Would a tour of Vietnam been a better outcome for you?

Would a tour of Vietnam been a better outcome for you?

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Yes. What could you want more?

>would skipping out on the draft with stoner chicks in a hippy van have been a better outcome for you?


inb4 bus

Forest Gump is such a goodovie because he was completely naive and you see people like that on this world and it breaks your heart, but alternatively there are people who are completely evil.

I don't know op you tell me

Hell fucking yes, I'd love to kill some charles and fuck some girls in Saigon.

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Yeah it would have been a better use of my body,

The Vietnam war: a film by Ken Burns and Lynn novick. The whole thing was fucked, we lost, and something like that casts a long shadow and the people spamming cuck porn are evil imo because they try to make men compensate but I feel like I went through a slight enlightening but not now...but yeah, learn, read a book.

Read the book of revelations while you're at it, you'll at least know where people are coming from before you decide which country you want to fuck girls in

I've watched it, it was a high quality production,

I would probably die but I would love to have slaughtered asian civilians and not spent a day in jail.

You're right op I'm a manchild and worse and women don't want to fuck me, after every war there is a population boom because humans are evil but there is nothing to stop us but fear. I am become death. The blackpill the redpill there's nothing left but slow death.

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Fuck yeah, I wanna shoot them gooks

something about that war...and ww2 you just get do much information from them about why we're fucked. Like the fragging of officers...boomers man, they are the worst generation

>fragging of officers...boomers man
Just think how much zoomers would frag

Zoomers are better, they barely do drugs, they play fps games, they have no identity to get in the way of orders, they only worship women and will do anything for feminism, they are a lot like natsocs, i guess we improved militarily I hope so we don't want to lose anymore

Another thing about zoomers i notice is they're just way more open minded, less racist, lust for improvement, are hard on themselves...idk maybe I'm wrong but way better than boom booms

...and get fifty different STDs per fuck...

I feel like conscription would have helped me become a person who could fit in society. Maybe things might have turned out differently.

Fuck yeah dude, try trippy drugs while humping it through the jungle in my m1956 web gear, m60 ready to rock and roll, running through the jungle slaying gooks. Worst comes to worst you die a hero, and dying is not a bad thing. Otherwise you can connect with the primal animal inside of you fighting for survival in the dark jungle. The smell of napalm in the air as the slicks dustoff casualties. And the music!

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I think the lesson of it is Americans wanted to lose so they did

I love shrimps and since they fill their shrimps with jelly to make them look fresh no thank you.

fat fucks think they know war itt

>dropping acid in the jungle
Charlie couldn't hope to match my third eye

I slashed them cold, I killed them dead
I broke the gooks, I cracked their heads
I'll bomb them out from under the beds
But now I've got the running gun blues

Based and anti-patriotismpilled
Would love to go to the festivals of the 60s

you're definitely 15