Jesus loves you. Stop being degenerate right now

Jesus loves you. Stop being degenerate right now

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Stop lying in the name of jesus

>Jesus loves you.
But I hate Jesus.


I haven't seen any evidence of this. Jesus loves me as much as Santa loves me.

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Jesus stuck me in a ant farm, thanks jesus, honestly though kill god and then yourself, the holy ghost is ok dont go into work today

Im unworthy I'm sorry

No i want to continue getting fucked in the ass by black men

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Your God's love is not unconditional. He does not love us. And he does not love you.

If you pray in Jesus' name and sincerely ask for forgiveness, then anything else you ask for will be given to you.

Yes, I got a girlfriend after doing this. God is real.

You have no actual way of measuring the outcome had you not asked jesus for gf so...

>Yes, I got a girlfriend after doing this
God is not real

The Father loves you unconditionally. He already paid the price for your sin by putting his own son to death.
It's Jesus that you have to have to apologize to.

Kill everyone who posts topics relating to a higher power, including high voltage transmission lines

You nonpraying robots are the control group.

I've did that for nearly half my life, and it didn't amount to anything. Some people get what they want, some people don't; just because you got what you want isn't evidence for anything (any neanderthal chump could get a girlfriend if they tried).

God isn't real, all religion is trash, kill yourself.

I have the power of dubs on my side, phony.

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God never says no. He just puts it on hold for people that hold on to iniquity.

>The Father loves you unconditionally.

A loving father would not condemn his own children to eternal punishment for using the free will he gave them. A loving father would not send his own son to die. Your God is a petty spiteful tyrant who only has love for those who devote themselves to him entirely.

Jesus is the judge, not the Father. The price of sin is death because sin is a self-separation from God, and God is life.

If you still don't believe that there is a God out there, at least know that I love you, Anonymous. I hope that you are given justice.

>there is a God
Read a book outside of the bible

I am versed in information science and hermeneutical method. I assure you that my words are already sesquipedarian.

In shorter words that you might understand: no u

Mankind has forgotten countless gods. In time, yours will be forgotten too.

As long as people wonder what's on the other side of the firmament void, there will be religion.

Do the gods not care or why do they not come here?

Im sure they have some story ready for why their god specifically only appeared after X amount of civilizations and why it will dissappear.

Thank God I'm not Christian, I don't need a guy loving me.

Anyone here knows personally someone that unironically believes in God, goes every week to church and live a Christian life?

Is God hot?
t.witch femanon

See, I really did not know what sesquipedarian meant.
So like a reasonable modern human I researched on the internet, where thousands upon thousands of years of knowledge can be found, and I learned what it meant. Thank you for that.

What I couldn't find, though, is a single shred of evidence any god has ever been real.
Weird, huh?

TL;DR: Using big words doesn't make you intelligent.

Jesus is dead. He was just a regular human and not the son of God.

He can shapeshitft and look however you want him to look like

Amen brother.
Keep spreading the word.

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It's sesquipedalian you psued

Op is right. Jesus Christ died for our sins.

John 8:12 kjv
>Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

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What is a god with no worshippers? What is a being defined by belief, if there is nobody left who believes in it?

You don't need to go to church to be a Christian. Many people that go to church aren't really Christian.
To be a true Christian all you need to do is believe in Jesus, repent for your sins and actively turn away from them, and carry your personal cross.
You will be hated for it, you will be hated for even speaking the name of Jesus Christ, but those who endure will be saved.

He probably would not want to look like a twink.

If they wanted to get worshipped they could just come to earth and present themselves or something .

I could believe in Christianity as a philosophy but I can't believe in all the supernatural stuff of The Bible. We don't live in the Medieval Age anymore.

So you unironically believe you will be saved by doing those things?

You won't even put prayer through the scientific method. Stop being dumb.

But jesus died for our sins and degeneracy and if we don't sin, jesus died for nothing.

Why wouldn't he do it but I think God is a virgin and wouldn't have sex.

Everyone who does God's will by believing in the one He sent will be brought into perfection at the resurrection.

>prayer through the scientific method.
Since you seem well-versed in the subject I will not bother the childish but effective milk jug theory.

That's too alian for me

Yes, after accepting Jesus Christ and repenting, you are given a new mind. You become more aware of sin, more aware of the state of your spirit, able to turn away from and rebuke evil. You become closer to God, and in prayer you are reaffirmed you are on the right path and will be granted salvation if you don't stray.
It's a good feeling.
I quit smoking weed, taking psychedelics, smoking cigarettes, porn, fapping, fornicating with Tinder girls. now i just read the bible, meditate, and pray.

>won't experiment with prayer
>>no proofs lololol!!!!1
Seek and ye shall find.

Of any of you haven't read the gnostic gospels, I suggest you do. The (((church))) succeeded in silencing a lot of what had been taught by Yahoshua ("Jesus" for you KJV heretics). There are many parallels that could be drawn from all sorts of other traditions such as Buddhism and Babylonian lore.
>ignore churchfags
>read the scrubbed gospels
>obtain gnosis

Would be better if the Greek gods are real. They are the best.

