Violence against women needs to stop

Thinking of all the female victims who were abused, beaten and murdered by evil, entitled men hurts my heart.

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Not gonna lie, I read this post and laughed.

Not "smiled" or "smirked". Laughed.

based and pisspilled. amen

Nice dubs.
It's sad that some men want to laugh at the pain inflicted by lesser men.
Women have feelings and emotions too. Being raped is a really traumatic thing.

how do you propose we stop it?
don't say abolish capitalism or patriarchy-- actually come up with a plan of action and then act on it.

Because I don't fucking care about who dies or who gets hurt if we're not going to do anything about it.

That's sad. You need to seek some therapy for your severe lack of empathy.
I hope your mother or any other female companion you live never experiences this kind of trauma.

I don't even care if these comments and OP are troll bait. I'm tired of having to explain basic empathy to you robots.

We get better mental health funding for men. It's not a solution but it's a start.

Why is empathy needed? Fucking tard, why should we give a shit about who gets hurt? Nuggerfaggot

Thank god, no doubt those fucking cunts deserved it.

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They chose this path. They could have picked men other than bad boys and convicted criminals.

no, that's not a plan; how are you going to get funding?
if you truly want to help men, creating solidarity between the sexes is where you begin; these things start from grass roots, the local. How you get extra funding is muscle-- muscling retards in power.
how you get men and women working together is another thing. but listening is where it begins, NOT with funding.

I'm not trying to 'get you', but I'm fed up of hearing how awful everything is, and the only solution given is to bat your eyes at some city official to 'oh please won't you help us out?'
you know, the people in power are ones we need to be in opposition to.

I understand this is r9k. I want more than anything to create a local group. I want reform in schools. But I have very bad social anxiety.
it's just not enough to vote or post on twitter, or be upset about rape. at least be upset about WHY rape happens-- the systemic issue which perpetuate, make excuses for it, cover it up, and so on.
when there is reform it's rolled back. you know, so, thanks thatcher! it's like that in politics.

Funds through public services. By funding I'm generalising. Maybe what I mean is more mental health projects/communties. I'm not sure where you're based but I also believe in your local approach. I believe there are schemes such as community gardens, days out and group therapy held around a community centre is a good place to start. How do you propose you get people to listen? We're in an age where people can become very rooted in their beliefs.

I'm not looking to get caught out or have an argument. I'm genuine and curious about even in an individual level what can be done.

R9k isn't always such a bad place. There are a few undamned souls left. I complete. Agree is not just enough to tweet #MeToo or donate to your local rape crisis counselling centre (which btw, in the UK, majority are female exclusive - fucked I know). I am upset about why rape happens. Why rape happens motivates me to try understand motives and support those in crisis.

>To readers
Post honest opinion (try to be serious for once if you're capable I want to learn).

>Why do you think rape happens?
>Do you feel, given a situation, you would rape somebody?
>Any personal experiences of rape

Obviously there hasn't been enough because you keep shitting up my board. Get the fuck out, female.

Oh God no. No, no, no, no, no This is one of the most indirectly sexist things I have heard all day. The solution to stopping male violence against women is NOT to continue pandering to men by giving THEM more funding and support services when we need to be supporting women. That just makes men feel even more entitled which increases the cycle of misogynistic violence. We need to start identifying early signs of potentially violent men (particularly disaffection and social alienation, which usually begin to be visible during adolescence) and then we need to remove these men from society.

women don't have any real problems in the modern west. just shut the fuck up already you entitled cunt

>Fucking tard, why should we give a shit about who gets hurt?

If something horrible happened to you, would you want people to sympathize with you and try to help, or would you want them to just point and laugh at you?

Say it with me

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>we live in an age where people are very rooted in their beliefs
well, people often engage in double speak. i think it's very common to believe that mental illness is something wholly genetic or that men shouldn't show their emotions while also believing the exact opposite. so I'd completely disagree-- in this age, as you put it, the population is characterised by knowing what's wrong but being totally apathetic to the solutions.
It's in people's experiences, where they've suffered and seen people suffer. i genuinely think that if you create the right environment, where people can get together in order to 'do something', people will come out of their shells.
at the same time people are used to hostility (from equals, from higher powers), and it needs a light touch.
>community gardens, group therapy
I like these, actually.
i heard about gardens for the homeless to take food from. it's creating solidarity of that kind that helps foster movements.
group therapy is okay. I'm skeptical that it might push the idea that they're individual problems. as long as people recognise that there's a systemic element to them. as in women coming together to discuss what problems they collectively face, and then they can go onto support each other as individuals.

why rape happens is pretty complicated. I don't know if it's a good place to start.
usually if we end up trying to address rape in itself we'll stop at rape centres, which are not a solution in themselves at all. it's not enough to support rape victims. it has to be about prevention.

the best action for preventing rape would be real empathy and co-operation. and education can only happen when you're willing, so it has to be between and by individuals, not the state.
the things i hate most likely wouldn't solve rape, but they would solve other specific issues. and it's up to local communities to decide what to address.

(it was too long)

about group therapy: usually men's rights takes a weird turn, and they fall into reaction beliefs. it's annoying, so this is why I say men and women should co-operate.
hopefully the women would rub off on the men.

...obviously. I'm not a faggot you know.

Why should I care about women's problems, when they obviously don't care about ours? Why should I empathize with a group of people that hates me for no reason other than I'm not part of their group?

Point and laugh bitchboi, treat others the way you want to be treated. If i can handle what i dish out its an easy win

>by evil, entitled men hurts my heart.
Really? It makes me very happy indeed.

Not my problem, women deserve everything they get for choosing men that beat them.

women don't have feelings. If they get raped, they enjoy it because it comes from chads.

>nice guy approaches woman
>reject him for Chad/bad boy
>Chad/bad boy beats woman
>"Nice guys did this waaa waaa"
Yeah,women belong in cages

>me low confidence asks her out after we flirt for weeks
>she says no
>she dates and is abused by horrible man
>she dumps then gets back together with abuser
>continue x10
>years later meet another girl
>she discovers my alcoholism
>rejects me and dates an abuser
>dumps him, get back together and gets further abused
Maybe if you made any attempt to escape these horrific relationships instead of flocking to them like a moth to a lamp you would garner my sympathy, but the women love badboys meme is fucking alive and well.

I wish I was desirable to women, I would treat them so well and devote my life to them

this but unironically, instead i will spend my life getting a drug taking abuser chosen over me

All whores deserve this.

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agreed brother, behead them all in the name of allah

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I want to care about your problems though. I'm trying to learn the problems men feel they face.

Your God does not love you brother. You are on the wrong path.
Know your duty. Practice your dharma.

A true god would not condone this judgement.
This is sick. You are a sick individual. Seek professional mental health help. Please.

Fucking dumbass wecterners. You have no idea what you're doing.

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This post was made by pic related

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This could be a shit*post, but I reccomand a good boy point system for good behavior, so people will literally be forced to be good boys

the most funny thing about this thread is that you cant know if this is a shitpost or one of those groups that started their shilling in spring.
I love this sea of piss and the thought of people shilling here while they have to see all the gore and other things feels great .you all deserve to suffer