Walk into Papa Johns

>Walk into Papa Johns
>see her
>what do?

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ask her why Papa Johns is so shit

ask her why she hasn't shit on my pizza like i wrote in the special instructions

"Hey, do you know how to get to dominos?"

Ask to see her ID and if management knows a child got behind the counter.

Go to domino's

Ask "how many black cocks have you sucked ya cunt?"

Laugh at the stupid Wagie.

"Since Shaq got on The Board it's a mandatory 1 a week."

Pick up whatever pizza I ordered, pay, and leave. Then wonder why the fuck I ever walked into a Papa John's when I would go to any other chain first normally.

spit in her face and call her a slut then head but her to show dominance.

Ask if this is her

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Pick up my pizza and leave. I live in a college town so any food establishment is full of girls like her. I'm used to it.

Panic and leave empty handed


"Excuse me lady, do you have a minute to talk about Racewar?"

Can I get a large meat lovers

I hope she peepees herself

It is! Invite her back to my basement to eat nude pizza

ask if she has a link to her megaupload, go home, fap

Shit founder
Shit ingredients
Shit pizza
Pap Shit Johns

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