Even the big bang theory requires God for it to make sense.
Also science changes constantly, the bible is constant.
There's also been many cases of carbon dating failing. for example soil samples taken from somebody's backyard were carbon dated and determined to be 16,000 years old.
It's all very unreliable.
Science is still incapable of explaining the "why." Science can sometimes explain how something happens, the very surface level of it's existence, but it can never explain the "why."
>one day the universe just decided to create itself.

And the Bible is the source supporting this claim?

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I was heavily christian for 17 years and have looked in the subject thoroughly.
I have asked priests simple questions with no intent of proving them wrong, and they couldn't answer. Don't give me that seek and ye shall find bullshit, you uneducated faggot.
>Food, booze and bisexual orgies.
Good times.
Not yet, because science evolves. It does so faster than your fairy tales. And it has proven of actual use.
If god didn't want me to burn in hell he would have not made my only chance at salvation to be a blind sheep, following only the words of men and hoping I won't get slaughtered in the process.

>Also science changes constantly, the bible is constant
That just speaks in favor of science and against the bible. Science is just the current knowledge we have, as far as humans can tell. When someone figures out something new, of course we should take that into account. See the picture in for why it doesn't seem like a reliable source.
Even if God was necessary for the big bang, that doesn't support the claims in the bible, such as Jesus being the son of God or that God provided the 10 commandments.

Do you really think you're perfect enough to enter Heaven without the salvation of Jesus Christ?
Have you lied? Been greedy? Practiced sexual immorality?
Even telling one lie makes you worthy of Hell. There are no liars in Heaven.
The truth is we ALL deserve Hell, we're all extremely sinful beings, but God saw that we are imperfect and he loves us. So he sent Jesus Christ to redeem us of sin through his crucifixion.
Even the best human to ever live still did not come close to the glory of God. To think you're worthy of entering Heaven without the blood of Jesus Christ is hubris.

So I can pretty much rape and plunder all willy nilly because jesus will forgive me either way, thus having no reason to worship him in the first place.

You know, because he's a cuck

>Implying jesus loves me

Repentance requires turning away from sin.
In unbelief and ignorance some sins can be forgiven, but it's going to be unlikely you are forgiven of rape and murder as pretty much everybody knows they are horrible sins.
Jesus was crucified next to a thief. On the cross, the thief confessed and asked Christ for salvation and Christ accepted him.
He does love you.

So I can do all these but I just need to make sure I'm really really sorry ? Got it, thanks!

He's dead, he can't love anyone

Yes even a murderer can be forgiven. Like I said, we're all worthy of damnation.
Keep dancing on his grave user he's no longer there

But if you were to do it now, there would be no excuse for your sin.
The bible says if you're aware something is a sin and still CHOOSE to do it even though you believe in Jesus Christ, you risk damnation.

Spo all of this, you say, has no point?
You do realize how retarded that sounds?
So there is a bunch of rules, half of them arbitrary, but even if you break them all repeatedly you can suck the judge's cock and you're good for all eternity?
Is your god that shallow and egotistical, user?
So pretty mush we would all be better off without the bible to make things complicated?
And what of those who've never read the bible? Who've never been propely educated on the ways of your god?

The point is we started perfect, fell into sin, and now we're witnessing the world fall. The only option is to accept Christ as our savior, repent, and allow ourselves to be purified so we are worthy to stand before the Lord when he returns.
The bible says in the end times there will be massive earthquakes, Satanists calling themselves Jews will run the world and be hated by all nations, there will be famine, disease, and a massive war.
It's not about sucking up to Jesus, it's following him and carrying your cross daily. Christians are told they will be hated every single day for their beliefs, and you must endure as Jesus endured.
Also God will always give people a chance to accept Jesus Christ. He is all powerful, there is no person on earth who will not be given the wisdom. There's a reason more Muslims than ever before in history are converting to Christianity.

Did God loved Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Ted Bundy too? Did he forgive them too?

Stalin and Mao were atheists, no?

Why would an all-loving God put conditions on forgiveness? That's not very Christ-like of Him.

We fell into sin because god gave us a sin to commit. Your all knowing god made us so we would grab the apple, and he knew we would. If He is real, he is a sadistic fuck playing a simulation in sandbox mode.
>inb4 mysterious plan
Suck my dick, logic is universal.
And I don't care about god's plan, I care about the fate of humanity
>chrisitans will suffer
Fuck that, christianity has caused as much suffering as islam
>no person on earth.
So If i was raised in some small nomad tribe with very strict beliefs, would he appear and say "yo dude have some crosses"? There are many people who never had the chance to. Hell, there are african and asian children dying every day and many of them don't know or care who he is.

You get my point. Does God forgive murderers that repent at the last time and let them go to heaven?

And Hitler was christian, faggot.

