Is it okay to have fantasies of getting blacked

i'm a 19 year old swedish teeager who sometimes fantasiesies of getting blacked by a bbc anal and oral

clarification i'm a 19 year old swedish male who has had sex with girls but most of does times i just got strapon fucked by them i like being dominated by big black men and women is this gay and should i be considered bi sexual tho i've never been fucked by a bbc or a white man

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Origano post

in most countries it is illegal including sweden so no its not ok id assume.

wait all jokes aside is that really illegal in sweden

yes just google it you posh twink

You are not gay for wanna be fucked in ass. Men cant reproduce with each other so it is not gay. It is more of a bonding thing.

>wants bbc
that figures

Man ive been searching for a translation of your national anthem for hours now

you're welcome 8ThIs wAs NoT oRianal8

post urself mr swedish

ta ditt liv javla bog

I think it's racist and dehumanizing

You poor poor black person lots of people want to fuck you without any need to be nice to them D:

This should be turned into pasta

no they don't
whites THINK that people want me because they lump me in with people that does get laid

Like if someone question why you don't have a gf because they confuse you with chad

Why don'y you have a gf robot? women of all races go after white men, they are the most attractive race in your country, so why don't you have a gf? Most white people gotten laid including all the people you follow? why haven't you gotten laid?

I bet op is a mentally ill American cuckold who pretends to be from here for shit and laughts
hurr durr, sweden yes, lol

I don't like being depicted as a rape-happy orc (and still not get laid), would you?

Nowadays women want to be raped

if that was true you would've raped them already

You need to have asshole levels overconfidence, act like they've already agreed to fuck you in a bar or whatever etc

and WHY don't you have asshole levels of confidence?

you'll be glad to hear this is perfectly normal in Sweden

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I'm white I'm gonna get a bf

homosexuals can still rape

Basically, you get a willing boi (who is super easy desperate) and you just be rough with them in the bedroom

You said you wanted to rape, quit giving excuses.

Post your dick, nigger

hell no my dick is for my use only (and probably manic pixie dream girls that probably don't exist)

Post it now. I'm E-Raping you.

Tell me where you live so I can curb stomp your faggot brain out of your head.

No it isn't, although you being swedish explains a lot. Don't be a faggot and go to Jow Forums to get redpilled and to stop thinking about niggers so highly. Also stop consuming the mainstream media, especially from your country.

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>be happy
>talking to a nice person on discord
>stop talking to them cos they didnt reply
>start listening to music with the bass turned way up
>having a good time for a while
>out of nowhere just suddenly become unhappy
>music suddenly does nothing so I turn it off

What the fuck is this robots

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most people prefer black cock for sure.

Is this what they mean by Sweden yes

I cannot even watch porn with non white people in it. I have never fantasized about non white males.

t. Spic