Imagine being born into a group where people adore you, everyone want to be your friend...

Imagine being born into a group where people adore you, everyone want to be your friend, everyone thinks you are the coolest shit in the world because of it. Women, the hottest women in the world from the hottest in Brazil to the hottest in Japan, will fuck you and have your children just because you are their prefered sexual fetish. You can commit an exuberant amount of crimes and get away with it, you can be far dumber while applying for a job and get it over other more qualified people. You have your specialized pic for jobs, friends, women, life.

And the best thing is, you are such spoiled pampured selfish asshole you can go around screaming about how you are oppressed and treated terribly by everyone and the world will bend over backwards for you just to accommodate for you, up to and most of the time uncluding ruining a mans life. You can whine and cry because you got your food on a gold plate instead of a platimun plate and you probably will get that platimun platter sooner then later by complaining

Thats what life is like while being black. Blacks cant be incels. They need to fuck off of this board.

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there are plenty of black incels you dont know any because all the black people you know probably behave and think the same everything else you said is basically true though but lets not act like being black doesnt have its negatives

another penis envy, if i only had white skin id be god thread

Black Privilege.

Thats what life is like while being white.

Imagine honestly believe that when all evidence shows; not really.
The only "evidence" that could lead you to believe the hottest women are attracted to black men are...literal whores who get paid to have sex with them?

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Okcupid isn't real life.

blacks are the least desired males (and females), though

You just described a white woman, shlomo-kun.

> but lets not act like being black doesnt have its negatives

Okay. Name one.

none of this matters in our personal lives women pick attractive men an attractive black man is more likely to get the girl than an ugly/average looking white man and vice versa most dont care about race as youd like to think

Keep coping you deluded person.

how about people thinking everything you have is because of affirmative action

Stop coping you fucking socialite

That's not a negative. Try again.

go on tinder right now make two profiles an average white man and an attractive black man and see who gets more responses

No white guy is getting replies unless they're ripped dumbass. If they still get replied, they're providing free food. Twat.

thats my point an attractive black man is better off than an average white guy and vice versa

how is it not a negative

Black incels exist but they don't spend their time blaming jews

>okcupid admits to wanting to push racemixing.
>creates a bogus study with bogus claims
>states that this is the reason why they're forcing more interracial match ups then before.
>people use this as a cope somehow that blacks aren't desired.

Meanwhile, pic is the majority of every single high school couple in america right now. Stop being so fucking delusional.

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but blacks were treated horribly by everyone in the world up until the last 30 years or so

Those are two Tyronelites and a high tier normie with butterface girlfriends. You just can't find a 5/10 black with a 5/10 white girlfriend.

Everyone has treated everyone else like shit grow up.

i mean not really was their an economic and social war by the US government against jews or asians or italians

They are victims of the same brainwashing scheme as us. That being said, you are correct in your assertions, especially holds true in liberal areas like cities and california. Blacks are kinda worshipped by normie whites.

Well the arabs enslaved blacks first. But nobody blames saudi arabia for anything so you tell me.

>you can beat a whiteboi to a coma and rape his sister and, not only will you not get in troublez but their mother will scold her son for hurting your knuckles with his skull just by being black.
>blacks are also the victims.

How do you guys not get so tired from all the mental gynastics you do for the oppression olympics?

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>from the hottest in Brazil to the hottest in Japan
Ahh so its a black guy raging about white preference again
>Thats what life is like while being black
Oh wait, its a bait thread

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Cope, left and right are solid 7s. Stay mad

How do you let a single group of people live rent free in your mind like this

What's up with this passive aggressive garbage. Is this a twitter meme
>rent free

Nice meme dude lmao

>be black grill
>allegedly diversity quaota'd my way into a STEM job
>pretty much one of those the company "culture" is dominated by white redditor humor/interests/etc
>people think talking/acting EXACTLY like Tom Scott is the only way to be interesting and funny
>the slack channels are full of their bullshit
>eat lunch alone 999 times out of 1000
>often wish I was working remotely so I didn't have to deal with them
Maybe being a hairdresser would have been the answer after all.

If you're in anywhere in Florida, I'll drive hours to get some nubian pussi