Would you date a girl with a metabolic disability?

Would you date a girl with a metabolic disability?

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Just say fat.
They're fat.

I'm sorta on the fence. I'm very much attracted to fat girls, but I'm not as confident as Pierce Brosnan so I'd feel like she would lower my status (like normans would be like "Haha, look at that loser having to date a fat chick")

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Absolutely not, they're disgusting.

They're fat because they're too lazy to exercise or too weak willed to adopt a calorie deficit into their lifestyle.

Yeah, if she was otherwise my perfect match.

197 lbs looking like bruce jenner

Disgusting obese fucks that can't get through doors properly. So no, HELL FUCKING NO.

>more expensive
>more trouble when going out and doing things
All cons and no pros

Only if she was a qt with nice, feminine proportions despite her weight. In other words, she would get scooped up by chad and i would never have a chance. Don't lie to yourself by thinking you deserve a female who's a 10/10 underneath the fat.

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No b/c I want to wake up the next morning without fear of being crushed if she rolls over in her sleep

Only weak manlets have this fear. Start lifting and gain height.

>Start lifting
And accelerate my already worsening chronic heart disease? No thanks. I take cholesterol medication and play softball twice a week with my coworkers.
>I wish I was a manlet tho. Then I'd have an excuse to be just like you.

No, children get their metabolism from their mothers.
All mitochondrial dna comes from their mother.
That's how Jews test their mothers jewishness.

>Its not that I eat my bodyweight in food every day, I have a genetic disorder

>literal perfection

It's worth it, user. If you stay Jow Forums yourself no one is going to question it.

Fat girls are cool, cause they like it when you put your entire hand in them.

Why do you care what a bunch of retards think if you're in love with or attracted to somebody?

How could you not take the Brosnanpill? The bigger the better.

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is that metabolic disorder "I can't stop stuffing my face all the time"?

then yes, I definitely would

no, i don't like girls who are grotesquely obese. i'd be fine if a girl was a bit chubby but not if she were extremely fat.

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someone post more fatties

If she looked anything like the op pic then yes.
Fat anime girls are a blessing to humanity. We don't even deserve them to be real.

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Yes but fat white women are gross looking so she'd have to be unlike OP pic.
Chubby black girls are unironically kawaii af, give me one of them.