Definite "Christ-like?" Jesus was known to rebuke people in public, attacked merchants with a whip, told a whore to stop being a whore. I don't get what you mean by "Christ-like." Christ was loving but he was truthful even if it was controversial. If you mean "Christ-like" as in nice, in a modern sense he wasn't "nice." He was honest.
Satan convinced Eve to eat the apple.
Were they in ignorance or unbelief? if so, if you truly did not believe what you were doing was a sin or did not realize the truth of Christ until the end of your life, yes.
Many soldiers have this dilemma. They are tricked into murdering innocent people in the name of nationalism and truly believed what they were doing was righteous. Criminals in prison are also converting to Christianity.
I don't think that's confirmed, he's made pro-Christian statements but it seems he was only pandering to the German Christians.
Hitler is a weird subject though. Nazism dives deep into the occult practices that are forbid in Christianity, but there's also a lot of controversy about his story and the truth of what happened in World War II. Nazi death camps for instance seem suspicious. Gas chambers with wooden doors, roller coasters of death, constantly changing death count. I'm not sure what I think about Hitler.

>Were they in ignorance or unbelief?
Dude that was for native americans that had never heard of Christianity. Every person born in Europe or any other Christian country knows about Christianity since they are kids.

>"hurr durr satan"
Satan, who had access to heaven, something that he could not have without the knowledge and permission of you all knowing god. And god had made this retarded rule again why?
"tree of knowledge bad"
Can't you see that the ones selling this crap want you retarded? What kind god would forbid knowledge?

It was the tree of good and evil. God gave them access to eat from every other tree which also gave knowledge, but he didn't want them to eat from the tree of good and evil.
He knew that knowledge should be forbidden as it took Adam and Eve away from their perfect state, it made them aware of their vulnerability in nature so they covered up with leaves.
They were perfect before they ate from the tree. They had everything they needed. The knowledge of good and evil ruined them and took them away from grace.

Let's say you're not spouting shit right now.
You still didn't answer why he let the devil fuck with them, and whhy he put that ass tree in the middle of the fucking garden.
Also they OBVIOUSLY were not in a perfect state, because that would make it impossible to make mistakes.

why are you getting upset?

Because you are replying with self-contradictions. And dodging questions. Answer me or dissapear.

Because it was His will to do so. Just as it is our will to see how our children will respond to situations knowing that they will fail, we do so because that is what it means to grow, to learn, to exercise one's free will, and to take responsibility for our actions.

Some dude that died 2000 years ago doesn't even know I exist

But he is supposed to be all knowing.
He knew this whole clusterfuck would happen, and he didn't care.

oh fuck off you worthless jew mutt

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You think you know what's best for mankind better than God?
Okay, explain your plan to fix this world.

>Attacking random people to attack Jesus Christ
of course. Pagan larpers never criticize what Jesus did, only what people have done or said in his name.

What counts as degeneracy, in your mind.

I don't claim to have any.
If I did, I would not be jerking off on a cloud.
And god doesn't need a plan, he's supposed to be omnipotent. If he wanted to, he could Thanos the universe to perfection.
>implying you don't wear a deadman-on-a-stick around your neck
This thread

If you read the bible you would know that IS what he plans to do. First he destroyed the earth with water, next he will destroy it with fire. Jesus Christ will collect true believers so they don't have to endure the worst period on earth in human history. Don't get left behind.
I do wear a cross, it doesn't have Jesus on it though it's just a simple cross.
You're "Pagan?""

There are physics majors that are Christian, buddy. That's a 14 year old fedora tipper argument. Christians write books and read books. Some of the most well revered philosophers, artists and scientists have been Christians. Just because you disagree with someone that doesn't mean that they are not intelligent.

I go to church every week and I know another dude from r9k that attends. I don't know what you mean by 'Christian' life. I can't speak for him but I try not to deliberately sin against God but like all people I sin. I still sin a lot, I'm working on it.

The Jesus guy never answered my question: Does God forgives murderers and rapists just one minute before they die if they repent and let them go into Heaven?

>Attacked (((merchants))) with a whip

WTF I love Jesus now

It is not the size of the sin that is the determining factor here; it is the size of the atoning sacrifice of Christ.

I'm slow, please answer my question, yes or no? It's a simple question.

Whenever someone says "what would Jesus do?" Remember that flipping over tables and attacking merchants with a whip isn't out of the question.

Why is Christcuckposter so disingenuous? He sounds like a youth pastor who thought he'd have a more important job after Bible school

Yes. As soon as a murder believes and places his faith in Christ his sins are permanently and completely forgiven.
But don't be surprised if God still makes you face consequences on earth, like prison.

Not sure if you're 13 and edgy or had a bad experience with church. I understand boomers might have ruined church for you. Give it a try. Start with the new testament. Christ cracks jokes in the bible too. He's literally the original shitposter.

If Jesus is really Jesus, he loves me the way I am, even if I am a degenerate.

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was about to fap, but ok jesus.