Anons, share your creative autism, be it videos, drawings, photos, music, writing, crafts, podcasts or even repairs.

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I made it back from cali.
I had a bunch of fun, met some nice friends and tried in-n-out. (7.2 at the best)
My goal is still the same tho, I will make music for video games.
How are you guys?


Have a oldie but goodie

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Really lush sounding pretty synth melodies, good stuff

I'm working on a new album and I'm close to finishing, should come out around the beginning of October

Here's my album from last year

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a song and a music video i made.
check it out if you like girly vocals and comfy vibes.
its a little bit folkish, but in a lofi, bedroom-pop style i guess.


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...I world build because I fell in love with Tolkien's work.

really reaIly good

thats actually pretty good user, nice work


Does anyone know where I can find a free web based fractal generator that I can take images from?

This is why:

The picture is a screenshot of Second Life of a dress I made from a fractal image I found online. I was very into stuff like fractals and mandelbulbs,and made all sorts of surreal clothes and plants from them,and sold them in my inworld shop. But since it was all done for "fun" and that I could never expect to turn an actual profit from it all($40 a month land rental),I never troubled over the legal issues of using another's work in my creative pursuits. But now I am delving into real world clothing design and such things will certainly matter. So if I made my own fractals to base clothes on,then I won't expect to be sued however later on. So if you can hook a brother up to one,or a free program for a Win7 laptop that I am stuck with,then I can get cracking!


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I made a lofi beat sampling 6ix9ines court stuff

From that ONE fractal image,I managed to create Dozens of distinct color variations. These are some of them arranged for picture taking. I know that people sell fractal based tshirts online already,but they all lack my personal touch when it comes to designing around an image. Second Life has now merged with First Life in that all I need do is fill up a template with imagery to have it sold for a profit forever with no expenditure of resources by me other than TIME. And soon free time will be in short supply for me:I am drowning in debt and will be taking on a second job to dig out from under it all. I want clothing design to be that second job,and someday my ONLY job.

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Here are the color variations of these dresses I did. Better to see them at my website than to clog up the thread with them all...

Due to the nature of Second Life,where everything in its game engine was made by someone using primitive building blocks one conjures out of thin air,I made the skirt to violate gravity and form a lotus flower around the model when still,and to flow behind her when moving. The "clothes" themselves were merely textures slapped over an avatar over several layers. And a clever artist could overlap these images to make fantastic outfits. One designer was selling clothes based on famous painting like Van Gogh's Starry Night. These dresses never were sold,but I want to do similar things now with real clothes,and sell them for real money.

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Translating is hardly artisitic but considering user wanted to check on my progress here goes.

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I've been dwelling in IT so getting back to this translation might take a few more weeks.

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I'll try my best to deliver by the end of the year.
Mind you, I've only got the first 2 chapters in my possession.

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I I just need 2 weeks off basically, then I'll be done with the whole shabang.

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Even though I might not hear back from you, I still want to complete this task as I'm a man of my word.

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Penultimate page coming right up.

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That's it for now, see ya.

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I love adult diapers

I make stupid electronic music

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song from a metal album im recording and producing

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gonna make a school shooting rap that going to go viral in my small town with my friend.
got all the kinks figured out theres no way the authorities will know its us.
basically we are going to wave guns and scream about shooting children in front of my old highschool.

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your voice sounds kinda muffled/unclear, with clearer pronounciation it would be pretty nice

cute. orignalio

How was the MAG crowd?

They were so cool.

I got to go on stage and play kazoo live.

I was laughing so hard and it the worst part was that we killed it.
I also jammed hard on piano, and made a bunch of new friends. I also played cheetamen 2 and won the hearts of the audience.

Can't wait for your album to come out!
Your raps reminds me of the stuff I heard in the 90's. Keep it up!

Would lie down and stare at the celing to this song. I like it a lot.

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My boy and I have been rapping for a little bit and hoping to eventually take things to the next level

For now we're focusing on building a fanbase and just getting our music out there.

So any support is much appreciated, thanks





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Damn, sounds like you had a great time. If you keep going like this and build your audience more I bet you'll be working on a bigger game soon.
Using Reviewbrah samples is a pretty fun idea. And hey I can actually understand your lyrics.
Reminds me very strongly of horse with no name. Vocals could be bit more clear at points but otherwise it's good. Ends a little abruptly as well.
Sorry about your friend. But the song is really great. Haven't listened to metal in ages but I like this style. The cover is beautiful as well.
Still sounds like a shit idea

Another song for the album is also in the works
When I'm done with the album I'm gonna start painting as well. Fuck my wallet I guess

It all ends in a bump.

>Anons, share your creative autism,
I would, but every fucking time I do, it's either ignored, or someone says something really fucking stupid. I hate how only a select few get noticed for completely arbitrary reasons, almost like they already have established followings and cliques. So fuck these threads. I'm not Picasso or Mozart or anything, but I see no point in posting my stuff here for the millionth time only for it to get ignored AGAIN.

Post your stuff right now

And associate it with my bad attitude and bitching so you can have an easy angle to trash on it with? No way.

Are you that kid that posts something, (I don't even know what), doesn't get a reply within 1 hour, then throws a tantrum?

No. I'm the guy you never noticed.

robot rap baby


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Personal recc:

frogfu on Jow Forums? thats new to me

Take it to the first page.

Here are a few variations of the dress.

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Same texture but I played with the color channels in Photoshop.

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And by turning the black areas white even more variations happened.

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>Here's another old project from me
>Pic related is an old doodle

You have a nice voice and I like how steadily the guitar plods, it has a warm sound to it

Thanks a lot!

Pretty sick playing, especially love the guitar

Ty, followed. "Arrow" is haunting.

Pretty funny and dope. Solid beat too, assuming you produced?

Swamp-core Sesh? Kinda fun

You're doing lord's work, keep it up. I couldn't keep up with the manga or LNs I follow as they come out in Japanese without fan translators

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I even made exotic plants for decorating with from fractals. Here's one...

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And another. They made cool gardens...

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Bored? why not check this extremely hot active server, for thee best lewds of ffemales and traps!

discord gg/E8smxDG

Ah,how I miss the place. Sitting in here with the new age music streaming in the background,watching couples dance...

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I'm working on a fantasy novel set in post WWII era New York. It's antagonist is staunchly anti-woman and after coming back from war see his country begin to give more power over to women. Here is a little spinet.

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I'm a huge vaporwave fag, so I decided to try my hand at it. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out

Feedback/critique would be appreciated thankies

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So we have a /creative/ server if you want to network with other anons and take the next step; we have a good amount of members, we could use some friends

you guys are invited as well

Any rappers here

Yeah And I see others