Mfw I ate 1,820 worth of calories for breakfast

>mfw I ate 1,820 worth of calories for breakfast

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What did you have fellow fatty?

post tummy please for the love of god

Chick fil a.
Here was my order:
>2 chicken biscuits (880)
>chicken hash brown scramble burrito (690)
>2 orders of hash browns (500)

Damn fatass lmao, I don't eat until past noon sometimes

All I eat for breaskfast is almond milk and some cereal around 120-140ish calories tops

I stopped meal prepping months ago and eat from the street like 3-4 days sometimes

I jumprope for an hour 4-5 days a week tho and my weight has stayed in between 143-148 I'm a manlet at 5'8

I think I might be fucking up my feet and knees but at least I'm not fat, if im eating out I make sure its the only meal I eat that day

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Dang op, you can't be doing this. How much do you weigh and what's your height?

Lift moar faggot
Eat protein faggot
Eat your veggies faggot
STOP being fat faggot

be my fat gf originally

inb4 literal goliath

im 5ft. close to 250

Could you brap for me pls?

Well u better lose 1820 calories in exercise

lose some weight you're heavier than me

damn at least your not as bad as my gf who weighs close to 400 pounds despite being taller than like 80% of men.

Why would you date someone so fat?

lmao i eat 2200 a day and i think thats too much

it is fat ass, eat less

>"just eat healthy and go to the gym bro haha"

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>fat ass
i am 120lbs

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Honestly, simply because if her height and the fact that her hip and thigh bones are very thick. That combination in my mind, made me figure I get a woman with good genes and loyal - marriage material. To which she is and has a pretty face, the only problem is not so much her being fat, but more like her waistline is too much. Either way I dont mind spoiling her a bit with gifts and travel.

>Almond milk
Unlike onions, almond milk is a genuine xenoestrogen even in small quantities.
Enjoy your bitch tits.

Lol I honestly think I'm the lucky one.
Although guys like me are rare, I recommend opening yourself a bit, because I was very intimated and nervous approaching her since she seemed very timid when I saw her. When you see a man that looks at you for a while, and your interested in him I recommend looking at him back and smiling. It'll help him be more confident in approaching you as he sees an open opportunity to do so. Men approach to whom they perceive as beautiful, but stay if she's beautiful in the inside as well.

>tfw had 2690 calories for dinner yesterday.
Is it ok to eat that much if you were out celebrating with friends that you never get to see

try adopting a vegan diet if you want to lose weight! even the fake meat vegan versions of food have less calories, less cholesterol and they taste practically the same

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Origonally imagine the smell...