Missed out on all those college drunk weekends

>missed out on all those college drunk weekends
>soon you'll be old and expected to be settled down with sex maybe once a month on your best behaviour

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Dude I can't imagine a woman wanting me at this point let alone settle down

You will probably be alone forever unless you go gay

>implying you'd be welcome to a party like this
roastie's anus is reserved for Chad user

I'd rather be alone than a faggot like you. How does this make you feel?

At least you know you are unwanted you could go on Grindr and fuck a sissyboi or twink, if you want (most likely) you can get TOPPED

As long as you strictly TOP it isn't to gay a hole is a hole and guys give better head then any female

You might be able to find a boiwife on Grindr

Well like everyone else said you can get TOPPED

Whatever makes you happy, user.

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>doing gay things
>not gay

you can be delusional, but i'll always be here to remind you you're one of the biggest faggots in existence

Did you know the girl in your pic is a biological female? How does that make you feel?

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You sound like a closet homosexual in denial

samefag. kill yourself retard

You sound like a delusional tranny

Lol samefag ok bud but his only option is to be a bottom

You know you've truly hit rock bottom when you're jealous of somebody eating ass in public on camera.
You guys need Jesus.

Jesus fucking did this


Weird way to say Bailey Jay

Sounds like someone wants to get stuffed

>missed out on all those college drunk weekends
Get that faggot shit out of there,we get drunk on the daily
>soon you'll be old and expected to be settled down with sex maybe once a month on your best behaviour
So like guys at my uni? Not every place is as crazy as the US,we don't have orgies

That's a boy that's a boy that's a boy that's a boy that's a boy fuck

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Because you are a beta loser lmao

Yeah, just keep telling yourself that. Whatever makes you happy, user.

Look, I just provided you with a picture of what she looks like in present day, where is your proof?

>Because you are a beta loser lmao
Yes,most people in my campus are
What's your point?

Why not go on Grindr and have fun?

Your jealous and a loser

Seething virgin detected

Have you ever thought you might be a homosexual? I have a friend who thought like this and even dated a woman for a few months and after a dry spell of 4 years he came out as gay.

Cheer up anons. Sex is not everything in life.

Says the incel, look just don't shoot up a school you faggot freak

But if you think about it you wouldn't be here if your parents didn't have frisky unprotected sex, possibly with roleplay involved. Unless you came through some artificial insemination in which case doesn't really count

It's not everything but I just finished fucking my wife and it's pretty good though maybe someday you can afford a hooker and experience sex

You do realize that sex is the ENTIRE purpose in life to reproduce right? But no you don't because you are a virgin creep

Keep telling yourself that faggot lmao read the top of the thread get TOPPED that's the closest thing you will ever get

>expected to be settled down with sex maybe once a month on your best behaviour
Damn who the fuck gets into that kinda marriage? Fucking retard

I don't want kids. I don't want to reproduce.

Congrats on failing the biological mandate the only thing that makes you a real man.

I personally see it as a victory - I've escaped the biological programming.

No, that's retarded you might as well go all the way and chop of your cock and get the surgery

>soon you'll be old and expected to be settled down
Nigga who cares?
Stay single until you're in your mid thirties while banging naive bitches.

>Your jealous and a loser
No,most of us are,some are worse than others but there isn't any Chads or Stacies here
>Seething virgin detected
You? Maybe just try to accept that not everyone is as cucked as you are

What failed person your not even a man nice attempt at coping

Lol you aren't even using the word cuck correctly

Not coping. I've never had any kind of desire to have kids - maybe adopting one when I'm older, but other than that no.
I prioritize myself over others, kids would not have place in my life. I would have no desire to take care of them or do all the parenting stuff.

Ya I'm cucked even though I have regular sex with my gf lol

>this is a chad in america circa '10s
Nice! Keep it up

Lol what ever helps you sleep at night man

This is exactly something that a person who can't get any females (or males) would say

Seeing how you don't want kids you should get your boitwat slammed

He doesn't want kids, but he wants to adopt kids. With this irrefutable logic, I can't imagine how he managed to remain a virgin throughout all his years. I do wonder how he manages to tie his shoelaces though

If you want meaningless sex just go on Grindr

This guy gets it

>the ENTIRE purpose in life to reproduce
Sure, but who said that? Seriously, just because you have a reproductive organ, doesn't mean that is your only purpose because if that's the case, why are we reproducing? Just to keep reproducing? Sounds like literal cancer to me.

