job as a designer/architect
-not losing hair after 30

It's all i want currently

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All hail the satan quads!!!

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disgusting, keep the homo shit to yourself faggot
hope you die long b4 30

Great plan but I think it's weird to breed your daughter but not your grand daughters.

I just wanna feel happy again. Don't really care how at this point.

Really the same for me. Trying to get started growing my own food too. I have to be able to invite people up or talk with people at a pub tho. I don't have friends right now but I'm not in genuine solitude yet. I've done weeklong stints of true solitude and started to actually lose my grip on reality.
But trees and birds and whistling winds do make fantastic friends. I hope to meet them again some day.

i want to move to a tropical pacific island and go full castaway

Living on a desert island with means to survive and no fucking system to shape my life