Chart thread, guess personalities

the one i'll post is from /mu/ but if you aren't too big on music use whatever templates you want

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here it is, have fun

might be some categories which you don't rly have anything to put tho

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ooo here's a cool one i found, takes a real long while to fill out tho

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What a thrill

Wish these threads were more popular.

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what's wrong with brazil whew i love my country

Every video I see of Brazil involves someone's head being cut off. Doesn't seem like a place I'd want to visit :')

here is my shit
gonna do a political compass and post that for lulz

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time to disrupt a tea monopoly

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new order is cool

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based evangelanon
only reason i didn't put EoE as my favorite movie was because it was already in my favorite anime

yeah, i don't really watch movies so that's the first thing that popped into my head lol

Fucking hipster fag

Any music recommends, preferably Synth-Pop, Industrial or Techno?

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is that what you say to everyone who's interests deviate even marginally from the norm

>me me.jpg
I am here to inform you that your image has lowered my intelligence quotient significantly just by having been exposed to such objectively awful taste.

Your interests don't deviate an inch from the hipster norm
You're not original nor special

can we fill this online anywhere?

Topsters is good for films or albums, quicker than using a template.

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How does it feel saying you beat cancer?

It kept saying my file is corrupted
Let's hope it works this time

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oh no, my interests don't appease strangers on the internet :(
what will i ever do!!
have you ever considered maybe i'm interested in what i am for my own enjoyment and anything else is irrelevant arbitrary nonsense
get over yourself lol

Awesome bottom row.

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Go seek attention on /lgbt/, tranny freak

How the fuck do you do these things?

>not having basic GIMP/Photoshop skills

thanks user, based chimecho

Nope and I'm glad of that.

salome with the head of john the baptist (1607)

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+billie eilish
what porn is that? I can't tell
+ GoT
last 4 seasons sucked ass though
based and raccoonpilled
+ snek

What album is that second one from left to right? top row

power corruption and lies

these take forever to make

oogie man i killed it

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glad you beat that shit user

>what porn is that? I can't tell