So wait you don't want any kids but you want to adopt? Wtf am I reading, dude read what you just wrote seriously.

All I said that I wouldn't be against the idea when I'm much older. And that only depends if I have enough money and time.
Like how I adopted my cat from shelter.

It really boils down to personality

I wouldn't bow down to a woman's ass in a context that isn't devoted worship, so I would find this so awkward

It's not like you would be able to anyway let's change what you said to make it reality

"No one would have kids with me, I have zero chance at reproducing"

>classical clinical case of incel deflecting his failures
I've seen you kind before, you can leave the thread now

Shut the fuck up you would never be remotely in a situation like this

You scream of being a incel really pathetic

I hope you don't adopt they would turn out all fucked up like you and prob gay

>my way is the right way and the only way to live in this world
you sound pathetic, enjoy your normie-tier life while chad fucks your wife

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>sex once a month

Hmm I have sex 4 or 5 times a month using Grindr

Damn you are angry you got called out and know it's TRUE, incels lol

Keep fucking your hands and watching porn filthy incel

Sex is the biggest life marker of a well adjusted individual.

Spotted the virgin! Is this what you think?

Unless you become a twink or bottom you will be alone for ever, maybe you can transition

>muh naturalistic fallacy
Nigger, please. Life is literally retarded proteins floating in sludge that got feature bloated over time- this is where the reproductive obsession comes from. It's even sadder when you consider that your genetic contibution will get "diluted" away after 15 generations at most and you'll be forgotten in every sense of the word- just like the incel has been.
You can do whatever you want (which is debatable, considering there's no free will, but whatever)

>Ctrl+f "grindr"
>5 results
>half the thread is gay samefagging shit
We get it, fag.

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I literally can't wait until the love of your life throws you away like the piece of shit you reek of. You guys literally can't face an alternative lifestyle that doesn't correspond with the vast majority. It's like difference is what you are most afraid of. You guys can't even take this shit seriously. Instead, you just keeping shitting on 'incels' to make yourself feel better. What in the fuck is wrong with living life by yourself and feeling contempt about it? Literally becoming self-reliant and independent on an emotional level to the point where you don't even need a girl to give you assurance and acceptance.

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>A month for sex
Yeah no. I have physical needs and I will be very sexual frustrated and unhappy in that relationship and I would only compromise for so long. It's something that would need to be actively addressed for any serious long term relationship to work.

I don't care about my genes, dude, I care about being loved and socially included. Whether you think it's good or not, sex is an enormous part of social inclusion. Everything else is loneliness.

Why havent they rangebanned the Grindr spammer yet

>All that text
Holy shit dude. The secret is to not get married because you love someone but because you are entering a long term social contract that has mutual benefits. These guys are idiots who hop from marriage to marriage and bury themselves in the court system because of "love". Love is extremely important in a serious relationship but trust and intimacy are far more so and will carry you far further than those butterflies in your stomach ever will. I understand you wanting keeping yourself safe from all this heartbreak and pain but there are also a lot great experiences you are missing out on by secluding yourself this way. Being deeply intimate with another person (I should clarify intimacy != sex) and to be able to share your deepest fears and desires and anxieties is a very fulfilling and liberating experience.
Dont be afraid to open your heart and let another in, but make sure you are able to love yourself first so your cup can runeth over and be shared

She's not even acknowledging him, dude is legitimately a cuck

>being envious of a guy literally licking a whore's shithole on camera for the whole world to see
When did these acts of degeneracy become normal? Do these people not have any sense of pride? If I ever did something as disgusting as this, I'm not sure I would be able to live with myself. I may be a virgin, but atleast I have some sense of honour.

would you eat a qts asshole in private tho?

He ate her asshole. Gross.

No. That's where her poop comes from.

Kek none of you faggots are gonna be having kids either.

maybe he's a mod

Yeah dude. So gross, I sure would hate to do that haha

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>sucking some random sluts asshole at the beach

fucking disgusting..

But besides that now that im close to 30 honestly I dont even want sex more than once or twice a week.

Im just not as horny desu senpai.

These larps are so bad, no one who actually has sex acts or talk like this, stop being faggots, sex isn't that much a big deal, it's mostly a pleasurable moment like doing drugs or having fun, not some fucking ancient ritual to be savored.

Cute. More girls need to have short hair.

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