Ywn press your body against another r9k sperg and hold each other tightly

>ywn press your body against another r9k sperg and hold each other tightly

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and i thank god everyday for that

i personally use ketamine to make my whole body completely numb and then pet myself to simulate physical contact from someone else but to each their own

That's a big feel OP and I also want to gently tease their pp while we're cuddling

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I wish I had a qt spergy gf but they all go for chads

>tfw mentally ill Chad

>wanting to date a Jow Forums user

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I just want one to love then we can love each other forever

nigger, if you felt that feel you'd be too tired to make a thread about it, that feel brings me down. You are up to something vile bitch.

I've done it, I'm a tranny tho.

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cute greentext please tranon

>Got bullied by an user for being a bedwetter and diaper wearer
>Start communicating to him via email and steam
>Start bullying him hardcore
>Become his mistress
>Meet up with him twice
>Cuddle so hard it's like we're trying to pull ourselves into one
>Always get hard while cuddling and keep frotting each other in bed
There's hope for you (gay/trans) anons.

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woah... that's cute
I hope I can find an user to love

Flirt with anons when you get the chance, that's what I did and somehow ended up in three e-relationships, with this final one ending up being 5 years and going

and hold on for tomorrow

look I know in your mind it feels really good and lewd like those anime doujins but it isn't. It will be awkward and strange that 2 ugly men do this.
robots find a weeb autistic gf. yes, they exist. yes, they are over 18 and are virgins (if that matters).

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I have user, it feels good

>discord trannies
original as fuck you nigger

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no I'd rather be with a guy because women aren't capable of loving you like a guy can

This thread sucks and is full of faggotry. Trannys can't be robots. Go back to your containment board, faggots.

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Don't make me tease you back, user!

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Pleaaase do user, we can have lots of fun together

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Trannies are the biggest robots on earth, user.

>be man
>take hrt
>jack off your new femoid body
>has now touched a "female"
nope, nothing is more coomer than being a tranny
>identifying yourself based on your sexual orientation
>being this useless of a faggot
Not even khv's like you. You're below society, not even wizard status. Now go dilate and neck yourself.

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I want someone to snuggle with and love so bad, nobody I've talked to has ever seriously entertained the idea of meeting up even when I'd be willing to pay travel fees even though I'm poor. I don't have anyone in my life and bad things keep happening and I'd just like a partner but I can't find one.

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Trannies can't jack off, user.
>You're below society, not even wizard status.
My point exactly.

I know I'll never make it as a tranny but at least I want to be cuter, do you have any advice for that?

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nice trips. I should try ketamine
I hadn't had a bowel movement in over a week so I gave myself an enema for the first time and overestimated how much water I could take. At first it just felt like peeing from my ass, but then the turds started to move at high speeds through my lower intestine. I cramped badly. My entire body started dripping with sweat and I thought I was going to vomit. I flushed at least six times. And then suddenly it was over. I felt like I'd had a really good orgasm, or like god had forgiven me for my sins. The relief was almost as good as being cuddled.

Very cute.
>tfw no cute tranner gf to do this with

Are you looking for a grill?

no, I like boys more but I don't really care either way if they're nice.

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Why is it so hard to find something so simple like this?

I'm sorry for not replying sooner, I went to go make food and got distracted watching something. Your first post makes you sound like me in some ways. But I'm a little burned out right now. Where are you from? What sort of bad things keep happening?

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That's okay. I imagine it's how a lot of people here feel. I'm in the US. I don't want to get too into it all but the last few months feel like a lot of bad luck.

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Chasteberry or androgen blockers

I'm in the Midwest, [email protected] if you'd like to talk more. I barely ever use Discord but I have that, Steam, IRC, other things. I'm burned out in general right now but either way I hope you don't give up and that things get better, you seem kind and genuine.

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>I'm in the Midwest
What state?

I sent an email, I appreciate the thought if nothing else.

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we can arrange that anone

i used to sleep on top of my hand and when i wake up it will be fully numb so I hold it with my other hand and it feels like its someone else's

Any German robot here who wants to cuddle?

I can't check right this moment but I will later once I can!

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>tfw everyone ends up being in Ohio after I left it

Thanks, you can take your time!

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what state are you from user? indiana reporting

>what state are you from user?

But user, I have done this. I met a chubby fembot and we cuddled and had sex.

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I need a cute EU sperg femanon to cuddle and smell her neck

>Always get hard while cuddling and keep frotting each other in bed
Is frotting enough? Im just curious

One day that will happpppen. Oh man that would be amazing.

I see a lot of other Ohioanons here in general. What is it about this shitty state that makes so many sad lonely people?
t. sad lonely ohioan

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Any spergs from the PNW?

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>What is it about this shitty state that makes so many sad lonely people?
Meth, blacks, old people hoarding all the money.

Any spergy Sydney femanons?

I jerk off daily. I know what it's like touching a small dick

If you live in northern Nederland or north-west Germany I could be your fembot cuddle-neck thing.

I don't see much of the first two in the rural areas where I live. Lot of hicks and old people though.
I just want a qt bf to spoon... we could bitch about how Ohio sucks together. Better being with someone and slightly less miserable than alone and more miserable.

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I'm from north-west Germany. Can we meet up and hug and cuddle I'm so lonely

Not enough to orgasm, but it feels really amazing to cuddle and frot, easy to do it for hours on end.

ywn press a gun to OPs head and pull the trigger

Fuck, I want to frot a smaller dick. Any gaybots with tiny pps in the US need a sugar daddy?

Maybe. Can you prove you're not a rapist or murderer or something?
(Ignore the flags I just needed a map of the area)

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That's the second bad scenario.
You live in a rural area with no one around and everyone hates you if you're gay or like traps.

You guys do know this is tranny bait right?

Hm dunno how I'd prove that I'm just a sad lonely neetboy.
Can you prove you're not gonna be the one trying to rape me?

Every person i have met from Northern Germany has been a cunt

I hope so. I want a tranny to snuggle and frot with.

I guess no one is safe than...
My mom is from there be nice

I'm the one who made the original comment but I figured Sweden is too far away so I wouldn't be able to cuddle you often enough

Well we can try to chat a bit and get to know each other, maybe we get along well and something develops out of this.
Probably not but whatever.
Add me on discord if you feel like it, Panko 9680

Thankfully the few friends I do have don't hate me because of that, but I don't think I could be open about it around here otherwise.
Makes me sad.